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Video Disk Recorder

Sony MAV555/09

SONY / MAV555/09
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Item #:EQ703298U
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Equipment Description:
with 11x 9GB hard drives. no option 1 channel keyboard not included

Model Description:
Multi Access Video Disk Recorder

Equipment Details

Boards from left to right:
PU 109 / DPR 128 / DM 120 / TN 40 / DM 120 / FM 68 / EM 1

Additional Information:


Model Details

Multi Access Video Disk Recorder1 in 1 out capability
Add option boards for more ports


  • MPEG-2 compression offers the greatest possible degree of scaleability and compatibility, including a clear path to high definition television levels of resolution.
  • The MAV-555 can be operated by anyone familiar with front-panel VTR editing. This means that the learning curve is short and shallow.
  • The MAV-555 is compatible with the Sony BVE editor line, making it easy to add to existing linear editing systems.
  • SDI and analog I/O cards are available to support up to 4 simultaneous I/Os in the following configurations: 1 in 1 out, 1 in 3 out, 3 in 1 out, 2 in 2 out.
  • Records incoming feed while the operator begins the editing process after only 2 seconds of video has been recorded.  Also able to air content while editing and play files back to air while still recording.
  • The MAV-555 will provide Fibre Channel connectivity and supports SDTI SMPTE 305M for file transfer, offering a path to archive devices and remote servers.
  • The MAV-555 has the ability to connect to a PC network via 100BaseT. A user can browse the file list, select files to monitor and control it
  • The MAV-555 provides A/V split editing independently by channels. Audio cross fades, Slide, Swap, Mix down, Voice over and A/V level controls are all available to the user. (Video Effects: Pattern: Dissolve Wipe: Single, Rotary, Matrix; 2D: Still Mirror, Dynamic Mirror, Stream, Accordion, Multi-Screen, Slide, Split Slide, Compression, Expand, Bound, 2D Rotation; Screen: Mosaic, Y&C Modify, Zoom up, Cropping, Real Paint, Stained Glass, Wave Modulation; Lighting: Spot light/Center Image; 3D: 3D Rotation, Split 3D Rotation, 3D Rotation + Compression + Slide, Door, Album page turn, Flip/Tumble, Twist, Page Turn, Split Page Turn, Sphere; P in P: Normal, 3D, Skew, Sphere). Key insertion on SDI video, importing of bitmapped files for superimposing, external key signal or PCMCIA memory card slot, are also supported. Insert editing and non-linear editing supported. A/B roll editing supported using an internal mix bus.
  • Upgrade to 140Mbps for HDCAM® .
  • The MAV-555 will interface to Sony’s new Super Motion Camera, BVP-9500WS.
  • RAID 3, mirrored file list data, on-line rebuild.  Shock-resistant design to meet the demands of all broadcast users, including remotes.
  • The MAV-555 is able to playback material with VTR-like response: Jog +/-1.0 times with DJS, Var +/-1.0 times shuttle +/-500 times. In addition, it supports G-Shuttle, providing whole frames of pictures up to four times normal speed.
  • Power Requirements: AC 90V to 265V, 48 Hz to 64 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 600W
  • Operating Temperature: +5°C to +40°C(+41°F to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Humidity: 25% to 80% (relative humidity)
  • Weight: 110 lbs. (50kg)
  • Dimensions: Main frame 19 inches rack mount 6UW x H x D:  16.8 x 24.7 inches (427 x 280 x 628mm)
  • Recording/Playback Time: Max. 5 hours @30Mbps(5 h@30Mbps / 4 h@40Mbps / 3 h@50Mbps selectable)
  • Search Speed: SHUTTLE Mode: Max. +/-500 times normal speedJOB/VAR Mode: +/-1 times normal speed selectable, field by field, DJSProgram Play:      +/-10% normal speed*1Cue Up Time:     Min. 0.5 secondsTime Shift:           Min. 60 framesClip:                    Min. duration 1 frame, up to 5,000 clipsNote* 1: Using optional BKMA-530 and 2 ports
  • Video Reference: BNC (x2 loop-through connection), composite, 0.3Vp-p, 75f, sync negative
  • Analog Composite (option*1): BNC (x2 loop-through connection) x 2ports, 1.0Vp-p, 75f, sync negative*Note 1 Using optional BKMA-530 and 2 ports
  • Analog Audio (option*1*2): XLR(x4) x 2ports-60dBu, high impedance, balanced+4dBu, high impedance, balanced +4dBu, 600f termination balanced selectable*Note 1 Using optional BKMA-511 (A/D Converter Board)*Note 2 Using optional BKMA-570 (Analog Audio Expansion Unit)
  • Timecode Reference: BNC x1, 0.5Vp-p - 18Vp-p, 10kf, unbalanced
  • Timecode: BNC (x1) x 2 ports, 0.5Vp-p18Vp-p, 10kf, unbalanced
  • Analog Signal Output: Analog Composite (option*1): BNC (x2) x 3ports, 1.0Vp-p, 75f, sync negative* Note 1- Using optional BKMA-511 (A/D Converter Board)
  • Analog Signal Output: Analog Audio (option*1*2): XLR (x4) x3ports,+4dBu at 600ƒ load, low impedance, balanced* Note 1- Using optional BKMA-511 (A/D Converter Board)*Note 2 - Using optional BKMA-570 (Analog Audio Expansion Unit)
  • Timecode: BNC (x1) x 3ports2.2Vp-p at 600f load, low impedance, unbalanced
  • Video Monitor: BNC x1, composite, 1.0Vp-p, 75f, sync negative with character super
  • Audio Monitor L/R: XLR x2+4dBu at 600f load, low impedance, balanced
  • Headphones: JM-60 stereo phone jack-to-12dBu at 8f load, unbalanced
  • Inputs: SDI: BNC (x2 active-through connection) x 2 ports, SMPTE 259M
  • Inputs: SDTI (option*1): BNC x 1*Note 1 Using optional BKMA-540 (SDTI Board)
  • Inputs: Digital Audio: BNC (stereo pair x2) x 2 ports, AES/EBU
  • Outputs: SDI: BNC (x2) x 3 ports, SMPTE 259M
  • Outputs: SDTI (option*1): BNC x 1*Note 1 Using optional BKMA-540 (SDTI Board)
  • Outputs: Digital Audio: BNC (stereo pair x2) x 3 ports, AES/EBU
  • Outputs: Video Monitor: BNC x1, SMPTE 259M, with character super
  • Remote: RS-4224ARemote In 1/2/3/4: D-Sub9 (F) x4, Sony 9pin VTR protocol,Sony 9pin Disk protocol
  • Remote RS-4224ARemote Out 1/2: D-Sub9 (F) x2, for external VTR controlSony 9pin VTR protocol
  • GPI: D-Sub50 (F) x1, 24 inputs (5V CMOS), 24 outputs (Open collector)
  • Ethernet: RJ45 x1, 100 Base T
  • AUX: D-Sub9 (F) x1
  • Video Effects: Sampling Frequency: Y: 13.5 MHz, R-Y/B-Y:6.75 MHz, K: 13.5 MHz
  • Video Effects: Quantization: 8 bits/sample
  • Video Effects: Delay: 1 Frame
  • Video Effects: Effect: Location, Trail, Lighting, Shadow, DSK

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