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Sony F65 + Custom Package

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

BCS Price: $56,750.00
Item #:EQ516802U
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Equipment Description:
Sony F65 complete package with HDVF-C30+SR-R4 RECORDER,

Model Description:
Digital Motion Picture Cameras, Cine Alta 4K, true 4K and beyond. See the EQ for the Custom Package

Equipment Details


-SR-R4, System hours below 500 hrs, LID LOCK below 700 times


-SRK-CP1 Control Panel,

-Viewfinder C30WR

-SR256555 SR memory

-SR512S55 SRmemory


Model Details

In 2012, the Sony F65 grabbed attention with higher resolution than any previous digital motion picture camera. Plus extremely low noise, even in the blacks. Plus a wider color gamut than print film. Plus 16-bit linear RAW and 10-bit SR File recording. No wonder the F65 was quickly chosen for productions of every type. Now with Version 2.0, 2.2, and 3.0 refinements, the F65 does even more, including High Frame Rate RAW at up to 120p with no windowing. And 12-bit HD recording with 4:4:4 color.

Robust upgrade path
F65 users include some of the most world's most demanding cinematographers. Many have shared with us their thoughts for improvements, enhancements and refinements. And we've incorporated many of their best ideas in a suite of upgrades to the F65 and associated Sony products. read more
20 Megapixel image sensor
The F65 is built around the unique capabilities of Sony's 20 megapixel Super 35 image sensor. Even in March 2013, more than one year after the launch, this is the highest resolution of any digital motion picture camera. In this way, the camera stands alone in its ability to reproduce scene detail and texture. Exterior wide shots have a monumentality that calls to mind 65mm film. It's an advantage you can exploit no matter what your delivery format: true 4K, supersampled 2K or supersampled HD. read more
Anamorphic excellence
The F65 adheres to the 1.9:1 aspect ratio of the DCI projection standard (4096 x 2160). read more
14 stops of latitude
Cinematographers paint their images with light and shadow. So the ability to render tones from deepest shadows to brightest highlights is a crucial test of any digital camera. The F65 excels with 14 stops of exposure latitude. read more
High sensitivity, low noise
Base sensitivity is 800 EI. However the noise floor is very low, an achievement that has pleased cinematographers and delighted visual effects supervisors. So you can push sensitivity to 3200 EI. read more
Natural color: S-Gamut
Directors of photography and colorists are talking about the F65's S-Gamut color system. read more
Taking control
The F65 is optimized for motion picture production. Compared to a broadcast camera, the menus are vastly simplified. In fact, a large display on the smart side of the camera concentrates on the essential camera settings, such as frame rate, exposure index, shutter angle and neutral density filter. All these settings are ready for immediate adjustment without menu-diving. read more
Retaining maximum grayscale
Given all the effort Sony made to achieve 14 stops of exposure latitude, it would be a crime to crush this latitude in recording. That's why Sony gives you a choice of grayscale encoding. read more
ACES color management
In a perfect world, the colors you intend would be the colors your audience sees, whether in a movie theater or at home. The F65 can achieve that goal thanks to the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES). read more
Choice of recording mode
While the F65 offers powerful 16-bit linear 8K recording, not every production is prepared to take advantage. That's why the camera offers a range of recording modes from 220 Mbps high definition to 2.0 Gbps 8K RAW. read more
16-bit linear RAW
In commercials and feature film production, most projects choose the stunning image quality and the flexibility of 16-bit linear RAW recording. read more
SR File high definition
The schedule and budgets of episodic TV impose unique production requirements. Under this time-is-money pressure, many TV shows choose SR File recording. read more
Up to 120 frames per second
From stunts and explosions to the fall of a single raindrop, F65 high-speed shooting is a powerful storytelling tool. The F65RAW-HFR mode enables high frame rate shooting at up to 120 frames per second. read more
Rotary shutter option
Typical CMOS sensor cameras read out one row of pixels at a time. This can cause a "rolling shutter" effect because the exposure timing of each row is slightly offset from the next. The result can be visible distortion, particularly in the horizontal movement of objects with strong vertical lines. read more
Fast, high-capacity SRMemory® cards
It's not hard to record data onto memory cards. The real challenge is achieving high transfer speeds, high recording capacity and robust data integrity. SRMemory® cards can spare you sleepless nights. Powerful error correction inside the cards safeguards the integrity of your productions. Capacities are huge. And transfers are fast. read more
PL Lens mount
From Cooke to Angenieux, Fujinon, Zeiss and Leica, 35mm Positive Lock (PL) mount motion picture lenses inspire critical appreciation and passion among the professionals who use them. read more
The Sony 4K universe
Like high definition a decade ago, 4K is emerging as a consumer entertainment platform. And Sony is playing a pivotal role in this transition. When we launched the world's first commercial 4K projectors in 2005, we had to explain that a "K" was 1024 horizontal pixels and that "4K" meant 4096 x 2160 resolution. We had to itemize the advantages with tutorials on resolution and seating distance. Today 4K is a robust production platform. It is enshrined in the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specification. read more

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