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Automatic - Robot

ALTERAN ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack

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Item #:EQ515687U
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Model Description:
Automated Robotic 4 SD channel Video Tape Digitizing & Capturing Package w/ monitoring.

Model Details

Robot on the move with Alteran's ViTaDi-RoboPack, a multichannel portable capturing solution.

The Alteran Technologies ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack is the worlds first portable tape loading robotic solution. With the RoboPack your capturing efficiency will increase dramatically. The system comes complete with tape loading ViTaDi robot, ( VCR's are additional) and complete ViTaDi AutoPack multi-channel capturing solution.

The ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack works with VCR’s of your choice: Betacam, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam IMX, Betacam SX and HDCAM. The it can be configured to hold up to 80 cassettes of varying sizes at the same time.

The ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack is mobile and fits through standard size doors and works on household power. Within minutes of delivery, it can be configured and running without any cable mess or integration.

The ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack is a perfect solution for small or large library migration. Without the need to move tapes, the RoboPack can be setup where your library resides due to its small size and low sound output. Its foolproof design also makes it perfect for anyone to use.


- Can run 24 hrs a day without the need of an engineer

- Multi-Channel; up to 4 channels of simultaneous capture 

- Pre-Capture and post capture confidence monitoring

- ViTaDi ACS Capturing software

- Light-weight portable case for traveling

- Comes pre-configured with Fiber card and network capabilities 

- Holds between 40 - 80 large & small betacam cassettes

- Works with Betacam, Betacam SP, Digibeta, IMX, SX and HDCAM formats

- Fast loading; takes less then 5 minutes to re-load machine

- Robot & VCRs are rebuilt, updated, customized and comes with a ViTaDi certification.

- Small footprint; standard 19" rackmount size, fits through standard sized doors, works on household power. 



ViTaDi Solution

Tape Formats Robotic           Betacam, Betacam SP, IMX, SX             


Tape Formats Semi-Auto       D1, D2, D3, D5, D9 1”, ¾”, DTC            

                                                DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCAM,

                                                VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8  

Expandability up to                 64 channels (16 systems)                    

Input formats                          480i @ 60 Hz (NTSC)                            

                                               480i @ 59.97 Hz (NTSC)                       

                                               576i @ 50 Hz (PAL)                              

Video Format                         Composite, Component, SDI                   

Audio Format                         8 Channels AES/EBU 48k 16/24 bit      

       4 Channels Analog

Compression Formats          DV/DVCPRO (25mbps)

                                               IMX MPEG 2 (30, 40, 50)                        

                                               Pro Res 422                                           

                                               MPEG-2 I-frame 50mbps                     

                                               DVCPRO 50                                        

File Formats/Wrappers           .H264, 3GPP, ASF, AVI, Avid 0P1a, DV, Flash FLV, GFX, M1V, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MXF, RealMedia, Sony MXF, SWF, VLF, Windows Media WMV & more

Data Connectivity                  RS-422 9 Pin Sony Protocol, VITC, LTC

Speed                                     “Faster then real-time encoding” with file naming, metadata embedding and optional

                                                Transcoding and QC.


Efficiency                               ViTaDi  Solution can ingest 30 hours of video in roughly an 8 hour shift

                                               ViTaDi  Solution expanded can ingest 480 hours in roughly an 8 hour shift

                                                (Examples using 60 minute Digibeta tapes)

Robotic Hardware                 Custom configurable, 1 – 4 channel device with up to 80 tape capacity.

Metadata Embedding            Standard Fields include: Timecode, Duration, name, director, producer, date and other data

Computer System                  Macintosh OS Leopard, Xserve Intel 2.33ghz/4gb ram/320gb, ACS Software Bundle                                                

Power Requirements             Between 10 and 15 amp’s (Depending on clients requirement)

Physical Dimensions            Robot: H 6’ 5”, W 2’, D 3’ 5”, Flypack: H 32”,  W 24” , D 36” 

* Actual specifications may vary upon client requirements

Additional Detailed Information:

Click on this link to see a video demonstration of the ViTaDi system:

General introduction of Alteran Technologies ViTaDi software:

The Alteran Technologies product offering is an affordable, scalable video migration solution that enables the automated digitization of video content. This solution is designed to organize and control rapid video migration of large video tape archives. Using a complex and proprietary database backbone, the solution can ingest over 64 channels of content at a single time, which makes it one of the most efficient in the industry today.
   This customizable turnkey solution targets high-volume encoding of videotapes to digital file formats, which allows for accessibility to searchable digital archives and asset management systems.

Alteran Technologies’ automated robotic hardware/software video migration solution, ViTaDi, combines with the Telestream’s Pipeline™ network encoder to automate the process of simultaneously capturing and digitizing multiple videotapes and encoding them in real time to digital video files. Telestream’s Episode® Engine works in tandem with ViTaDi and Pipeline to begin transcoding the video files to additional formats while they are being encoded. The result is an extremely rapid and efficient means to capture, transcode, and deliver video in multiple video/audio file formats to media servers, digital archives and asset management systems.

For more information on Alteran Technologies, contact us or view

Additional Information

Alteran-AutoRoboPack Product Sheet.pdf

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