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Sony HDD1000

SONY / HDD1000
Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

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Item #:EQ514570U
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Equipment Description:
with HDDP-1000. Needs service. No umbelical cable.

Model Description:
1035 lines Analog HD HDVS Digital VTR Transport , HDDP-1000 signal processor

Equipment Details

HDD-1000 with no side panel:
Serial #13705
Head hour meter #133628 hours
No side panels

Serial #11203

More details:

HDD-1000 VTR digital machine boards installed in the Following slots:
#1 SV-90
#2 SY-103
#4 DRC-1
#5 DRC-1
#6 PRD-1
a total of #5 boards.

HDDP-1000 HD VTR signal processor boards installed:
- ADA-12 board with 4 connecting cables on input module for G/Y / B/PB / R/PR / Sync, and with 8 connecting cable on output module Sync / video / monitor / G/y / B/PB / R/PR.
- HDDP-1000 HD boards installed in the Following slots:
#1 PS-183
#2 CF-39
#3 VD-04
#4 VD-04
#5 VD-04
#6 VD04
#8 TB-07
#9 VE-18
#10 VE-18
#11 SP-06
#12 SG-151
#13 DEC-41
#14 PR-115
#15 DA-28
#16 AD-38

We have 5 units in stock. We need a qualified experienced engineer to work on those units.

Qualified potential buyers may request a quote.
Expect at least a 3-4 months delivery time for a refurbished unit.
No history available

Model Details

1035 Analog HD VTR, with 30 Mhz bandwith.
First digital component high-definition recorder. At the time, had 1035
active lines. ( This is not a modern HD signal, it only has 1035 lines. It's missing a few lines

The HDD-1000 is the tape transport for the Digital HDVS VTR.It requires the use of the HDDP-1000 signal processor.See HDD-1000PAC1.

General information for HDVS systems:
VTR System
HDD-1000 Digital VTR (Wide band (30 MHz) Y, PB, PR) with BVH-3000 like operation.
HDDP-1000 VTR Signal Processor (8-bit digital)
HDDR-1000 VTR Control Unit
HDDR-A1000 Audio Remote Control Unit
HDDR-V1000 Video Remote Control Unit
HDV-10 Videocassette Recorder (UNIHI)
HDDF-500 Digital Frame Recorder (G, B, R)
HDL-2000 Videodisc Player
HDN-22000 NTSC Down-Converter
HDL-5800 Video Disc Recorder


  • Incorporates many of the features of the BVH-3000 including compact size, lightweight, ease of tape threading, computerized servo control, and front panel operation
  • With wide band Y, PB, PR recording, a high quality picture is assured
  • Wide band (30MHz) recording system
  • Front panel controls for basic simple editing
  • One hour recording time with 11.75-inch reel
  • Time code editing possible when interfaced with the BVE-910 Editing Control Unit or the BVE-9100 Editing Control System
  • Built-in time code generator/reader
  • 9-pin Remote Interface
  • Special playback modes-JOG: still to ±1/4 times normal-SHUTTLE: still to ±8 times normal
  • Eight channels of digital audio
  • Bandwidth: DC to 30MHz 0-1.5dB(luminance) \\\X09Spec
  • Signal Standard: SMPTE 240M
  • Power Requirements: AC-100-120/220-240V Ý10%, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 550W
  • Operating Temperature: 5øC to 35øC (41øF to 95øF)
  • Storage Temperature: -20øC to 60øC (-4øF to 140øF)
  • Humidity: 10%-85% (non-condensing)
  • Video tracks: 8
  • Audio tracks: 8
  • CTL tracks: 1
  • T/C tracks: 1
  • Cue tracks: 1
  • Tape Speed: 80.5 cm/s
  • Writing Speed (Relative Speed): 51.5m/s
  • Recording Time: 63 min with 11.75 in reel
  • Fast Forward/Reverse Speed: Approx 5 minutes
  • Recommended Tapes: Sonys 1-inch High Density Tape or equivalent
  • Reel Size: NAB Standard, 6.5 in-11.75 in reel
  • LINE INPUT: CUE: XLR 3-pin
  • MONITOR OUT: R/L: XLR 3-pin
  • TO PROCESSOR: CN-1: D-sub 50-pin
  • SERIAL REMOTE: REMOTE-1: for BVH-1000/1100 through BKH-2016 D-sub 15-pin
  • PARALLEL REMOTE: REMOTE-3: D-sub 50-pin
  • Signal System: YPBPR
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Better than 56dB (full band, unweighted)
  • Quantization: 8 bits
  • Sampling Rate: 74.25MHz
  • K Factor: <1%, 2T pulse
  • Phase Error of Each Component Channel: <3.5 ns
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+0.5/-1.0)db
  • Crosstalk: < -80dB at 1kHz (between any two channels)
  • TO PROCESSOR: CN-1: D-sub 50-pin
  • TO PROCESSOR: CN-2: D-sub 50-pin

    The HDD-1000 is the tape transport for the Digital HDVS VTR. It requires the use of the HDDP-1000 signal processor. See HDD-1000PAC1.

Additional Detailed Information:

    The HDD-1000 is the tape transport for the Digital HDVS VTR. It requires the use of the HDDP-1000 signal processor. See HDD-1000PAC1.

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