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Misc. Satellite Transmitters

Mentat Inc. XR-10

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Item #:EQ512397U
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Model Description:
Satellite Gateway Accelarator

Model Details

The SkyX® Gateway enhances the performance and efficiency of Internet and private network access over satellites. Through the use of a unique, connection splitting and protocol-translation system, the SkyX Gateway overcomes the performance limitations of TCP/IP in satellite-based networks, while remaining entirely transparent to end users. The SkyX Gateway is ideal for use with any satellite-based IP network.

The SkyX Gateway increases the throughput and efficiency of network access over satellites by transparently replacing TCP with the Xpress Transport Protocol (XTP) for the satellite segment of the connection. Combined with data compression and Web-specific enhancements, the SkyX system provides maximum performance under the long latency, high loss, asymmetric bandwidth conditions typical of satellite communications.

The SkyX Gateway transparently intercepts TCP connections from the sender and transmits the data over the satellite using XTP. The SkyX Gateway on the opposite side of the satellite link establishes a new TCP connection for communication with the receiver. Through this unique, patented architecture, the SkyX Gate-way enhances all TCP traffic without requiring any proxy settings, TCP tuning, or any other changes to the end nodes.

The SkyX Gateway is available in three models: the XR10, XH45, and XH155. The XR10 is designed for satellite links of up to 10 Mbps or for use as a remote node in combination with the XH45 or XH155 for hub-spoke networks. The XH45 and XH155 are designed for links of up to 45 Mbps and 155 Mbps respectively, or for use as hubs with multiple XR10 units.

Increased Performance
The addition of the SkyX Gateway to a satellite network allows users to take full advantage of the available bandwidth. For typical satellite conditions, the SkyX Gateway increases Web performance by two and a half times or more and file transfer speeds up to 10 to 100 times. Integrated data compression functionality can further enhance throughput.

Improved Link Efficiency

The SkyX Gateway provides significant cost savings to link operators by efficiently utilizing expensive satellite bandwidth.

Compression functionality increases the amount of data carried over the link.

An efficient acknowledgement algorithm reduces reverse channel bandwidth utilization by 75% for Web traffic and up to 99% for file transfers.

The connection-splitting system eliminates wasting satellite bandwidth retransmitting packets lost on the terrestrial network.

Efficient error recovery mechanisms reduce the level of FEC required, thereby gaining additional useable bandwidth.


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