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3 CCD & Studio

Ikegami HK-377

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

BCS Price: $12,945.25
Item #:EQ508691U
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Equipment Description:
Complete Triax Chain

Model Description:
studio camera, 2/3" FIT CCD image sensor with 600,000 pixels , 900 lines

Model Details

By taking advantage of super.high density CCDs with 600,000 pixels, the HK-377/377P achieves an unprecedented level of performance. Additionally, with the HK-377/377P, Ikegami has developed a new ultra- wideband triax transmission system. Based on future operating needs, Ikegami has analyzed every detail. Wide screen 16:9 formats were also taken into consideration. The HK-377/377P is a camera with high image quality with the latest camera technologies for the new age of imaging creativity.


  • Newly Developed CCDs with 600,000 Pixels
    A newly developed 2/3" FIT CCD image sensor with 600,000 pixels is employed. It offers high level specifications with a horizontal resolution of 900 lines (Y-ch), a S/N ratio of 62dB, and a sensitivity of f8 (2000 lux). The modulation-depth of the 600,000-pixel CCD is about 75% (at 5MHz), which is 10 to 15% better than that of conventional CCD cameras. That means superior reproduction of even the smallest of particles. By taking full advantage of high-density CCD performance, the HK-377/377P represents Ikegami's commitment to high image quality through reduced aliasing, minimized moire, and improved resolution for separate colors.

  • Ultra-Wideband Triax System
    A new triax system has been developed to achieve an RGB ultrawideband (RGB: 1OMHz) frequency response. High-frequency video information can be transmitted without loss, so quality pictures captured by the HK-377/377P can be directly translated into various broadcast systems. Long-Range Triax System (Option) When long-distance transmission is required, an optional RGB long-range triax system may be used to extend routing distance to 2400m via dia 14.5 triax cable (R:6MHz, G:7MHz, B:6MHz). This system can be configured for mobile unit applications requiring long cable runs.

  • Digital Interface (Option)
    When an optional Digital I/F unit is added, the Base Station can provide a composite serial digital signal (143Mb/s) or a component serial digital signal (270Mb/s). This allows the HK-377/377P to be interfaced with a variety of digital systems.

  • New Super V
    In addition to the conventional Super V, the HK-377/377P features a newly developed Super V mode. Switching the mode in three steps (Low, High, Super) permits vertical resolution of 400 to 480 TV lines, while minimizing degradation of sensitivity. With the new three-step switchable mode, the user can select an optimum resolution for a specific subject.

  • DTL Function

  • Soft DTL
    The HK-377/377P employs 3-channel vertical DTL circuit (HK-377 only) for separate R, G, and B, and horizontal MIX DTL circuitry for R, G, and B. This ensures minimized DTL-induced moire and enhanced resolution regardless of subject's color. Soft DTL provides a high resolution to fine detail without glaring edges in the picture.
  • DTL Boost Frequency
    MCP/CCP permits the DTL center frequency to be varied over a range from 3MHz to 6MHz. Special settings and effects can be easily created, and appropriate contour correction can be applied to match a subject.
  • Skin DTL
    Skin DTL controls the DTL level only in the human skin tone. The HK-377/ 377P also comes equipped with an AHD (Auto Hue Detect) function to facilitate Skin DTL adjustment to match a desired skin tone at the mere touch of a switch.
  • Black Stretch/Black Press
    The Black Stretch function enhances the video levels only for low-luminance areas to improve black detail of the subject. It is switchable in 5 steps. The Black Press function emphasizes the lighted foreground of images so that shaded areas will look darker.

  • Memory Card Interface
    Each of the MCP/CCP is equipped with a memory card interface. This permits control data and scene file data to be written into and read quickly from the memory card.

  • CVSS
    In addition to five types of preset shutters, the HK-377 incorporates CVSS (Confinuous Variable Shutter Speed) function. The shutter speed can be continuously varied from 1/30.6 sec. to 1/57.6 sec, and from 1/62.1 sec. to 1/1966 sec.

  • Quick Auto
    A new mode (Quick Auto) is added to the auto setup function. This mode allows auto setup without a test chart.

  • Highlight Compression
    The Highlight Compression function ensures reproduction of images with a wide dynamic range.

  • Linear Matrix
    The HK-377/377P comes equipped with a linear matrix circuit for accurate colorimetry, and a 6-vector color corrector circuit to adapt the camera's color vendition for special applications.

  • Auto Color
    Auto Color Process facilitates alignment of the color corrector to the user's reference file.

  • 16:9 Wide Screen Support
    A 16:9 wide screen can be incorporated by replacing the CCD block. The high- density CCD brings out detail at a high resolution of 450,000 active pixels on a 16:9 screen.

  • VF DTL
    The VF DTL function achieves enhanced VF resolution. An additional selectable function automatically adjusts the DTL level to match the subject size in tandem with the zooming operation of the lens.

  • 7-inch Color VF
    A 7-inch color VF may be used. This delivers approximately 450 lines of resolution, while correcting pincushion distortion caused by changes in contrast and brightness.

  • PIP
    The PIP (Picture-In-Picture) function permits simultaneous monitoring of RET image on a smaller screen window, while viewing an ongoing camera image on the remaining viewfinder screen.

  • VF Character Indications

  • Box Cursor or Cross-over Cursor
  • Safety Marker (safe-action area 90%/title area 80%)
  • Center Marker
  • Optical Filter Position
  • Shutter Speed
  • R, G Tally
  • Lens Extender, Indicator (LED)
  • Gain Up Indicator (LED)
  • Zoom Indicator (LED)
  • Focus Indicator (LED)
  • Video Level (zebra pattern)
  • Auto Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Working Time (Camera head operating time)
  • Smooth Up/Dowm Movement
    The newly developed VF attachment rules out any unbalanced motion associated with up/down movement of the viewfinder.

  • Compact Camera Head
    The Camera head weighs about 27kg (including the 7-inch viewfinder). The viewfinder is brought closer to the optical axis of the lens, and other ergonomic factors were taken into consideration, such as balance, control placement and weight distribution.

  • Filter
    A removable cassette with dual filter wheels is used. This means a full range of optical filters can be employed including two filters combined. Outdoor color temperature correction can be accomplished by optical filter or by a new electronic color temperature circuit. The latter frees up the filter wheels for artistic effect filters.

  • Optical Axis Adjustment Mechanizm
    The optical axis adjustment mechanism aligns the optical axis of the lens and imaging device.

  • Tele-Command Function (option)
    The Tele-Command function permits the camera head to be controlled from the Base Station via a telephone line or radio unit. Self-Contained Facility When equipped with the optional camera ENC unit, the camera head can be operated alone in a self-contained manner.

  • Reversible Q-TV
    Reversible Q-TV video channels can be teleprompter channel from base station to head a video trunk channel from head to base station.

  • Comb Filter Encoder
    The Base Station has a built-in 1H Comb Filter Encoder, and optional Faroudja Adaptive 2H Comb Filter Encoder

  • HK-377P-Top-of-the-Line Portable Camera
    The HK-377P is a portable camera employing the 600,000-pixel CCD similar to that of the HK-377, and can be operated in the same system as the HK-377. It shares the Base Station, MCP, CCP, and OCP common to the HK-377, thus permitting a flexible system operation as a very versatile high-image-quality camera.

  • Safety Marker
    The operating switches are designed as simple as possible so that the camera operator can rivet his/her attention to a proper angle of view and focus. The safety marker, a reference for the angle of view, may be set for an action area (90%) and a title area (80%)

  • High-Resolution Viewfinder
    The HK-377P comes standard with a newly-developed high-resolution 1.5" Viewfinder to make it easier to view the tally and other indicators within the VF. An optional long eye-piece or other items may also be mounted.

  • Microphone
    An AB-powered (12V) or phantom-powered (48V) microphone can be directly connected to this camera.

  • VCR-Docked Operation
    The HK-377P can be docked with various types of broadcast 1/2-inch VCRs. Additionally, since a host of accessories for Ikegami's HL-55A can be used without any modification, efficient system operation can be achieved.

  • Digital Remote Connector
    A digital remote connector is provided on the camera head to permit remote control of various functions, even during VCR-docked operation.

  • MIC (VTR) Switch
    The HK-377P comes with a MIC (VTR) switch which acts as an intercom ON/ OFF switch during system operation and a VTR Start/Stop switch during VCR docked operation.

  • SE-377 System Expander
     The SE-377 is a System Expander used in conjunction with the HK-377 Base Station. This will allow a handheld camera to be placed inside the enclosure, allowing the use of large studio and field lenses. The look of the SE-377 is very much like that of a studio/field camera. The System Expander gives the camera person extensive intercom and monitoring facilities, including a 7-inch viewfinder. It will be possible to "DAISY CHAIN" 3 RTS Belt packs for use by dolly and crane personnel. To insert or remove the handheld camera takes under 5 minutes.

  • Controt Panel System

Input Signals
HK-377 Camera Head
External Sync Signal VBS 1 Vp-p positive 75ohm or BBS 0.45 Vp-p positive 75ohm
Mic -60 - -40dB, 600ohm, 2-channels
Intercom 0dBm, 600ohm
Tally R, G, 2-channels, Contact/Power
HK-377P Camera Head
External Sync Signal VBS 1 Vp-p positive 75ohm BNC or BBS 0.45 Vp-p positive 75ohm
Mic -60dBm 600ohm
Base Station
External Sync Signal VBS 1 Vp-p 75ohm Loop through (BBS 0.45 Vp-p 75ohm)
RET Signal VBS 1 Vp-p 75ohm 2-channels Loop through
Intercom 0dBm 600ohm 2-channels 4W (2W option)/RTS
PGM(Audio) 0dBm 10kohm 2-channels
Tally R, G, 2-channels
Output Signals
HK-377 Camera Head
Composite Signal (Optional ENC Unit) VBS 1 Vp-p positive 75ohm 1-channel
Q-TV Signal VBS 1 Vp-p positive 75ohm 1-channel
Monitor Signal VF select signal 75ohm 1-channel
Utility Power 200VA
Intercom 0dBm, 600ohm
HK-377P Camera Head
Composite Signal VBS 1 Vp-p positive 75ohm System connector
Component Signal Y, R-Y, B-Y 1kohm System connector
RGB Signal R, G, B 0.7 Vp-p positive System connector
Return Video VBS 1 Vp-p positive 75ohm 1-channel
Monitor Signal R+G+B, R, G, B, ENC 75ohm 1-channel BNC
Base Station
Digital Video Serial digital component (270Mb/s 0.8V 75ohm)
3-channels (option) Serial digital composite (l43Mb/s 0.8V 75ohm)
3-channels (option)
Composite Signal VBS 1 Vp-p 75ohm 3-channels
RGB Signal V0.7Vp-p 75ohm each 1-channel
PM Signal R, G, B -G, ENC 1 Vp-p 75ohm 1-channel
WFM Signal R, G, B SEQ, ENC, 1 Vp-p 75ohm 1-channel
Tally R, G 2-channels Contact
Intercom 0dBm 600ohm 2-channels 4W (2W option)/RTS
Mic 0dBm 600ohm 2-channels
Transmission System RGB ultra-wideband triax
Transmission bandwidth:
R-ch 10MHz
G-ch 10MHz
B-ch 10MHz

Transmission distance:
(FUJIKURA) 8.8 / 75m-800m
(FUJIKURA) 14.5 / 150m-1500m

RGB long range triax
Transmission bandwidth:
R-ch 6MHz
G-ch 7MHz
B-ch 6MHz

Transmission distance:
(FUJIKURA) 8.8 / 75m-1250m
(FUJIKURA) 14.5 / 150m-2400m
Image Sensor 600,000-pixel, 2/3" FIT CCDs
Optical System f1.4
Optical Filter HK-377 :
Can be operated from the control panel and camera head.
  1 2 3 4 5
ND: CAP 100% 25% 6.2% 1.6%
  A B C D E
CC. EFF 3200°K 4300°K 6300°K 8000°K

HK-377P :
  1 2 3 4
ND: CAP 100% 25% 6.2%
  A B C D
CC. EFF 3200°K 4300°K 6300°K
Gain Selection Master Gain -3/0/+3/+6/+9/+12dB
Shutter 1/60 (OFF), 1/100, 1/120,1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000
CVSS.1/30.5sec.-1/57.6sec. 1/62.1 sec.-1/1966sec.
Continuously variable
Power Consumption HK-377 Camera head: 130 VA
HK-377P Camera head: 17.5W(DC +11-16V)
BaseStation. 230VA
Ambient Temperature -20°C-+45°C (-4°-113°F) (10%-90%)
Dimensions HK-377 Camera head:
9.4x16.2x14.9 inches (W241X H410.5xD380mm)
HK-377P Camera head:
3.8x9.4x8.0 inches (W96xH240xD204mm)
Base Station: 8.5x7.0x19.2 inches (W216xHl77xD488mm)
Power Supply: 8.5x7.0x16.1 inches (W216xHl77xD410mm)
Weight HK-377 Camera head: approx. 27kg (12.2 lbs. )
HK-377P Camera head: approx. 3.5kg (1.59 lbs.) (including1.5"VF)
Base Station: approx.10kg(4.54 lbs.)
Power Supply: approx.18kg(8.16 lbs.)
Resolution H: (Ych) 900TVL / V: 400TVL
Super V on 480TVL
New Super V 400-480TVL
Registration 0.02% or less
S/N 62dB
Sensitivity Standard F8 at 2000 lx
Frequency Response Below 60Hz : Falling
60Hz-4.5MHz : Within ± 0.5dB
4.5MHz-6MNz : Within ± 1dB
Over 6MHz : Falling
Gamma Step change over 1.0(OFF)/0.45/0.40/0.35
Fine adjustment ± 0.05 Continuously variable

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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