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Non-Linear Systems

Discreet Logic Smoke

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Item #:EQ508111U
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Equipment Description:
Version 7

Model Description:
Editing and finishing system

Equipment Details

Discreet Smoke/Flame v7 on a Tezro with 3gb/ram and about 4gb's of drive space/Wacom tablet/SGI GDM-FW9011 monitor.

Model Details

smoke® was designed with the understanding that you can't always choose the job that comes in your door. Short form, long form, creative editorial, intensive graphics and effects work; every program, not just conformed but finished with pristine images at full bandwidth RGB 4:4:4.

As an all-in-one integrated creative editing and finishing solution or as a the hub in a distributed post facility, smoke delivers OMFI composition import from Avid offline NLEs, unlimited layers of vertical editing and nested containers, sophisticated visual effects accessible from the timeline, and unmatched price performance at HD and 601.

smoke takes advantage of the Academy Award®-winning visual effects technology found in Discreet's flame® system and Discreet's Multi-Master Editing™ capabilities: A single system, a single finish, delivering multiple masters, from HD to 601.

feature highlights

  • Non-compressed RGB 4:4:4, 601 and HD configurations
  • Real-time playback and I/O of PAL/NTSC, 720p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Unlimited vertical timeline editing with nested containers for layered effects
  • Import multi layered OMFI compositions from Avid offline NLEs
  • 3D compositing environment with camera controls and light sources
  • Multi-Master Editing: create once, distribute in many formats from a single system
  • Timeline editorial and effects workflow with wide range of timeline based effects
  • Compatible with Discreet Advanced Visual Effects systems and infrastructure products
editing highlights
  • Gestural, picture-based editing interface with searchable libraries on desktop
  • Vertical Editing: unlimited layers in the timeline with video containers for flexibility with complex effects and versioning
  • Soft Edits: uncommitted edits, transitions and speed changes for creative experimentation
  • Creative editorial tools: 2 & 3 point edits, fit to fill 4 point edits, insert, overwrite, ripple replace and replace edits
  • Multi track trim, slip, slide shots, and transitions
  • Quick hot key dissolves, fades and audio crossfades
  • SMPTE Wipes with fully customizable Bezier spline shape
  • Drag-and-drop Soft Effects directly on timeline clips and preview before processing for unparalleled speed
  • Source timeline comparative views for editing source timelines into new programs
  • Support for 23.98, 24, 25, 30, 50, 59.94 or 60Hz
  • Automatic audio/video sync break detection and correction
  • Re-establish new sync relationships between sources
  • Fully animatable speed curves with adjustable inter-frame mixing and trailing for vari-speeds
  • User-definable hot keys and specialized keycaps for fast access to functions
audio editing highlights
  • Fully-integrated Discreet Audio subsystem with 48kHz, 16-bit quality audio
  • Eight simultaneous record and playback tracks with checkerboard-free crossfades
  • Fully keyframeable animation control of audio levels, pans, and EQ with real-time playback
  • Audio mixing capabilities (reverb, modulation, dynamic compression, full parametric EQ)
  • VST Audio plug-in support
  • Full feature support of external audio controller with transport control and hotkey mapping ability (JL Cooper MCS-3800)
  • Audio timetwist and timestretch with pitch correction control
  • Unlimited virtual audio tracks
  • Waveform display and audio scrubbing
  • Sub-frame (1/100) editing
3D compositing highlights
  • True 3D space work environment with camera control and up to eight light sources
  • Selective Lighting with parenting so a light only affects a specific layer
  • DVE setup compatibility with inferno®, flame® and flint®
  • Bicubic warping of a DVE Layer shape
  • Surface attributes like shininess and specular highlights
  • Two, three, or four viewports for precise compositing
  • Auto Linking for creating hierarchies
  • In context viewing of color correction, keying and tracker
  • Unlimited Global transforms with a schematic control view
  • Displacement mapping and motion blur controls
  • import of 3ds max models and camera data
color correction and keying highlights
  • Luma or chroma keying (color channel, HLS, YUV, RGB, or RGBCMYL)
  • Select single color or color range
  • Adjust and animate tolerance, softness, shrink, and matte erosion
  • Color suppression for spill removal
  • Offset and Alpha splines for defining the fade-out from the edge of the mask
  • RGB control of hue, saturation, contrast, gamma, gain, and offset adjustments
  • Histogram and Curves controls
  • Selective correction of highlights, midtones, or shadows
  • Advanced color selection and color matching
  • Frame buffer for precise color comparisons keying
tracking and stabilization highlights
  • Precise field or frame based motion analysis
  • Pre-tracking path makes for easier point selection
  • In context viewing of tracking result in DVE, while still working in the Stabilizer module
  • Stabilize footage and compensate for transfer jitters, unstable cameras
  • Track motion with perspective and automate four-point corner pinning
  • Sub-pixel image magnifying glass for accurate positioning of trackers
  • Change reference points at any time
  • Track forwards and backwards for flexibly tracking off screen objects
  • Copy and paste tracker values into any other channel in any module
advanced paint and filters highlights
  • Emboss, fabric, halo, reticulate, sharpen, soften, and optical glow effects
  • User-definable matrices or procedural filters
  • Degrain and Regrain functionality
  • Video oriented tools including interlace/deinterlace, field merge, reverse dominance & more
  • Over 400 sparks® third-party plug-ins available to extend the capabilities of the system
  • Advanced paint module including Autopaint with motion tracking
  • User-definable brush sizes, opacity, shapes, jitter, pressure sensitivity, direction, roll and rate
  • Paint using modules from the filter library
  • Special effects brushes include: blur, clone, drag, impressionist, recursive, reveal, smear, shade, stamp, warp and wash effects
  • Animate, track, and record brush strokes
  • Multi-layer graphic shapes or cut-outs for automated rotoscoping, precise matte extraction or traveling mattes
  • Auto matte feature for quickly creating high contrast mattes
  • Dirt, scratch, and wire removal
  • Complete drawing tools with creating and animating Bezier graphics shapes
  • Compatibility with combustion 2 Gmasks
title animation & character generation highlights
  • 2D and 3D text creation
  • Import standard Adobe Type 1 and TrueType fonts, including Asian (CID) fonts and ASCII text files
  • Unlimited number of text layers
  • Animated text on a path
  • Layer, paragraph and character hierarchy
  • Independent character adjustment of fill, transparency, shadow, outline, underline, kerning, and axis control, logo import
  • Animate position, shearing, scaling and rotation by layer or character
  • Spell checking
  • Create and apply user-definable font styles
  • Roll and crawl layers with "Fit Best Speed" optimization for precise roll/crawl speed
animation channel editor highlights
  • Unified Channel editor for complete animation control
  • Auto Keyframe capability
  • Explicit Keyframe, motion path or direct manipulation animation
  • Full cut copy and paste curves between channels
  • Constant, Linear and Hermite animation curves
  • New Natural Interpolation method for dynamically optimized smooth animations
  • Extrapolation setting for controlling the curve before the first and after the last keyframe
  • Curve Functions to swap, flip, reverse, simplify, and remove jitter from curves
  • Stretch, compress, and offset groups of channels interactively.
EDL, capture and output highlights
  • Real-time capture of 601 and HDTV
  • RGB 4:4:4 full bandwidth images
  • Supports any resolution up to 2048x2048
  • Total EDL import/export management toolset
  • Import Avid OMFI compositions and ALE log files
  • Import/Export of comments convention for clip names and audio track remapping
  • C-mode auto capture of multiple EDLs with adjustable trim handles
  • Multi-layer, multi-track, or Container assembly from multiple EDLs
  • 24, 50 and 60fps EDL conform
  • 30 to 24fps EDL conversion
  • Automatic 2:3 removal on capture
  • Automatic 2:3 insertion on output
project and media management highlights
  • Field based and frame based rendering options
  • Partial rendering for process interruption
  • Create unlimited Clip Libraries for source and record material organization
  • Desktop and Clip libraries can be viewed in frame or list modes
  • Sort and search tool within a Clip Library or across a Framestore
  • Background I/O of graphics files
  • Selective consolidation down to a single timeline segment
  • Utilities to move clips between local or remote file systems
  • Full archiving of audio, video, and setup files to different devices
  • Archive effect "template" setups located on the desktop
  • Archive Size Estimation tool
  • Append entries to existing Archives
  • Recover or remove selected clips from a Compact Backup Set
  • Support for industry-standard image file formats including Cineon, Pict, Tiff and TARGA

Additional Information

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