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Master Control Switchers

Evertz 5600ACO-2

EVERTZ / 5600ACO-2
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Item #:EQ506293N
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Model Description:
5600ACO2 Automatic Changeover

Model Details

The 5600ACO/ACO2 Automatic Changeovers are intended for use with two 5600MSC Master Clock / Sync Generators. The 5600ACO/ACO2 system uses latching relays to ensure maximum reliability and minimal disruption in the event of any failure. The complete system provides the highest level of security for television station video and time synchronization systems. The 5600ACO is a 1RU device which is an ACO for a subset of the 5600MSC outputs. The 5600ACO2 is a 2RU ACO for all outputs of the 5600MSC. Two power supplies are included as a standard feature, to alleviate any single point of failure concerns.

The front panel has three switches, recessed into the panel for added security. There is an AUTO / MANUAL switch, a GPI / FRONT PANEL switch and an A / B select switch for manual changeover. In automatic mode, all signals from both 5600MSCs are monitored to detect any abnormal signals. For example if a level, pulse width, phase, time code error or other abnormality is detected, the 5600ACO2 circuitry will trigger and the entire bank of signals will be switched to the backup 5600MSC. In manual mode the changeover can be operated from a GPI or from the front panel switch. LEDs provide status information as to the health of the two 5600MSCs, together with indication as to which one is active. In addition two GPO outputs indicate which master is active and when the inputs from both masters are not the same.

The 5600ACO2 features selectable voting via VistaLINK® for the autochangeover feature. Individual inputs may be selectively included or excluded in the voting process to drive autochangeover logic. (Feature only available on 5600ACO2 model)

Each 5600MSC is equipped with 2 GPI inputs and 2 GPO outputs. To facilitate installation, these connections are brought through to a 2x6 pin terminal block on the 5600ACO. The outputs from the 5600MSCs are passed straight through the 5600ACO's. The inputs to the 5600MSCs are internally split by a 'Y' connector, to ensure that both 5600MSCs receive the same GPI contact closures.

In the event of a changeover occurrence, it is necessary that all outputs on one 5600MSC have the same timing as those on the other. Identical timing for both 5600MSCs is assured by locking both to the same frequency and phase source (e.g. GPS or by genlocking one 5600MSC to the other). Identical phasing of the independent black outputs is assured by implementing the "Syncro" mode in the 5600MSCs. To use this mode, both 5600MSC communication ports are connected together using the link cable supplied with the 5600ACO. With both 5600MSCs operating in Syncro mode, timing adjustments made to one 5600MSC will be automatically applied to both. The link cable is connected permanently, so that any system re-timing will be applied to both 5600MSC units.



  • Three front panel switches select automatic, front panel or GPI activation of changeover
  • Front panel switches are recessed to prevent accidental operation
  • Front panel status LEDs show the health of each of the inputs
  • Front panel status LEDs show the operational modes of the changeover
  • Redundant power supply standard
  • GPIO input/outputs
  • Automatic changeover is a voting system based on which source has the most valid signals and that the good signals on the present master are also on the backup
  • VistaLINK® capable offering remote monitoring via SNMP (using VistaLINK® PRO) (5600ACO2 only)



LTC Inputs/Outputs
StandardSMPTE 12M frame rate set by 5600MSC
Number of Inputs2 per 5600MSC
Number of Outputs2
InputFemale DB9
Output3 pin male XLR type
Signal LevelSet in 5600MSC
Coaxial Inputs and Outputs
TypeDepends on signal connected from 5600MSC
5600ACODARS, bi-level or tri-level sync, color black,10MHz
5600ACO2HD SDI, SD SDI, Analog TG, AES, DARS, bi-level or tri-level sync, colour black, 10MHz, Word Clock
5600ACO8 groups each consisting of two inputs and one output
5600ACO216 groups each consisting of two inputs and one output
ConnectorBNC per IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
ACO General Purpose Inputs and Outputs
GPI1Master select in Manual GPI control mode
LowSelects Master A
HighSelects Master B
GPI2Future use
LowMaster A is selected
HighMaster B is selected
LowMaster A & Master B differ or PSU failure
HighMaster A & Master B have equivalent signals
InputsOpto-isolated input with internal pull-up to +5V
OutputsNormally closed relay to ground. 10K internal pull-up to +5V when relay is in active position
Connector4 pins plus 2 ground pins on 12 pin removable terminal block
Signal Level+5V nominal
MSC General Purpose Inputs and Outputs
Inputs2 GPI inputs connected to both Master A and Master B
Outputs2 GPI outputs connected from Master A through AUXI/O A
2 GPI outputs connected from Master B through AUXI/O B
Connector6 pins on 12 pin removable terminal block
Signal LevelAs specified in 5600MSC manual
Changeover conditions
NotesChangeover is a voting system based on which source has the most good signals and that the good signals on the current master are also present on the backup master. The input signals are considered good according to the following criteria:
VideoLevel below 70 IRE
SyncH timing detect
10MHz3dB level below 0.3V p-p
DARSSync word error
LTCLevel below 0.3V p-p, Incorrect sync word
PowerAutoranging 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz 40 Watts
ConfigurationDual redundant supplies
Fuse Rating250V, 1A, time delay
SafetyETL Listed, Complies with EU Safety Directive
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive
5600ACO19" W x 1.75" H x 18.75" D
(483mm W x 45mm H x 477mm D)
5600ACO219" W x 3.5" H x 18.75" D
(483mm W x 90mm H x 477mm D)
5600ACO8lbs. (3.5kg)
5600ACO216lbs. (7.0kg)


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