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Digital Video Effects

Sony DFS-500

SONY / DFS-500
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BCS Price: $1,860.00
Item #:EQ505611U
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Model Description:
Integrated DME/Production Switcher

Model Details

Combination 3-D Digital Multi Effects (DME) and multi-format video production switcher.Accepts 4 video inputs which may be configured in any combination of Y/C, composite, or Y/R-Y/B-Y component (12-pin dub only) sources.Both foreground and background busses have built-in frame synchronizers.Title keyer utilizes DME effects.100 control panel snap shot memory registers. Over 200 preset effects including page turns, melt down, wave, ripple and twist.40 user programmable effects registers.16 preset color backgound patterns, SMPTE color bars and grid patterns all standard.Lighting, trails and shadow option, downstream keyer option and rack mount kit option. Interfaces with Sony BVE-910, BVE-600, RM-450 editors and BVS-3100, BVS-3200 and BVS-3200C switchers.Serial interface with the BVE-910 requires the BKE-913 switcher interface.


  • 8-bit digital component video switcher
  • Over 300 2D and 3D digital effects including page turns, page rolls, spheres and waves
  • Built in transcoding with Component, Composite and Y/C inputs/output
  • RGB, RGB/S inputs
  • Built-in chroma keyer and luminance keyer
  • Built-in black burst outputs and 31 color backgrounds
  • 8-bit Linear Downstream Keyer option
  • Trail, lighting, dropshadow effects board option
  • Two frame synchronizers which allow video input signals to be synchronized, eliminating the need for TBCs.
  • 2D,3D linear effects such as, compression, location, rotation and perspective are easily achieved by use of the positioner and associated controls.
  • Complex effects, including 3D linear and some of the non-linear effects, can be created easily by storing the pictures at several spatial points.
  • Over 300 factory-preset effects are stored in the DFS-500
  • Effects modifying is available for certain effects.Their various parameters such as, size, density and amplitude can be modified manually.
  • Provides advanced and powerful effects such as, drop shadows, recursive video trails and lighting (glint) effects.
  • Mixs, Wipes as well as digital effects transitions are executed with the fader lever.
  • A FRGD source such as, a title, caption or figure can be self-keyed over a BKGD source, rotated, compressed and located in 3D space.
  • Adds captions, characters, etc after mix/effects processing.
  • Color background, border matte, shadow matte, DSK matte and DSK border matte.
  • Distributes an internally generated signal for locking external equipment such as editor or VTRs.
  • Composite, component(Y,R-Y,B-Y) and Y/C (S-VIDEO) formats.
  • The DFS-500 processes all its input signals in the digital component domain.
  • When used with the RM-450/PVE-500 Editing Controllers, the DFS-500 allows two-machine editing with effects.
  • SignalsPrimary Video Inputs/Program Video Outputs:: Composite(NTSC)1.0VP-P(75)0.286VP-P, at sync level0.286Vp-p, at burst levelS-Video(Y/C)1.0Vp-p(75)0.286vp-p, at sync level0.286Vp-p, at burst levelComponent (Betacam)Y: 1.0Vp-p(75)0.286Vp-p,at sync levelR-Y/B-Y:0.7Vp-p(100/7.5/77/7.5 color bars)
  • DSK Video Inputs:: Composite (NSTC)1.0Vp-p(75)0.286Vp-p, at sync level0.286Vp-p, at burst levelComponent (Betacam)Y:1.0Vp-p(75)0.286Vp-p,at sync levelR-Y/B-Y:0.7Vp-p(100/7.5/77/7.5 color bars)Component(RGB)0.7Vp-p(75)
  • EXT KEY IN, DSK KEY IN, KEY OUT:: 1.0Vp-p(75)
  • T1/CUE IN T2 IN:: TTL level
  • REF OUT:: Black Burst0.286Vp-p(75),at sync level0.286Vp-p(75), at burst levelFrequency response05MHz(Ref.1MHz)+0.5dB,-1dB
  • Linearity:: DG3.5%(composite input)2%(component/S input)DP2.5%(composite input)1%(component/S input)
  • Crosstalk:: -50dB
  • S/N:: 51dB(Composite)55dB(Y/C,Component)
  • Y/C delay:: 20ns(component)50ns(composite)
  • Sampling rate:: Y:910H(H:15.734kHz)R-Y/B-Y:1/4(910H)
  • Quantization:: Y/R-Y/B-Y:8bit
  • System ConfigurationDFS500:: DME Switcher
  • BKDF501:: Trail, Lighting, Dropshadow Board
  • BKDF504:: Downstream Keyer (DSK) Board
  • BKDF503:: Rack Mount Kit
  • ConnectorsVideo In:: BNC type connector (Composite)DIN 4-pin connector(S-Video)12-pin connector (Y/R-Y/B-Y)
  • Video Out:: BNC type connector(Composite)DIN 4-pin connector (S-Video)12-pin connector (Y/R-Y/B-Y)
  • Ext Key In:: BNC type connector
  • Dsk Video In:: BNC type connector
  • Dsk Key In:: BNC type connector
  • Key Out:: BNC type connector
  • T1/Cue In:: BNC type connector
  • T2 In:: BNC type connector
  • Power requirements:: 100/120V AC,50/60Hz
  • Operating voltage:: AC85132V,4763Hz
  • Power consumption:: 140W
  • Operating temperature:: 040C(32104F)

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