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DVCPRO HD Camcorders

Panasonic AJ-HDC27F Varicam

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Item #:EQ458198U
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Equipment Description:
Includes a Fujinon HAs18x7.6BRM Lens, Petrol case.

Model Description:
VariCam with New Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Model Details

  • Colorimetry - Standard color is compliant with SMPTE standards. To achieve a desired "look", an advanced color correction scheme utilizes a 12-pole color matrix that allows very specific colors to be set, especially when critical color matching is vital.
  • New Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - Offers a higher standard of precision color, detail and gamma processing to ensure optimum picture quality that is repeatable and transferable to all AJ-HDC27 VariCams.
  • Assignable Scene Files - An externally accessible switch allows for easy access to any of three user-designed set-ups, each with programmable color, detail, gain and gamma. (Most commonly these switches are used for gain sets, leaving other presets in pla
  • Scene Files, Internal Memory - A selection of four separate camera set-ups -- plus one user standard-reference file -- are available through user menu access. These set-ups are stored in camera memory and updated as needed.
  • Scene Files, Card Storage - Camera set-ups can also be saved on a removable SD or Multi-Media Memory Card, allowing quick memory access to user-designed camera settings to achieve a particular look for given scenes. Also useful for matching multiple camer
  • Simple Cinematic Settings - Provides for superior versatility in a single camera system when the Film User Menu is chosen.
  • User 1 / User 2 - Two externally accessible, user-assignable switches provide direct access (on or off) any one of six operational functions, including Super Gain, Super Black, Black Stretch, Super Iris, and Audio 1 & 2 (for viewfinder display).
  • Wide Lens Selection - Offers the ability to capture superb images with a wide selection of lenses including todays newest HD technology lenses and a large variety of existing prime lenses.
  • White Balance Selection - Select between two programmable automatic white balance conditions (as set by the user) and one preset that can be set for either 3200° or 4300° Kelvin. This feature comes in very handy when moving quickly between dissimilar ambi
  • Wide Range Gain - When shooting in wide-ranging light-level conditions, a programmable gain switch can be set to optimize signal levels -- choose from -6 dB to +30 dB in thirteen steps.
  • Low Power Consumption - A moderate 32 Watts power consumption (38 Watts max) means a good battery life can be realized. Expect about 1.5 hours from a HyTron 100 battery. The camera runs cool and does not employ a fan, assuring quiet operation.
  • 46 Minutes Record Time - Employing the large DVCPRO Cassette, a recording time of 46 minutes is possible thanks to the DVCPRO HD video recording format.
  • Three 1.1-Million Pixel IT CCDs - True to high-definition standards, the Matsushita 720 x 1280 IT CCDs are the key ingredient in creating rich images with about 850 lines horizontal resolution.

  • Pick-Up Device (size & type) - 2/3-inch HD progressive 3-CCD
  • Picture Elements (pixels)
  • Quantization - 10-bit
  • Signal Processing - 74.1758 MHz (59.4Hz), 74.25 MHz (60Hz)
  • Sensitivity - F 12.L180 at 2000 lux, 89.9% reflect, 23.98P, 50% shutter
  • Minimum Illumination - 0.7 lux (F 1.4, +36dB gain 59.94P)
  • Horizontal Resolution - 700 lines (center)
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Lens - Interchangeable, 2/3" bayonet mount (optional)
  • Focus - Manual
  • Media Format - DVCPRO (large)
  • Recording Format - DVCPRO HD (720/60P, 720P/59.94P)
  • Frame Rates - 4-60P (in single frame increments)
  • Shutter Speeds (sec.) - 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000
  • Synchro-Scan Shutter (sec.) - 20 to 99.5%
  • CineSwitch Technology - Yes
  • CineGamma Software - Yes
  • Assignable Scene Files - Yes
  • Programmable User Buttons
  • Filter Wheels - Dual-stage
  • White Balance Selection - 2 manual, 1 preset
  • Super Iris - Yes
  • Gain Selection (dB) - -6, -3, 0, +3, +6, +9, +12, 15, +18, +24, +30; Super Gain: +18, +24, +30, +36
  • Color Matrix - Yes
  • SMPTE Color Bar Generator - Yes
  • SDI Terminal - No
  • HD SDI Terminal
  • IEEE 1394 Interface - No
  • SD Memory Card Slot - Yes
  • LCD Screen - No
  • Viewfinder - 2.0" (optional)


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