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BCS Price: $25,000.00
Item #:EQ454418N
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Model Description:
High Def Video Sports Slow Motion

Model Details

Doremi's V1-HD server sets the standard for high-performance HD video recording. The V1-HD records HD-SDI and SDI video using JPEG2000 compression at up to 300Mb/s.

Besides functioning as a drop-in replacement for any HD tape machine the V1-HD features an independent record and play option for time delay and sports slow motion applications. The V1-HD is also available with dual link 4:4:4 recording and playback at 2k resolution.


* HD VTR Replacement
* Broadcast Video Time Delay
* Sports Slow-Mo with Transition Effects
* HD Video Player for High-Res Displays
* Dual-Channel Playback for 3D Video, Video + Key and Super Widescreen

    * Record SD and HD video
    * High quality JPEG2000 compression up to 300 Mbits/sec
    * Independent record and play operation (option)
    * Store multiple SD and HD video files in any format
    * Create video clips, loops and play lists from the front panel
    * Smooth fast and slow motion playback
    * Video transitions fade, wipe, and dissolve
    * Frame accurate control via RS-422 or Ethernet using standard control protocols
    * 2k Dual-link 4:4:4 recording 24p/24psf at 10 or 12bit


                                           720p (50, 60 Hz), 1080i (50, 60 Hz)
                                           1080p (25, 30 fps), 1080 24sf, 625 (50Hz) and 525 (60Hz)

DLNK-2K - Dual Link 4:4:4 24 SF (segmented frame) option (2048x1080)

Sync: Tri Level and Bi Level sync input

Audio: 2 Analog Audio Channels standard (up to 6 optional), AES/EBU up to 8 channels, plus embedded audio on SDI

Other: 2 RS-422 ports, Biphase, 100Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet option, GPI option

Storage Options : Internal Storage for one or two hot swap SCSI drivesAprox. 2 hours of HD recording at 300Mb/s and 6 hours at 100Mb/s. External RAID5 Storage for additional record time.

Additional Detailed Information:

Dual-Channel Playback for Video+Key,
3D Video and Super-Widescreen Applications

Dual-channel playback is available with the purchase of the dual link option on the V1-HD. It provides for locked playback of two HD-SDI video streams. This makes the V1-HD an ideal playback device for 3D Video, Super-Widescreen and Video+Key applications. In addition, 4k resolution playback is now possible with just two synchronized V1-HD decks.

Video material can be recorded in one of three ways; simultaneous recording of both video streams, recording the two video streams in two separate passes, or by transferring TIFF files via Ethernet to the V1-HD.

Ordering Information
V1-HD High Definition Video w/JPEG2000 Compression VDR. 3RU. Storage not included.

DLSP-HD - Simultanuous record and play option (1r1p) for the V1-HD
DLNK-2K - Dual Link 4:4:4 24pSF option (2048x1080)

Remote Control Unit - RCV2
GigaBit Ethernet
GPI4 - 4 input, uses one of the external serial ports
Redundant Power Supply

Two Audio Slots Available
Analog Audio: up to 2 cards can be added for 6 analog audio tracks
Digital Audio: up to 2 cards can be addedfor 8 digital audio tracks
One analog and one audio card upgrade will provide 4 analog & 4 digital in/out


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