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CG Character Generator

Chyron CODI

Image shown doesn't reflect the condition of the equipment and is for illustrative purpose only.

BCS Price: $1,165.00
Item #:EQ445030U
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Model Description:
PC based character gen / Generator only

Model Details


The Chyron CODI is a compact text and graphics generator designed to be operated remotely via computer. With an extensive list of features including anti-aliased characters and real-time operations, CODI provides high-end performance at an affordable price. Capable of displaying in RGB, composite and S-Video, the CODI is the ideal text generator for high-quality local and remote information display systems and video titling applications.


HIGH RESOLUTION: CODI generates broadcast quality text display. The effective resolution of 10 nano seconds provides for very sharp, straight and curved lines in fonts and logos.

FONTS: Each CODI has seven standard fonts loaded in ROM and all parental guidelines logos. As an option, customer selected fonts and logos can be imbedded in CODI firmware in lieu of the standard fonts. CODI uses TrueType or Bitstream type-styles. These fonts can be modified with any of the CODI font convert programs and then downloaded to the CODI from the host computer. Character edges include border, offset and drop shadow.

READ EFFECTS: Transfer messages from the non-display to the display buffer is instantaneous and can include all CODI read effects. Messages can be displayed as simple cuts or as a wide variety of read effects. The speed and direction of the effect is variable.

LOGOS:High resolution logos can be created from artwork, Macintosh or PC images. In addition, logos created on the Chyron iNFiNiT! family of products can be converted for use in CODI using Chyron's Logo Compose Service. Logos can be 10 to 400 scan lines and be single or multi-colored.

COLOR SELECTION: CODI has a 16.7 million total color palette. For characters and edges, sixteen of these colors can be selected per display page. The faces and edges of characters and logos can be set at transparency levels. The background can also be solid colors, a graduated color ramp, input video or any combination.

EDITING & DISPLAY: Characters can be easily displayed in any position and combination on the CODI. Automatic character kerning sets inter-character spacing to print industry standards. Words or rows can be squeezed or expanded to fit the desired display.

OPERATING SPEED: The CODI operates in real-time. As soon as it receives data from the host computer, it generates the text display without having to render fonts.

ROLL/CRAWL: CODI messages can be instantly rolled in several different speeds over CODI backgrounds or input video. A lower third crawl can be generated in several speeds. Rolls and crawls can also be displayed simultaneously with static text including clock and event timer.

TEST PATTERN GENERATOR: CODI can generate 22 video test patterns.

MESSAGES: The CODI can store multiple pages or messages in RAM for subsequent display even with the host computer disconnected.

DISPLAY BUFFERS: Messages can be written and updates in the CODI non-display buffer without affecting the 4 display buffer.

VIDEO ENCODER: Integral to the CODI is the high quality video encode that generates both composite and S-Video (Y/C) signals. RGB, YUV and other analog component output formats are available. CODI is available in NTSC or PAL.

GENERAL PURPOSE INTERFACE: CODI has two General Purpose Interfaces (GPI) that allow for remote triggering of display via contact closures. Commands and CODI instructions can be programmed into each GPI's battery backed-up RAM.

GRAPHIC ELEMENTS: 256 color PCX and TGA 8-bit files can be downloaded for display on CODI. Transparency and color value can be specified. PCX and TGA 8 images can be mapped to a character key location for instant recall.

CLOCK/EVENT TIMER: The internal clock can be set to display hours, minutes and/or seconds in any selected font, color and location on the screen. The display can be 12 or 24 hour. The CODI Event Timer can be used to display hours, minutes, seconds, tenths, and hundredths of a second. Count up, count down, and lap time features are included.

LINEAR KEYER: The internal linear keyer allows CODI graphics to be superimposed over composite or S-Video sources. CODI's genlock circuitry allows the CODI to genlock to a wide range of sources.

VIDEO TIMING: Adjustments to video timing, subcarrier, horizontal phase and key delay can be made in software from the host computer and stored in CODI battery backed up RAM.

If you are interested in developing software to drive the Codi, Chyron provides a static library compatible with Microsoft and Borland C and C++ compilers, or a 16-bit Windows DLL. You can download the DLL here.


Composite Video
S-Video Reference Black Burst
Composite Preview
S-Video Preview
Composite Program Key
Composite Program
S-Video Program
RGB w/Key - Optional Cable Required
0.5 @ 120 volts
0.25 @ 240 volts
50 or 60 Hz
Auto-Voltage Select
2 General Purpose Interface Inputs
1 Serial Port (RS-232 or RS-422),
switchable 38,400 Baud Max

1.75" (4.45 cm)17" (43.2 cm)
11" (27.9 cm)14.5 lbs. (6.6 kg)
CE Compliant
Designed in accordance with UL 1950,
Professional Use Video Equipment
And FCC Rules, Part 15, Subpart J
For Class A Devices
Temperature Operating Range:
40 degrees to 100 degrees F
(5 degrees to -38 degrees C)
Humidity: 5% to 95%


Chyron's DigiBox CODI is a compact, self-contained, single channel serial digital character generator. It is ideally suited to many applications including news, sports, weather, emergency alerts, logo insertion, station branding, subtitling, captioning, business information displays and sports displays. Built-in operations such as multi-speed rolls, crawls, flipbook animations and effects make the DigiBox Codi an exceptionally powerful, flexible and affordable character generator.

Import Graphics
The DigiBox CODI uses a SanDisk compact flash drive to read graphics content copied onto flash disks via a user-supplied Windows PC and SanDisk adapter. In addition to TIF, TGA, BMP, Chyron RGBA and PCX files, the DigiBox CODI can also read fonts and messages from Chyron's iNFiNiT! system.
Remote Control Options
The fully programmable DigiBox CODI is ideal for automated and unattended operations. Remote control is available via the 10/100BaseT Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422 and GPI (General Purpose Interface) connections.
Special Effects
In addition to multi-speed rolls and crawls, dissolves, weaves and flipbook animations, the DigiBox CODI includes Chyron's CODI SDK software with over 125 operations.
High-Quality Digital Interface
The DigiBox Codi features SDI (Serial Digital Interface) connections for video and key inputs and outputs. The SDI connections pass embedded digital audio.
Compact and Convenient
The DigiBox CODI is simple to operate and comes as a single rack mountable unit, which can also accommodate an optional second channel.
Power Outage Protection
In the event of a power outage the DigiBox CODI auto-boots from the internal flash drive and the Video Bypass Relay routes external video through the unit.

SystemNTSC or PAL
Input and Output ConnectorsSDI In x1 BNC
SDI Key In x1 BNC
SDI Out x1 BNC
SDI Key Out x1 BNC
Analog In/Genlock x1 BNC
Analog /Monitor Out x1 DB9 (includes breakout cable to 4 BNCs)
GPI x1 DB25 (16 triggers)
Power RequirementsNot Specified By Manufacturer
Dimensions19 x 11.5 x 1.72" (482 x 292.1 x 43.69 mm)
Weight11 lbs (5 kg)

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