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Waveform/Vector. Monitor

Leader LV5700A

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BCS Price: $19,425.00
Item #:EQ442000U
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Equipment Description:
Has jitter option

Model Description:
Multi SDI Monitor

Model Details

The LV 5700A is a Multi SDI Monitor for HD/SD-SDI signals with an XGA TFT color LCD in an adjustable tilt front panel. The monitor tests 14 HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats with total digital processing compliant to SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 296M. Input format, colorimetry and trilevel or black burst external reference inputs are automatically detected. Extensive monitoring functions include waveform (YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, RGB or GBR), vector (75% or 100% graticules), picture and surround sound monitoring modes. The first SDI module accepts two SDI inputs switchable from the front panel providing buffered SDI output(s) of the selected feed. Parade, overlay and timing modes facilitate characterization of component waveform levels and timing. Freeze mode allows comparisons of different SDI input signals. Multi-display operating modes include a thumbnail picture display. Digital audio from HD/SD groups (1 & 2) or (3 & 4) are disembedded and output as four pairs of AES/EBU. Digital audio is also displayed as 3:1, 3:2, or 3:2:2 surround images, multi-lissajous and 8-Ch bargraphs. The peak bargraphs have selectable dynamic ranges as well as average ballistics. Remapping of the channel order allows users to create custom displays. High Resolution decoded pix-monitor outputs may be set to feed monitor requirements as either YPbPr or GBR. Digital line-select, precision digital cursors, menu control of storage of 100 front-panel setups, flash card, USB and Ethernet round out the operating features. The HD/SD status screens list detection of input format, TRS, CRC checks for chroma and luma, video, audio ID, ancillary parity and check sum errors& User adjustable alarm error thresholds are provided for digital component level ranges. Ethernet allows full remote control operation and monitoring of operating conditions including alarms. HD/SD eye pattern analysis with automatic measurements is an option. DC operation is also available as an option.


• Monitors SMPTE-259M, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-296M
Auto Detection of Input 20 HD-SDI and SD-SDI
Selectable Colorimetry when needed
Auto Detection of Ext. Ref. BB/Tri-Level Sync
Switched SDI Output follows Selected Input
Total Digital Signal Processing
Multi-Display Modes with Thumbnail
Freeze Mode to Compare Input Signals
Data Dump for Detailed Pixel Analysis
Adjustable Alarm Thresholds
Full Digital Line Select
Electronic Graticules Selectable
Precision Digital Cursors
Timing for Component Interchannel Errors
Display Modes for Active and H Blanking
Vector Magnification (x2, x5 and P-Mag)
Selectable I&Q Axes and 100%/75% Targets
Integrated XGA TFT Color LCD Display
Picture Monitor Output YPbPr or GBR
XGA Output for Computer Display
Front Panel Tilt Adjust
Disembedded Digital Audio Outputs
Surround Modes (3-1, 3-2, 3-2-2)
Multi-Lissajous for System Phase Checks
8-Channel Bargraph (Peak 60 or 90 dB)
Selectable Audio Groups 1&2 or 3&4
Selectable Channel Assignments
Auto ID 16-Channels of Embedded Audio
Cable Length (Patented)
100 User Presets
Flash Card for Capture, Logging, Presets & Mirroring
HD/SD Eye Pattern Auto Measurements (Option 70)
DC Operation (Option71)
Additional HD/SD-SDI Module (Option72)

Video Format
Video System:
  1920x1035 / 60i
  1920x1035 / 59.94i
  1920x1080 / 60i
  1920x1080 / 59.94i
  1920x1080 / 50i
  1920x1080 / 30p
  1920x1080 / 29.97p
  1920x1080 / 25p
  1920x1080 / 24p
  1920x1080 / 23.98p
  1920x1080 / 24sF
  1920x1080 / 23.98sF
  1920x720 / 60p
 1280x720 / 59.94p
Standards Supported
   HD-SDI Standard:
   Ancillary Data Standard:
   Embedded Audio Standard:

Video System:
 1  525 / 59.94i
 2  625 / 50i
Standards Supported
   SD-SDI Standard:
   Ancillary Data Standard:
   Embedded Audio Standard:

  Format Setting
Video System: Select manual setting or automatic setting
Sampling Frequency
   HD: Auto switching
between 74.25 MHz and 74.25/1.001 MHz
   SD: 13.5 MHz
Input/Output Connector
  HD-SDI Input
Input Connector: BNC connector  2 systems A and B, 75 W
  External Reference Input
Input Signal: Tri-level sync signal or NTSC/PAL black burst
Input Connector: BNC connector passive loop-through
1 system 2 connectors
  XGA Output
Output Signal:
Output Connector:
XGA signal
D-sub 15 pin female
  HD-SDI Output
Output Connector: BNC connector 1 connector
Outputs the selected channel, 75 W
  Analog Output
Output Signal:
Output Connector:
Y, PB, PR or GBR
BNC connector  1 system 3 connectors
  AES/EBU Output
Output Signal: CH1/2, CH3/4, CH5/6, CH7/8
Separated from embedded audio and output
Select 2 groups (8 ch) from 4 groups (16 ch)
Output Connector: BNC connector  4 connectors
  Remote Connector
Function: Recalling of presets
Control Signal: TTL level (LOW active)
Control Connector: D-sub 25 pin female  1 connector
  Ethernet Connector
Function: Remote control from an external
computer and monitoring of errors, etc.
Input/Output Connector: 10BASE-T  1 connector
Display Format
  Display FormatXGA effective area 1024x768 dots
  Dot Clock65 MHz or 64.935 MHz
(Automatically switch according to the input signal)
  Horizontal Frequency48.363 kHz or 48.315 kHz
(Automatically switch according to the input signal)
  Vertical Frequency60 Hz or 59.94 Hz
(Automatically switch according to the input signal)
  Multi DisplayDisplays waveform display, vector display, picture display,
and status display on a single screen side by side
  Magnified Waveform DisplayDisplays video signal waveforms magnified on the entire screen
  Magnified Vector DisplayDisplays vector waveforms magnified on the entire screen
  Magnified Picture DisplayDisplays color pictures magnified on the entire screen
  Magnified Audio DisplayDisplays embedded audio magnified on the entire screen
Waveform Display
  Waveform Operation
EAV-SAV Period: Select show/hide
GBR Conversion:Select Y, PB, PR or
GBR conversion display
Sweep Magnification: Select x1 or x5
Channel Assignment: Select GBR order or RGB
order during GBR conversion display
  Vertical Axis
Filter: Flat, low-pass
  Horizontal Axis
Operation Mode
   Overlay: Displays multiple waveforms overlaid
   Parade: Displays waveforms side by side
   Timing: Measures the time difference and the amplitude 
difference between channels
Uses bowtie signals 
(Authorized by Tektronix, Inc.)
Display Format
   Line Display: 1H, 2H, 3H
   Line Magnification: 1H MAG, 2H MAG, 3H MAG
   Field Display: 1V
   H Blanking Display: Displays the H blanking period
   V Blanking Display: Displays the V blanking period
Scale Display
   Voltage Scale: 0 V to 0.8 V, -0.4 V to 0.8 V
   % Scale: 0 % to 110 %, -50 % to 120 %
Vector Display
  Sweep MagnificationSelect from x1, x2, P-MAG, and x5.
  ScaleColor bar switching type between 75 % and 100 %
  EAV-SAV PeriodShow/hide is synchronized with the waveform display setting
  I, Q AxesShow/hide is a switching type
Picture Display
  HD DisplayReduced display
  SD DisplayMagnified display
Embedded Audio Display
  Lissajous Display
Display Channel: Select from 2 ch or 8 ch display
Display Method: Select X-Y or L-R
  Sound Image Display
Display Channel: Select from 3-1 ch, 3-2 ch,
and 3-2-2 ch displays
  Peak Level Meter Display
Display Channel: Simultaneous 8 ch display
Display Method: Peak meter
Ch Mapping: Can be mapped arbitrary from 1 ch to 8 ch
  User Bit Display
Data Dump Display: Displays 192 bits sequentially
Analysis Display: Analyzes and Displays the user bit
Data Dump Display
  Display FormatDisplayed separately by serial data sequence or channel.
Digital Signal Analysis
  CRC ErrorDetects video signal errors
  BCH ErrorDetects embedded audio errors
  Checksum ErrorDetects ANC data errors
  Parity ErrorDetects ANC data errors
  TRS ErrorDetect TRS errors
  EDH ErrorDetects EDH errors
  Line NumberDetects line number errors
  Gamut ErrorDetects level overrange of GBR video signals
  Level ErrorDetects vide level and reserved data error
  Audio SequencyDetects continuity errors of embedded audio
  Format DetectionDetects the SDI video signal format
  Audio Information DetectionDetects the presence or absence of embedded audio on
each channel
Detects the sampling frequency for each group
Displays voice control packets
  External Sync Lock DetectionDetects the synchronization relationship between 
the external synchronization signal and the SDI signal
  Equivalent Cable 
  Length Measurement
Measures the SDI signal level
Displays the cable length converted to 800 mVp-p signal
source level
  Signal DetectionDetects the presence or absence of SDI signals
Line Selector
  Operation ModeInterlocked type between waveform display,
vector display, and picture display
  Number of Presets/Items8 points/all settings
  RecallThrough the front panel, remote connector, and Ethernet
Up to 8 points of recall from the remote connector
Cursor Measurement
  ConfigurationHorizontal cursor: 2 lines (REF, D )
Vertical cursor: 2 lines (REF, D )
  Amplitude MeasurementMeasured in [%] and [V]
  Time MeasurementDisplayed in [µs] and [ms]
  Frequency MeasurementDisplays the frequency in which the time between cursors 
is considered a cycle.
Environmental Conditions
  Operating Temperature0 to +40 °C
  Operating Humidity10 to 80 % RH (without condensation)
  Spec Guaranteed Temperature+10 to +30 °C
  Spec Guaranteed Humidity10 to 80 % RH (without condensation)
  Operating EnvironmentIndoor use
  Operating AltitudeUp to 2,000 m
  Overvoltage CategoryII
  Pollution Degree2
Power Requirements90 to 250 VAC (50 Hz/60 Hz), 120 W max.
9 to 17 VDC(Optional), 110 W max.
Dimensions and WeightDimensions (W x H x D) 215 x 133 x 448 mm
8 ¾ x 5 ¼ x 17 5/8 in.
25-pin D-sub connector.....1
25-pin D-sub connector cover.....1
Cover, inlet stopper.....1
Screw, rack mounting (inch size).....2
Power cord.....1
Instruction manual.....1

Additional Detailed Information:

Additional Information


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