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Ikegami HL-57

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BCS Price: $10,636.00
Item #:EQ440002U
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Model Description:
10-bit Digital Processing Portable Camera, 2/3" FIT CCD, Ikegami or Sony lens mount, 700TV line res

Model Details

The Ikegami HL-57 is a broadcast-quality digital processing camera with state-of-the-art custom ICs and video processing technology, which marks a major step in camera development. Its quality-oriented 10-bit quantization and newly developed ASICs guarantee picture quality and absolute stability under all working conditions. The HL-57 takes full advantage of enhanced performance and functionality achieved by Ikegami's proven digital technology, and also features a user-friendly menu-driven control system to allow quick and easy access to all the camera's functions, giving the operator maximum creative and artistic freedom for versatile operation. The HL- 57 can be operated, not only as an ENG camera, but also as an EFP camera, with the aid of a wide variety of control fea- tures, and full range of accessories.


  • With Digital Processing
  • Stable video signal
    Since signal levels are processed in discrete form, they do not suffer degradation and retain high image quality.
  • Flexibility of video effects
    Additional functions such as DTL and matrix required for camera image creativity are processed digitaly, so that simple and accurate adjustment can be achieved via the digital control system.
  • Substantially reduced adjustments
    Sipce signal processing circuits are digital, items needing adjustment by potentiometer are substantially reduced.
  • High reliability
    Main circuit boards are designed using ASICs so that failure rate is reduced substantially.
  • 10-bit Quantization
    10-bit digital quantization means that the range of video signal being processed, from the least to the most significant level, is capable of being identified at any one of 1024 discrete values. Therefore, 10-bit quantization provides enhanced separation accuracy, while retaining a high level of gradation. Furthermore, 10-bits are required to provide equal or higher S/N ratio than that of current broadcast cameras.
    To meet the current broadcast camera S/N requirements, the quantization is set to10 bits to minimize S/N degradation both in the video black and white levels. As a result a high S/N ratio of 62 dB is realized for the black and white levels.
  • High-Performance CCD
    The HL-57 is equipped with high-performance 2/3" FIT CCDs with each approximately 400,000 pixels. This achieves more than 750 lines of horizontal resolution for exceptional image quality. The smear level is substantauy reduced as well. The CCD's employ microlens technology to achieve a high sensitiveness of F8 at 2,000 Lux.
  • New Super V
    In addition to the conventional Super V for 20% improved vertical resolution, the HL-57 comes with a newly developed New Super V function. Switching in four steps (LOW, MD, HIGH, SUPER) allows verfical resoluton from 400 to 480 TV lines to be obtained, while minimizing loss of sensitivity. In the conventional Super V mode, some subjects may suffer increased fine flickers due to enhanced verfical resolution, resulting in degradation of image quality. The HL-57's four-step resoluton selection avoids this disadvantage, so that an optimum resolution can be selected according to the subject.
  • Matrix Correction
    The HL-57 is equipped with two different matrix correction functions to accurately correct spectral characteristics of the optical system.
    Linear matrix - Basic spectral characteristics are corrected with six parameters to permit faithful color reproduction.
    Digital video matrix/color saturation control - Remote control can be done with six parameters for colorimetry correcton under special lighting conditions and to match a specific type of camera tone. Either digital video matrix or digital color saturation can be selected.
  • Master Gamma
    The total gamma curve is adjustable from the remote control panel. It is easy to change the video transfer characterisfic.
  • Optical System
    An optical system with a high-sensitivity prism is employed. The HL-57 inherits the exceptional spectral characteristics of HL-55A. Ikegami's proprietary CCD mounting technology achieves precision CCD attachment minimizing registration error due to temperature fluctuation.
  • Digital DTL Correction
    Diagonal DTL - Diagonal DTL derives an edge signal from a diagonal component of the video signal. Images with enhanced subjective resolution are obtained. It means that not only horizontal or vertical edges will be influenced by the detail signal but as well diagonal structures. This key function enables the HL-57 to provide a very natural image impression which cannot be obtained with conventional broadcast cameras. With the diagonal-DTL function cross-color artifacts are reduced.
    Soft DTL - Soft DTL reduces harsh edges of a subject and provides for smooth and natural edge compensation. It creats a very sharp but less "electronic" impression.
    Slim DTL - Slim DTL reduces edge thickness by half without changing the center frequency of the edge signal. This permits effective contour correction to match subject conditions. Especially when tailored to made-screen TV receivers, fine edges go a long way toward higher picture quality.
    Skin DTL - Skin DTL minimizes the level alone. This permits a softening detail in the rest of the scene. of DTL for human skin-tone of skin tone while retaining the detail in the rest of the scene.
    DTL Boost Frequency - As the boost frequency on the horizontal edge signal can be shifted within a range (9 steps from 2.8 to 7.0 MHz), special DTL-settings and effects are easy to obtain for artistic creativity.
  • Electronic Color Temperature
    The HL-57 comes equipped vath an electronic color temperature circuit to provide color temperature conversion vathout the loss of sensitivity associated vath the standard 5,600K optical filter. Since the circuit can be activated in conjunction with Auto White Balance, simple operation can be achieved. Either the electronic color temperature filter or optical filter may be used to match each particular shooting condition.
  • Gain Selection Hyper Gain
    The master gain control can be preselected within a wide range: -3/0/+6/+12/+18/+30 dB. With the +30 dB Hyper -Gain setting, a minimum illumination of 2 lux can be achieved to suit demanding conditions with insufficient lighting.
  • Shutter
    In addition to seven preset shutter modes, CVSS (contnuous variable shutter speed) is available. The shutter speed can be continuously varied from 1/30.5 to 1/1350 seconds*. Even when shooting a display monitor with a vertical frequency different from that of conventional TV signals, pictures without flicker can be delivered. *excluchng 1/57.4 to 1/60.2 seconds
  • Black Stretch
    The black stretch function enhances the video level of only low- luminance areas to improve black detail of the subject shadow areas. It is switchable in 3 steps.
  • Electronic Horizontal Level Indicator (EHL)
    Any horizontal tilt is sensed and indicated by characters within the viewfinder, so that horizontal leveling of the camera can be easily maintained. Such an indication is very useful when shooting with ultra-wide-angle lenses as it is very difficult for the cameraman to decide by the small viewfinder the horizontal position.
  • Personal Function Switch
    A front of camera switch is provided for the operator. The choice of any one of the following functions is available:
  • Reduced Size and Weight
    The HL-57 features a camera structure for system configuration similar to the HL-55A, and weights only 3.4kg including the 1.5-inch viewfinder. It takes full advantage of video processing LSI circuits and advanced technology to reduce its weight drastically. So it substantially minimizes the burden on the cameraman.
  • System Configuration
    Not only can the HL-57 be integrated with various types of broadcast 1/2" VCRs, but also can be used with a host of accessories of the HL-55A without modification.
  • Digital Encoder Output
    The HL-57 is equipped with a 31-pin D-Sub connector for digital encoder output on the rear panel of the camera head. It is also compatible with D2 and D3 fonnat digital VTRS.
  • Triax/Multi Extension Systen
    Triax/multi operation can be achieved in a similar manner with the conventional UNICAM family to permit EFP operation.
  • Remote Control
    The control system supports versatile video creativity. A range of control panels are available.
    Compact digital remote controller RM-10/11
    Attaching to the camera, this remote controller permits remote control of operational functions.
    Digital remote setup panel RS-11
    A compact control panel which is attached to the camera for artistic set up control.
    Maintenance control panel MCP-57
    It is attached to the camera head or remote base station give complete arfistic set up and operational control. A memory card can save each set of working parameters, thus facilitating camera setup. And extending scene file capabflity.
    Operation control panel OCP-377
    Primarily for connection to remote base station, the joystick or rotary OCP provides economic operational control.
    Camera Adapter CA-57A

  • Specifications:
    Video output signal Composite signal: VBS 1Vp-p, 75ohm, 1ch system connector
    *For use with CA-57A
    BNC 1ch, VTR or TEST/REMOTE connector 1ch

    Component signal (Y, R-Y, B-Y): 1ch system connector
    *For use with CA-57A, VTR Connector 1ch

    RGB signal: 0.7Vp-p 10Kohm, 1ch for each system connector
    *For use with CA-57A, 0.7Vp-p 75 ohm, 1ch for each TEST/REMOTE
    Monitor output signal Composite signal, R+G+B, R,G,B 2ch, BNC/REMOTE connector
    VF output signal Composite signal, R+G+B, R,G,B,Y Interlocked with MONITOR OUT
    Audio output signal MIC-through, 600ohm, balanced, system connector
    *For use with CA-57A: -20dBm or through connection:600 ohm, balanced, TEST/REMOTE connector
    Imaging device 2/3-inch, 400,000pixels approx. FIT CCD x3
    Filter 3000K, 5600K, 5600K+1/4ND, 5600K+1/16ND
    Gain selection -3/0/+6/+12/+18/+30dB
    Lens mount Bayonet B3 standard
    MIC input -60dB, 600 ohm, balanced
    Tally input Power or contact input (for use with CA-57A)
    Shutter 1/60(OFF), 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000
    CVSS: 1/30.5 to 1/1350 continuously variable(excluding 1/57.4 to 1/62.0)
    Digital circuit
    Sampling frequency 14.31818 MHz
    Quantization bit 10-bit non-linear quantization
    D/A conversion frequency 28.636360 MHz
    D/A bit 10-bit
    Gamma conversion x0.35 to x0.55
    Matrix R: +/-(R-G) +/-(R-B)
    G: +/-(G-R) +/-(G-B)
    B: +/-(B-R) +/-(B-G)
    DTL Horizontal correction:
    3ch, MIX signal (R+B=2G), 9-step frequency boost
    Vertical correction:
    Out-of-green type +adjacent, 4-pixel diagonal point correction
    Independent addition and substraction; remote control possible
    Power consumption 16.5W(+12VDC) (without VF)
    External sync signal VBS 1Vp-p, +/-6dB, BBS 0.45Vp-p, +/-6dB
    Return video signal VBS or VS 1Vp-p
    Horizontal blanking 10.9usec, standard
    Vertical blanking 20H, standard
    Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C
    External dimensions Camera head: 103 x 230 x 155mm(WHD), 4.1 x 9.0 x 6.1inch(WHD)
    Weight 3.4kg approx(7.5 lbs) (including the 1.5" viewfinder)
    Resolution Horizontal: 750 lines or more
    Vertical: 400 lines or more
    (Super V ON: 440 to 480 lines)
    Registration error 0.03% or less relative to picture height
    (excluding lens aberration)
    S/N ratio 62dB or more
    Sensitivity Standard: 2000 lux, F8.0 or more
    Minimum illumination 2 lux, F1.4 (with +30dB gain-up)


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