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Videotape Transfer to Digital files, Mass Media Migration

D2 Composite Digital VCR

Sony DVR-28

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Item #:EQ433060U
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Equipment Description:
5 units available

Model Description:
208-minute D-2 Composite Digital VTR

Model Details

208-minute D-2 VTR accepting all three D-2 cassette sizes: Small (up to 32 minutes), Medium (up to 94 minutes) and Large (up to 208 minutes).The DVR-28 will also accept the optional BKDV-110 program play board for automatic pitch correction of compressed or expanded video over a range of +/- 15% of normal play speed.
Power: AC90 to 132V, 50/60HzAC198 to 264V, 50/60Hz.


  • Sophisticated control panel design
  • Superior functionality for editing
  • Adjustment-free operation
  • VTR condition monitoring
  • Highest quality signal processing
  • Ease of VTR testing
  • In the DVR-28, the automatic compensation system is used for tracking of the recording head during insert editing. This is made possible by continuously detecting the off-tape RF level from the record heads and feeding this information back to the system control and servo system circuits.
  • In order to cover various VTR operations according to application requirements, three optional control panels are available for the DVR-28, including BKDV-211, BKDV-201, and BKDV-200. These control panels were conceived and designed to satisfy users' requirements for direct access to frequently used set-up parameters.The BKDV-211 is a multi-function control panel which is practical for stand-alone use of a VTR, operated directly with its own control panel without remote control from external controllers.The BKDV-201 is a standard control panel, which is useful for simple editing with no edit controller or for sports event applications.The BKDV-200 is a simplified control panel and may be suitable for use in commercial/program on-air transmission or editing fully controlled by the editor.In addition, the BKDV-101 control panel, which is included with the conventional DVR-18/10 Sony D-2 VTRs, can also be used for the DVR-28.
  • The advanced tape transport design features newly developed Ultrasonic (US) guides for high response operation in jog and shuttle modes. The use of US vibrating guides drastically decreases friction between the tape and guide. This is made possible by propagating ultrasonic vibrations to the pole of US guides to carry the tape away from the guide very slightly. This results in a smooth tape path mechanism, by which job dial operation is extremely enhanced. Furthermore, due to the adoption of a CPU exclusively for US guide driving, friction between the tape and guide is kept as low as possible regardless of aging of the guide. The high response job operation capability is a powerful editing tool when making accurate editing IN/OUT point decisions. Also, the adoption of US guides greatly contributes to reducing the servo lock-up time from the stand-by ON mode.
  • Power requirements: AC90 to 132V, 50/60HzAC198 to 264V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: Max. 800VA
  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Recording format: SMPTE D-2 format
  • Tape speed: 131.7 mm/s (Normal speed)
  • Writing speed (relative speed): 27.387 m/s (Normal speed)
  • Shuttle speed (with color pictures): Max ±100 times normal playback speed

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