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Sony SL-2710

SONY / SL-2710
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Item #:MO9724
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Model Description:
Beta HI-FI Rec/Player BII and BIII, plays BI, Betahi-fi stereo and monaural audio

Model Details

Sony's beautifully designed SL-2710 brings home all the excitement of video and audio performance you've come to expect from the leader in electronic entertainment. To list just some of its many features: Beta hi-fI stereo recording and playback. Easy to set programmable timer with a fantastic nine-event capability over a three-week period. One-button "Quick Timer" segmented recording. Betascan, double play with sound compression, BetaSkipScan ultra high-speed search and crystal-clear freeze-frame. 10-key express tuning for UHF, VHF and cable ready. Wireless remote commander lets you control most of the VCR function and features. Linear time-counter for accurate tape positioning. Fluorescent display of readouts for actual time, linear time, timer functions and errors. Stereo-broadcast ready MPX circuitry (for off-the-air stereo recording using the optional MLV-1100 adapter). Video inputs and outputs for system integration. All this combined with the legendary Sony quality. You can easily see why the SL-2710 tops the list of one of the most enduring favorites among Betaphiles. Links to more information are included in the listing of features below.

• Records and plays standard Beta in speeds BII and BIII, plays BI
• Records and plays Betahi-fi stereo and monaural audio
• Audio/video line inputs/output connectors
• DA+1 video heads for clear special effects
• 16-segment LED peak meters volume indicators
• Audio dub for adding your own audio
• Micro-timing phase (µTP) editing circuitry
• Programmable timer with 21-day 9-event, every day or every week settings
• "Quick Timer" for instant recording in 30 minute segments
• 10 button keypad for push button channel selection
• BetaScan and BetaSkipScan in forward and reverse
• Multi-display with clock time and for timer setting
• Dimmer switch for controlling display brightness
• Freeze-frame pause with clear picture
• Observation window on top of cabinet
• Double speed playback with sound
• PCM switches for making better copies and playing PCM recordings.
• Wireless remote control duplicates primary functions
• Feather touch function controls for easy operation
• Simple editing for copying tapes and making edits
• Auto functions: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12
• Standard operation and protection features
• Accepts the AG-500 cassette changer
• Also accepts theMLV-1100 stereo adapter


Remote on a used unit is optional.

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