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Production Switcher

Grass Valley 100N

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Item #:MO8809
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
composite video switcher

Model Details

Additional Detailed Information:

Unique Three Bus Multi-Level Mix/Effects System


l DSK Preview, overrides look-ahead preview system

l Cut or mix key transitions with independent frame rate auto transition

Master Fade-to-Black and Pulse Processor

l Independent frame rate auto transition for Fade-to-Black

l Preview system that shows program output when Fade-to-Black is


l Pulse Processor re-inserts blanking from black burst on program out-put

for stable output and recordings

l Standard contact closure editor interface (GPI) to each of the three

auto transitions or a fourth "select" line which allows selection of

any one

l Program and Preset buses for background transitions

l Video key bus for luminance keying, chroma keying, and pattern in-serts,

over the background transition

l Look-Ahead Preview System that shows the next effect; Wipe transi-tion


l Auto transition, adjustable O-999 frame, lever arm transition or cut


l Ten wipe patterns, with modifiers: Hard or soft edges, Hard or soft

bordered edges, Pattern reverse, Pattern aspect, Rate controlled posi-tioner,

Preset pattern size

l Independent Matte Generator for key fill and pattern borders

Video Keyer

l Video or Matte fill

l External key input

l Optional RGB chroma keyer

l Key invert

l Key mask using pattern generator

l Preset Pattern insert filled from key bus

Standard Downstream Keyer

l Key input from the video key bus or an external key input

l Key fill from an external video source or the independent DSK matte


l BORDERLINE* Generator option for black or white title borders, drop

shadows, or matte filled outline

l Key invert

l Key mask using pattern generator

l Optional serial interface (RS 232/422) for external computer control

l Optional pulse regenerator for system timing

Mechanical Specifications

l Control panel can sit on desktop (17"W x 14"D). or with rackmount

adaptor, can be placed in modular rack enclosures (requires eight rack


l Electronics frame requires three rack units and 20" depth

. Single 15 conductor control cable

l Full tally system

l Selectable power ranges from 100 to 24OV. 50 or 60Hz

1OON NTSC Production Switcher.


loo-305 30M Control Cable

100-33 RGB Chroma Keyer .

100-34 Chroma Key BY-Pass Board

100-40 NTSC Digital BORDERLINE Generator

100-41 NTSC Pulse Regenerator.

100-50 Serial Interface Adaptor

1OOCV Component Video Production Switcher

The IOOCV is a compact, flexible, economical component switching

system with the traditional family characteristics of its older brother;

quality, performance, economy and a comfortable drive. Designed for


The 1OOCV features non-looping video inputs, 8 in all, and 3 sets of

BNC connectors for every input. Utilizing the same control panel as the

100 Production Switchers, the 1OOCV Component Video Production

Switcher has updated electronics that incorporates as standard equip-ment

many of the features offered as options on the 100.

The electronics frame of the 1OOCV requires 6 rack units and 20"


1 OOCV-5258 1OOCV Basic System for 525 Line

System - Beta Format. .

lOOCV-525M 1OOCV Basic System for 525 Line

System - "M" Format . .

lOOCV-3-525B 525/Bets Format - Frame and Maintenance

Manual Only .

lOOCV-3-525M 525/"M" Format -Frame and

Maintenance Only .


1 oocv-40





cv-2 1







525 System -Digital BORDERLINE

Generator .

Key MEM Effects Memory System

A u d i o M i x e r S y s t e m (M o n o )

A u d i o M i x e r S y s t e m (S t e r e o )

C o m p o n e n t V i d e o D i s s o l v e r

Y, R-Y, B-Y to RGB Translator

(for use in CV-20T Tray) .

RGB to Y, R-Y, B-Y Translator

(for use in CV-20T Tray)

Color Bar Generator (for use in

CV-20T Tray) . . . .

NTSC Decoder (for use in CV-20T Tray).

NTSC Encoder (for use in CV-20T Tray)

CV-20 Series 2 RU Tray with Power Supply.

Backup Power Supply for CV-20T .

Additional Information

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