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PAL 3/4" U-MaticEditor

Sony BVU-950P

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Item #:MO8524
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Refurbished SP 3/4 U-Matic SP PAL editor.

Model Details

Refurbished SP 3/4 U-Matic SP PAL editor. TBC options not included but available.

The BVU-950 Editing U-matic incorporates Sony's Superior Performance (SP) technology, to offer higher picture quality and dubbing capability, while remaining compatible with ealier high-band U-matics.
It also features a plug-in wide window time base corrector and time code generator/reader options. It was one of the first VTRs to use the search dial for setting and displaying time code diagnostics, VTR functions and much more.
Improved audio performance is guaranteed by adoption of Dolby C noise reduction for SP tapes, with auto-detection/activation on playback.

Improved design makes unit lighter than predecessors.
FM carrier frequency 0.8MHz up on normal high-band, improves luminance resolution to 300 lines for clear, detailed colour/monochrome playback.
Fully compatible with high band U-matics in luminance signal deviation (1.6MHz) and chroma sub-carrier frequence (924kHz).
Takes low/high band and SP tapes, with built in auto selection of system and Dolby in/out detection when using Sony KSP tapes.
Improved video circuitary improves luminance/chrominance ringing performance.
Dolby C noise reduction improves audio signal-to-noise ratio to 72dB (measured by CCIR/ARM filter, RMS).
heads and playback circuit improve audio frequency response and raise non-Dolby signal-to-noise ratio to 52dB in SP mode.
Improved controls for audio/erase/record/playback heads improve audio insert editing accuracy.
First-ever plug-in time base correction available with optional BKU-903, a full-feature wide window TBC with seperate remote controller.
Optional BKU-905 plug-in time code generator/reader permits sophisticated time code editing.
Dial operated setting and LED/monitor display of codes, diagnostics, preroll and operational data, with built in character generator.
Built in 2-machine editing facility with RS-422 remote control interface.
Bidirectional shuttle/jog options giving quality pictures from STILL to 10 times normal or frame by frame.


Video recording system: 
Rotary four-head helical scan system

FM recording

SC low-range conversion recording

Video signal system: 
CCIR monochrome, PAL colour


1.0VP-P +- 0.3V, 75 ohms, unbalanced sync negative

1.0Vp-p +- 0,2V, 75 ohms, unbalanced sync negative

Dubbing input: 
7-pin x 1 
Luminance: 0.5Vp-p, sync negative, 75 Ohms 
Chrominance: 0.5Vp-p, 75 Ohms

Dubbing output: 
7. pin x 1 
Luminance: 0.5Vp-p, sync negative, 75 Ohms 
Chrominance: 0.5Vp-p, 75 Ohms

Horizontal resolution: 
SP mode: 300 lines (colour/monochrome) 
Conventional mode: 260 lines (colour/monochrome)

Signal-to-noise ratio: 
SP mode: 
Better than 46dB (colour) 
Better than 49dB (monochrome) 
Conventional mode: 
Better than 47dB (colour/monochrome)

K-factor (2T pulse): 
Less than 3%(SP mode)

Less than 3%(SP mode)

Less than 3%(SP mode)

Y/C Delay 
Less than 25nsec (SP mode)

External sync input: 
2.5V (2.0-5.0Vpp), unbalanced sync negative - with one loop through output, without the BKU-903

RF out (off tape): 
0.5Vp-p +- 0.1V, 75 ohms, unbalanced

Ref video in: 
1.0Vp-p +-0.2(VBS), sync negative, 75 ohms unbalanced - with one loop through output, without the BKU-903

Ref video out: 
1.0Vp-p +-0.2(VBS), sync negative, 75 ohms unbalanced with the BKU-903


MIC: -60dB, 3K ohms, unbalanced 
LINE:+4dB, 10K/600 ohms, balanced

LINE: +4dBm (at 600 ohm load), balanced 
HEADPHONE: -26dB to -46dB, (at 8 ohms load) 
MONITOR: +4dB (at 600 ohm load), balanced.

Signal-to-noise ratio: 
SP mode: Better than 52dB (at 3% distortion level, without Dolby NR) 
Conventional mode: Better than 48dB (at 3% distortion)

Less than 2%

Frequency response: 
SP Mode: 50Hz to 15kHz +-3dB 
Conventional Mode: 50Hz to 15kHz +-4dB

Wow and flutter: 
Less than 0.25% (DIN)

Time Code:

0db +-6dB, 10k ohms, unbalanced (0dB=1.55Vp-p pulse)

0dB +-3dB, low impedance, unbalanced

Tape transport:

Tape speed: 
9,53 cm/sec

Recording and playback time: 
60 min (with Sony KSP-60 U-matic videocassettes)

Fast forward time: 
Less than 4 min (with Sony KSP-60 U-matic videocassettes)

Rewind time: 
Less than 2.5 min (with Sony KSP-60 U-matic videocassettes)

Search speed: 
Shuttle mode: STILL, +- 1/30,1/10,1/5,1/2,1,2,3 and to 10 times normal speeds 
Jog mode: STILL to normal speed forward and reverse directions.

Video caassettes 
Sony KSP,KSP-S,KCA-BRK,KCA-K,KCS-BRK,KCS-K or equivalent.


Power requirements: 
AC 100-120 / 220-24OV, +- 10% (selectable), 48 to 64Hz +- 10%

Power consumption: 
160W (with the BKU-903 and BKU-905 installed)

Operating temperature: 
+5°C to +40°C (41°F to 104°F)

Storage temperature: 
-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Approx. 424(W) x 237 (H) x 552 (D) mm

Approx. 28 kg (61 lb 12 oz)

Supplied accessories: 
AC cord, Operation manual and maintenance, Dubbing cable VDC-5, Remote Control Cable (9pin-9pin) RCC-5G, Extension board (small/large).

from U-Matic PALsite

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