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Film scanner

MWA 13321374 Spinner S

MWA / 13321374 SPINNER S
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Item #:MO818707
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Spinner S - 5.1K (up to 8K), 8mm/S8, 9.5mm, 16mm/S16, 17,5mm,..35mm. See specs.

Model Details

Pioneering Concept Scanner-Technology
The way to go scanning on the highest level
No Sprocket – No Capstan – No Limits

With the new Spinner S, MWA Nova has successfully established another technology-advancing film scanner, to accompany the flashscanHD, Choice and Vario models.

This enables users to more safely digitize the shrunken, warped or damaged older analogue motion picture material found in today’s archives or presented by private customers.

Highly flammable nitrate, warped and shrunken film benefits from Spinner S’s simpler film path. The new MWA Spinner S scanner achieves a gentle, minimum film tension of 20 grams (0.2 Newton). The newly developed, sprocketless and capstanless film transport, has a few large rollers, only one tension arm and normal-use gates designed to makes digitizing difficult film easier and less expensive.

Hardware features:
• Sprocketless and capstanless motion transport with RGB LED flash technology
• Unlimited shrinkage, any film geometry definable • Electric height adjustment, usable horizontal and vertical

Optical features:
• 2.3k - 2.5k HDR - 5.1k up to 16 Bit
• 8k RGB & Monochrome with MWA Multi Flash Technology
• Realtime capturing DCI-4k@25fps
• Full camera resolution usable for the picture (no picture pixel wasted for sound or sync)
• Motorized zoom, focus and panning position
• Full zoom range from 35 mm edge to edge down to standard 8 mm – no lens change necessary
• Image sensor options for more than realtime speed and HDR

Sound features: No extraction from the picture!
• Dedicated sound heads from 8mm to 35mm for optical and magnetic sound
• Combined optical sound head for 16 & 35mm
• Standalone operation as a sound producer, no computer needed.
• Two Spinner synchronizable for sepmag (two Strip)
• transfer, biphase, master or slave, sync to other scanners/telecines

Software flashSuite2 features:
• New : Metadata protocol with scanning parameters, perf condition and user actions.

Technical Specification for MWA Nova Spinner

Film Formats: 8mm/S8 – 9.5mm – 16mm/S16 – 17,5 mm 22mm – 28mm – 35mm

Film Transport: Sprocketless & Capstanless - Automatic stop on sticky reels,- Adjustable endstop on core size.
Sensors: 8k 35mm CMOS / 4:3 5.1k CMOS / 4:3 2.5k HDR sCMOS / ~5:4 2.3k CCD / 4:3 7920 × 6004 px 5120 X 3840 px 2560 X 2160 px 2336 X 1752 px.

Sensor format / diagonal: 36,4 x 27,6 mm/45,7 mm 32.8 x 24.6 mm/41mm 16.6 x 14.0 mm/21.8 mm 12.85 x 9.64 mm/12 mm

Pixel Size: 4.6 × 4.6 ?m 6.4?m 6.5?m 5.5?m

Optical System: Canon 65mm Makro Lens, Motorized Zoom, Frame Line, Pan, Auto Focus & Manual Focus.

Autocolor / Autolight: software based

Overscan: 35mm edge to edge – UHD (@5k)

Image Sensor: 12 bit nativ / Bayer RGB 10 bit nativ / Bayer RGB 16 bit nativ / Bayer RGB 12 bit nativ / Bayer RGB
Video Processing: 12 bit 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit

Output Resolutions: 8k / 7904 × 5928 5.1k / 5120 X 3840 2.5k / 2560 X 2160 2.3k / 2336 X 1725
Output Options: GPIOs, Audio in/out – Display Port/HDMI via Workstation + SDI option

Tension: variable tension from 0.2N (20 grams )up to 6N ( 600 grams)

Skrinkage: ±5% for predefinded formats, custom formats definable for any shrinkage.

Light source:  cool LED – RGB flashlight technology

Max. Preview Frame rate: 8k@5fps 5.1k@25fps 2.5k@50fps 2.3k@25fps
Max. Capturing Speed: 8k@5fps 5.1k@5fps 2.5k@40fps 2.3k@25fps DCI-4k@25fps

Opt. Preview Speed: 8k@5fps UHD@50fps - 720p@50fps
Opt. Capturing Speed: 8k@5fps DCI-2k@50fps - 720 @50fps

Vertical Stabilization:  Optical Pin Registered pat. MWA Laser Registration 2.0 with two lasers @35mm Optical Image Stabilization.
Horizontal Stabilization :Edge Guided

Max. Reel Diameter: 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm

Shuttle Speed :35mm@300fps – 16mm@600fps – 8mm@1200fps

File Output Standards: TIFF 8 & 16 bit / DPX 8 / 10 / 12 / 16 bit, DPX log. 10 bit & 12 bit, DNxHD, ProRes 422, 422HQ, 422LT, 422 Proxy, Uncompressed YUV 422 8/10 bit, Motion JPEG

Video Processing: Workstation / flashsuite2

Sound Sampling Rate: 24Bit 48kHz / WAV
Audio Bandwidth / -3dB ): 5Hz – 20kHz
Connector Option: SPDIF, AES/EBU IO for external sound capturer and replay
                     Biphase Sync IO. MWA Sepmag Sync for precise coupling of two machines.

Power Consumption: 50W ... 100W average, play forward 25fps (scanner hardware only) 800W rated supply, only exhausted for short time when accelerating heavy reels.

Dimensions / Weight: Spinner only 1100mm X 960mm X 350mm / ppr. 80kg

Additional Detailed Information:
For more information on Spinner S, view MWA website, click on downloads, and select Spinner S.
view MWA website
click on downloads, and select the folder Spinner S.
Download any of the PDF, Pictures or mp4

Contact MWA or BroadcastStore for more information.

Additional Information

Model Brochure

MWA_Spinner S c565a1.pdf

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