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Sony DSR-30P

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Item #:MO816775
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Model Description:
DVCAM Recorder/Player w/Jog Shuttle

Model Details

DVCAM recording/playback and consumer DV playback (SP mode) is possible, and the DVCAM format enables high-quality digital video with DV compression and high-quality digital audio, with a choice of 32KHz/12bit x 2 stereo or 48KHz/16bit x 1 stereo. The DSR30 accepts both mini cassettes and standard cassettes without adapters. \


  • DVCAM Recording and Playback The DSR30 uses the DVCAM format to provide high video and audio quality and reliability for professional use. The 8-bit component digital recording with a 5:1 compression ratio and sampling at the rate of 4:1:1 provides superb picture quality and multi-ge
  • DV Playback The DSR30 is also capable of playing back the consumer DV format tape in both the standard and mini sizes (SP mode only).
  • 184-minute Recording There are two sizes of DVCAM videocassette tapes: mini and standard. In spite of the narrow tape width (1/4-inch or 6.35 mm) and a compact cassette size, up to 184-minute recording is possible with a standard cassette (PDV-184ME) and 40-minute recording w
  • DV IN/OUT (IEEE 1394 based) The DSR30 has a DV In/Out based on IEEE 1394. When connected with another recorder with a DV In/Out, the DSR30 provides a video/audio and data dubbing capability, with virtually no deterioration of quality.
  • LANC Editing The DSR30 is equipped with LANC connectors. By connecting the DSR30 with another LANC based recorder or camcorder, TC-based accurate editing is possible. Even without an editing controller, the DSR30 is capable of assemble editing with a program memory of
  • Dual Cassette Mechanism The DSR30 incorporates a dual cassette mechanism that accepts both mini and standard size DVCAM cassette tapes without an adapter.
  • Built-in Control Tray The DSR30 has a built-in control tray that can be easily extended from the main unit. The Jog/Shuttle dial allows picture search at +-1/5 to 15 times normal speed in both forward and reverse, accompanied by audio playback at the same speed.

  • Power requirements - GENERAL - AC 120V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption - GENERAL - 32W
  • Operating temperature - GENERAL - 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
  • Storage temperature - GENERAL -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Tape speed - GENERAL - Approx. 28.193mm/sec. (DVCAM mode) Approx. 18.79mm/sec. (DV SP playback mode)
  • Audio Output - GENERAL - Phono jack x 1 (stereo) Output level 2Vrms (full bit)
  • Headphone jack - LANC - Stereo mini jack x1
  • Video Inputs - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Composite:BNC connector x 1 (rear), pin jack x 1 (front), 1.0Vp-p 75, sync negative S-Video:4-pin mini DIN connector x 2 (front x 1, rear x 1) Y: 1.0Vp-p, 75, sync negative C: 0.286Vp-p (subcarrier burst), 75
  • Video Outputs - INPUTS/OUTPUTS
  • Composite: - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - BNC connector x 2, pin jack x 1, 1.0Vp-p 75, sync negative
  • S-Video: - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - 4-pin mini DIN connector x 2 Y:1.0Vp-p, 75,unbalanced, sync negative C:0.286Vp-p (subcarrier burst), 75, unbalanced
  • Audio Input - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Phono jack x 2 (stereo) (front x 1, rear x 1) Input level 2Vrms (full bit)
  • Digital Input/Output - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - DV type, 4-pin jack x 1 (IEEE 1394)
  • Microphone input - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Mini jack x 1 (low impedance)
  • Control S input - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Mini jack x 1
  • Control S output - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Mini jack x 1
  • Trigger input - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Phono jack x 1 (active short)
  • Video signal standard - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - EIA standards, NTSC color
  • Maximum recording time - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - 184 minutes (with PDV-184ME)
  • Tape rewind time - INPUTS/OUTPUTS - Less than 2 minutes with PDV-184ME
  • Search speed - INPUTS/OUTPUTS -2, -1, -1/5, Still, 1/5, x1, x2, cue/review (10 or 15 times)
  • PDVM-12ME/22ME/32ME/40ME Digital video cassette (mini) - INPUTS/OUTPUTS

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • 184-minute Recording
  • DV Playback
  • LANC Editing
  • Built-in Control Tray
  • i.LINK interface (IEEE 1394-based)
  • Dual Cassette Mechanism
  • Built-in i.LINK (IEEE-1394) Interface

  • Optional: DSR200 - DVCAM One-Piece Camcorder
  • Optional: VMC2DV - 2m Interface Cable for DV I/O
  • Optional: VMCIL4415 - 2 meter DV i.LINK cable

Additional Information

Model Brochure

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