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Sony SL-2000

SONY / SL-2000
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Item #:MO816525
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
1982 portable Betamax Rcd/Play Beta (II) & (III), Play Beta (I). monoral audio.

Model Details

Betamax Portable Video Recorder
Optional in the model picture: TT-2000 Timer Tuner Unit


Here is one of the finest portables ever made. Sony's SL-2000 is a marvel of compact, ultra-lightweight design. It can go almost anywhere, can run in any position and always gives excellent performance. It features freeze-frame with forward and reverse play, slow motion and two times playback. This feature set was first called Videola but later was changed to Swing Search (see below). During recording micro-timing-phase (µTP) circuitry insures clean, noise-free transitions between edited scenes. When used with a compatible HVC type camera during record pause it will perform a special function called Record/Review. This lets you view the last few seconds of camera recording without going back to play. To keep you posted the display has a handy linear time counter (H,M,S). It also shows the direction and the tape speed, it can also be illuminated for night visibility. The most important buttons on the front have tactile bumps on them to help identify them in the dark. There is a audio dub option with a microphone mini-socket for inserting sound. An earphone socket is provided. Because it is a portable and susceptible to all weather conditions it has a moisture sensor (DEW) cut-off circuit to prevent damage to the tape and the video heads. When using the optional TT-2000 tuner/timer this portable becomes a full featured home recorder that rivals any other VCR. There are six ways it can be powered. There is the tuner/timer, the AC-220 110 volt AC power adapter and battery charger, the BP-400 power belt, the NP-1H battery, the BCP-220 battery pack or the DCC-2400B car adapter. All of these will also power the camera when it is being used. Add up all this versatility and combine it with the solid construction and ease of use and it is easy to see why the SL-2000 is one of the shining stars of Betamax line-up. Links to more information are included in the listing of features below.

Description from mrbetamax:

• Records and plays standard Beta in speeds  and , plays
• Multi-display with direction, counter and speed
• Audio/video line inputs/outputs for partnering external source
• 14-day 4-event programmable timer using TT-2000
• 5 minute power failure memory backup using tuner/timer
• 148 channel express-tuning using TT-2000
• Linear time counter with hours and minutes
• Swing search feature (Videola) in forward and reverse
• Dual pancake reel motor with electronic back tension
• Record review during pause when recording with a camera
• Micro-timing phase (µTP) editing circuitry
• BetaScan during playback
• Freeze-frame in pause with tape control
• Single gap video heads for solid recordings and longer life
• PCM switch for making better copies and playing PCM recordings
• Microphone input jack and earphone jack
• Auto dub for adding your own monaural audio
• Low battery alert when being power as a portable
• Idle shut-off automatically turns off the VCR to conserve battery life
• Full-function infrared remote control operates important functions
• DEW indicator with shut down and internal heater
• Auto functions: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 15
• Safety and protection features

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