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1/2 inch VTR EIAJ & Open Reel to Reel

Panasonic NV-P530 video cartridge

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Model Description:
Legacy 1/2 inch 30 minutes Video tape Cartridge, EIAJ-2 cartridge identical to EIAJ-1 tape format.

Model Details

Broadcaststore has some VCR available to play back those cartridge, and we have a few cases of those cartridges. We will need to service or refurbish our VTRs before they can safely play back the cartridges. Speak to one of our Sales Executive.

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The Video Cartridge was developed by Panasonic in 1969 based on the EIAJ, ½-inch video format. It was convenient consumer format but also was used by educational and professional users as well.Most cartriges are 30 minutes and it is fairly common to have EIAJ-II EIAJ-2 color format.
Format is based on the EIAJ standard and can be Black& White or Color.Each cartrage consists of a single spool of ½-inch wide videotape in a housing; cartrages normally play for 30 minutes and common markings are Panasonic and Hitachi.

=========== taken off the web ==============================
vintage Panasonic video cartridges #NV-P530. These cartridges were used with the short lived Panasonic NV-5110 EIAJ-Z video recorder which was produced sometime around 1969-1970. Each cartridge is 30 minutes long



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