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Film scanner

MWA Flashtransfer choice 2K+

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Item #:MO815518
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Model Description:
multi format film transfer system for 8, Super8, 9,5 and 16mm, 2K+™ sprocket & claw free scanning

Model Details

NEW Features and Benefits!

for 8mm/Super8 with magnetic sound and 16mm with magnetic and optical sound
plus 9.5mm Pathe, 17.5mm "Split 35" and 28mm silent formats on one desktop machine!

Timeline-based color correction and settings changes with frame-accurate in-points.
• Fast and Easy to use.
• Happens in real time
• Settings can be saved as a file for reuse or restored when resuming a
• Colorist Approved

More Codecs for greater choices

More Powerful Dell T620 Server as Workstation:
• 12 cores of Intel Xeon processing
• 14TB of fast internal storage
• Fiberchannel, 10GigE, USB3 options
• 23” Dell LCD monitor w/LED backlighting

Flashtransfer Choice2k+ is a real time 2K+™ Film scanner from the pioneers of Laser based perf detection.

Sprocket-free transport handles up to 4% shrinkage, damaged or missing perfs
Standard: 16mm with Optical and Magnetic sound, 8mm/Super8 w/dual Magnetic tracks and
Silent 9.5mm center sprocket Pathe. Optional gates for Silent 17.5”Split 35” and 28mm

? IT-CCD with 2336 x 1752 visible pixels
? 4:3 aspect ratio, matching the picture aspects of the gauges supported
? Real time DPX, TIFF Uncompressed 8 and 10-bit and MJPEG AVI, ProRes and AVID DNx Now. More Codec choices on the way
? Live HD-SDI Output for grading, monitoring
? AVID Artist Color control surface for ease of color grading, transport control, higher productivity
? NEW Timeline-based color correction and settings changes with frame-accurate in-points
Complete workstation with 64-bit AgiScan 3 software, now available with optional DELL T620 Server with Dual 6-core Xeon
processor, 16GB RAM, 12TB internal RAID 0 storage, 23” Dell LCD LED backlight Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, 64-bit Windows 7.


- Film formats standard: N8, S8, 16mm
- Film formats optional: 9,5mm, 17,5mm, 28mm
- Flashing LED light source with adjustable color
- Image sensor: IT-CCD 2336 x 1752 visible pixels
- Max scanning speed: 25fps
- Continuous motion capstan drive system
- Laser registered film transport
- Sprocket- free film path


- Film optimized debayering
- Permanent live picture
- Primary color correction
- Adjustable color matrix
- Universal image resizing and aspect ratio conversion
- Focus finder, auto focus
- Picture File formats: jpg, bmp, tif, dpx, raw, jpeg2000, avi, mov
- Audio file formats: wav, aiff
- Audio equalizer and routing

Additional Detailed Information:

A cost effective model that can deal with multiple formats at greater than 2K Horizontal resolution–in real time!

  • 2336 x 1752 visible pixels-–2K+™: Preserves 4:3 aspect ratio
  • A simpler approach to some things that are software/hardware controlled on the Vario or flashscanHD
  • For users that needed to span multiple formats with a single machine at up to 2K+™ resolution
  • Sound: 8mm, Super8, 16mm
    Silent: 9.5mm Pathe, 17.5mm “Split 35”, 28mm
  • Where real time speeds (IE 24 or 25 fps) are sufficient to meet throughput needs
  • System includes Transport and Workstation: Multi-core with Internal RAID (Basic) or External RAID (MAX) running Windows 7 and factory software. Customer supplies workstation display to suit.
  • Mac version coming 

    Get information and a look at test files by clicking here and tell us a little about your planned application.

Additional Information

flashtransfer_choice around 2012.pdf

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