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Sync Generator

Harris VSG-4MTG

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Item #:MO815494
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Imagine Communication, Videotek, 3G/HD/SD Master Timing Generator/Clock system driver

Model Details

The Videotek® VSG-4MTG is part of the Imagine Communications Reference Sync and Timing platform, and is a ½RU wide, 1RU tall and 12 inches deep 3G/HD/SD master timing generator. The unit is small in size, with redundant power supply inputs, and is low in power consumption and light in weight, making it a perfect fit for all broadcast television and post production environments.

The VSG-4MTG/VSG-4CSD master timing generators input time information from various sources, including Linear Time Code (LTC), Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. The module's internal timing engine processes the incoming reference information, makes appropriate conversions to different time bases, and maintains a consistent time base which is used to drive the module's outputs.

Using a combination of parameters such as leap second information, DST rules, and offset values, the VSG-4MTG/VSG-4CSD can be configured to convert incoming International Atomic Time (TAI) to other time bases. This time is then distributed to the module's outputs as time and date information, and black burst video reference signals.

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Product Features

The VSG-4MTG/VSG-4CSD include the following standard and optional features.

Standard Features


? Genlock to standard color black (NTSC - SMPTE 170M and PAL - ITU-R BT. 470-5)

? Genlock to Tri-level sync (SMPTE 240M/274M/296M)

? Support for various time code formats and time code user bit formats, including

SMPTE/EBU drop frame or non-drop time code format

? GPS support via 10 MHz and RS-232 interface

? NTP support and PTP support via a network connection

? VITC support from black burst inputs

? LTC support


? Redundant external power supplies

? HD26 DSUB with hood (for customer-supplied cable to connect to the GPI I/O



? 1-5 Sync Outputs, configurable as black burst or Tri-Level Sync (TLS)

? VITC support on black burst

? Two LTC outputs

? Support for digital audio reference signal (DARS) or word clock on a shared BNC

Processing Features

? Configurable Daylight Savings Time and Leap Second change auto detection for some

input sources

? User-definable scheduled call outs to time reference sources, such as GPS receivers

? User-programmable delays for input and output, offsets, time code offsets, output

phasing, and input and output jam syncs

? Display of current local time and date on a menu-driven front panel interface


Applicable Standards

Table 1-1 VSG-4MTG/VSG-4CSD Optional Features and Descriptions

Option Description

TM-WRTY-1YR Test & Measurement one-year warranty extension: excludes

LCDS, CRTS, and batteries

TM-WRTY-3YR Test & Measurement three-year warranty extension:

excludes LCDS, CRTS, and batteries

BLK-4 Blank panel for DRT-5

DRT-ADP-1 Adaptor plate option to install CMN-41, VSG-401, or

LLM-1770 series units

DRT-5 Dual Rack Tray for Rack mounting the equipment

VSG-4-BRK-1 Breakout panel and 5 ft cable with HD26 pin DSUB Male to

Female connectors for the VSG-4 Series

ST 125M:1995 Component Video Signal 4:2:2-Bit-Parallel Digital Interface

ST 259M:1997 SDTV Digital Signal/Data-Serial Digital Interface

ST 274M:2005 1920×1080 Image Sample Structure, Digital Representation

and Digital Timing Reference Sequences for Multiple Picture


ST 276M Transmission of AES/EBU Digital Audio Signals Over Coaxial


ST 292M:1998 1.5 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface

ST 296M:2001 1280×720 Progressive Image Sample Structure-Analog and

Digital Representation and Analog Interface

ST 299M :2004 Mapping of 24-bit AES digital audio data and associated

control information into the ancillary data space of a serial

digital video

ST 372M:2002 Dual Link 292M Interface for 1920×1080 Picture Raste

ST 424M:2006 3 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface

ST 425M:2006 3 Gb/s Signal/Data Serial Interface-Source Image Format


ISO 8601: 2004 Data elements and interchange formats -- Information

interchange -- Representation of dates and times


Additional Information


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