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CG Character Generator


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Real time SD & HD Graphics with 2D, 3D, Clip, Audio Effects adv. effects for live production & News

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CG Character Generator


SKU# EQ702432U

Real time SD & HD Graphics with 2D, 3D, Clip, Audio Effects adv. effects for live production & News

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Model Details

Real-time HD or SD graphics and advanced effects for live production and newsroom integration

Delivering unmatched visual sophistication with the addition of stunning real-time 3D motions; 3D DVE-style transitions; 2D and 3D data-driven charts and graphs; video clips; linked sound effects; and animating true 3D models, Deko 3000 is trusted by broadcasters worldwide for its legendary on-air reliability and broadcast-focused workflow. Deko 3000 thrives on the fast pace of live sports events, live entertainment programming, and newsrooms, and is available in SD, HD, or Hybrid configurations.

Key Benefits
Easy operation
Get to air quickly with the familiar and friendly Deko 3000 graphical user interface that is equally suited for live or automated playout. The training process is fast and ensures a skilled and confident staff. Deko 3000 3D integration is designed for fast ramp-up, without requiring advanced skills and complex modeling tools.

On-air speed
Late-breaking news will always make it to air with Deko 3000. On-air playout tools enable speed, accuracy and easy, up-to-air edits to a template or directly to the on-air channel. Stored animations are not tied to the character count, so effects will always play the way you expect, regardless of last minute changes.

Brand assurance
Deko 3000 allows visual image and style to be defined once and then used throughout the production and delivery process, helping to avoid errors and to ensure an efficient, consistent visual look, whether working with SD, HD, 2D, 3D, or all four.

Advanced newsroom workflow
The field-proven Deko graphics workflow provides access to all news staff, increasing efficiency and minimizing errors in newsroom graphic production and playout, while promoting station integration and accommodating the unique needs of broadcasters.

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

What’s New in Avid Deko?
Deko Version 5.3
Deko 5.3 enables customers to be more creative with tools for greater visual impact and new signal format support.

720p/50 signal format support for European customers.
2D and 3D charts and graphs that dynamically update from live data. Chart and graph capabilities provide creative tools for customers to present data in visually appealing ways. This feature allows customers to produce Charts and Graphs that link to dynamically updating data in an easy to use andintuitive manner.
Deko Objex plug-ins.Adding the plug-in architecture allows for Deko users with Objex to take advantage of the plug-ins originally created for DekoCast.Plug-Ins supported are:
RSS feed reader
Engine Trigger
Image Fetcher
iNEWS reader
Database link
Integrated graphics workflows
DekoSelect for news
PostDeko for Editors for editing
Recap of Earlier Versions:
Version 5.2

Deko 5.2 provides customers with faster, easier 3D graphics workflow and simplified “push-button” access to animating character effects.

3D Open Format Support. Customers will see improved 3D workflows with easy import of FBX and Collada formats from leading industry applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Softimage 7.5 and MAXON CINEMA 4D.

Deko3D Improved Usability. Deko3D effects can now be created and animated in a more traditional manner enabling back-to-back transitions and support for automated workflows. And the Deko3D Converter utility allows efficient distribution of model revisions to multiple Deko systems. Creative and delivery functions can exist as a transparent process in the production chain. 3D artists may edit 3D models from the 3D source programs, then deliver the updates easily and automatically to multiple Deko source points for real-time playout.
Glow/Glint Motion Behaviors. Remove the complexity and time-wasting when creating eye-catching animations. No complex Motion key frames. Just push-button access to inserting character glows and glints to your text and images – regardless of the format or character count.
Add visual impact to Motion graphics with traveling glows and highlighting glints using the new Glow/Glint Motion Behavior. Deko users simply choose “Glow” or “Glint” from the Motion Behavior menu to easily implement this look across real-time, animating text. The effect applies automatically, regardless of changes to the character count. Users have additional options for color changes, duration and intervals for the effect. Deko Motions are always real-time and content independent, so effects can be applied in either live, or automated sports and newsroom environments.

Version 5.0
Deko 5.0 delivers advanced animation features allowing you to create sophisticated real-time motions with Deko’s easy-to-use interface.

Advanced Motion Features!
PowerClips: Create stunning video effects like multiple, moving headshots and animating treatments like traveling flares.PowerClips are integrated clip effects for smaller size video playback and are available in HD and SD for Deko 3000 systems with the ClipDeko option.They play in addition to the full-resolution clips and can be animated with all the signature Deko effects.
Motion-in-Motion: Grouped motion effects for Deko 3000 and Deko 1000 models that “add on” to standard Motion actions. For example, animate your text layers with real time, content independent glows and blurs, then animate the entire graphic with scale and rotation effects for a “breathing” treatment.
Auto-Motion: A type of animation logic, Auto-Motion enables a more “automatic” way of animating Deko graphics back to back while still providing unique and specialized effects. Built for artists, users predefine “Graphic Classes”and create transitions for each defined in an intuitive table -- no programming skill required.Every graphic in a “Class” can be played back in random fashion and Deko will determine the proper transition automatically – saving tons of time and effort in the process while achieving the most design flexibility possible. Great for live news, sports and elections!
Z-Depth Animation: Allows greater Motion playback in true 3D space with additional Z position parameters in Deko’s Motion editor.
Deko3D in HD: Now you can import HD models and animations created in 3ds max and map live, editable Deko layers for a flexible choice in 3D playback! Text and image remain a live component of the graphic, allowing you to swap out content fast and easy!
Texture Shadows: New Deko shader treatments that can be added dynamically to an image texture based off the key (or alpha) of the image, and more commonly to a static headshot. You’ll no longer have to spend time prepping all your cutouts.The Deko layer will automatically shadow control color, distance, direction, blur and opacity.
ClipDeko Updates:
Clip Viewer: Video clips can now be viewed from the Clip Editor interface, allowing clip edits and previews to take place right from the users desktop.
ClipDeko in PostDeko: With the new Clip Viewer in ClipDeko, you have the ability to view the Clip Editor UI from PostDeko software giving users access to Clip assignments to graphics in an offline environment.
New Options:
Expanded Storage: This new configuration provides RAID 5 protection while providing total of 250 GB, or over 5 hours of high-definition clip storage.
ClipDeko Plus: Expanded storage and enhanced Clip playback capability with 2 clips (video and key) playback per output channel in a Dual channel configuration. Users will get the additional clip storage noted above.
Graphics Workflow Integration
DNxHD: Now supports alpha! Movies created in Deko (with Make Deko Movie) can now be saved with the new DNxHD codec to allow for “fast import” to Avid Editors!This will quickly and easily bring in your broadcast graphics and effects to your post environment.
NOTE:Not all features are available on all models.

This represents key features introduced with Deko version 5.3, 5.2, and 5.0 software. For a complete list of new features, operational changes and software issues resolved, see the Avid Deko Version 5.3, 5.2,and5.0 ReadMe documentation.




Intelligent templatesApply advanced composition tools such as text that fits-to-fill a layer boundary or auto-branding frames that apply branded looks for every character typed or fulfilled via news or sports automationEnables fast design changes to news and sports "looks" for greater productivity with consistent style
Multi-aspect compositionTools to allow simultaneous work in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratiosCreate once, use many times; simultaneously create graphics that can be used for both SD and HD formats so there is no need for redundant graphic assets; easily create unique versions of a single graphic instance to take advantage of extra HD real estate
Photoshop layer associationsInstead of importing individual .tga files, link Deko layers to multi-layered .psd files-access Photoshop layers individually or all at once; import maintains the alpha channel and layer namingSpeed workflow by dramatically reducing the number of assets required from the art department
File associationsAvoid redundant copies of assets by creating "links" to design pages; graphic layers can crop or scale file associations uniquely, layer by layerReduces production complexity, time and cost; leverages staff resources for quality, not quantity.
User-definable macros with auto-learn functionalityCustomize workflow and automate repetitive tasksSpeed and simplicity with fewer errors; raise efficiency with less operator attention; process one or hundreds of graphics at a time
DekoSelect optionAllows news journalists to add graphics and clips during story creation directly from the NRCS deviceIncreased efficiency in newsroom production and playout
Deko Macro serverAccess remote systems via network pipe using Deko standard Macro languageMore powerful and flexible graphics workflows through custom interfaces and remote interaction from any PC location
Database access (included with Automation Option)Link Deko layers directly to ODBC compliant databases or parse data with Deko Macros; full support of Intelligent Interface protocol for newsroom automationCustomized workflows and more accurate data without costly third party support
Full Unicode supportDeko can be used for a wide range of languages, with multiple text entry orientations including right to left and top to bottomUseful the world over

Deko functionality appears in multiple applications including:

  • DekoSelect optional plug-in to iNEWS and other NRCS systems
  • Still titling directly from the online Thunder server database
  • Make DekoMovie for creation of rendered effects for Avid and other editors
  • Composition tool for the DekoCast channel branding solution
Familiar Deko tools enable cross-application file sharing, improved usability, and smarter workflows
QuickTime file support (included with ClipDeko option)Import .mov files directly to SD or HD Clip database for internal playback; export rendered QuickTime movies for sharing assets across Deko systems or other broadcast devicesMore shared assets and consistency of look across all programming while shortening production time
Make DekoMovieRender sophisticated Motion effects to video file or targa seriesShared resources with other applications including web applications, Avid systems and other editors
2D and 3D Charts and Graphs

Produce charts and graphs that link to dynamically updating data

Add visual appeal to data presentation in an easy to use and intuitive manner

Cel Animation Player (CAP) optionAnimate Targa or .tif file series created on any 2D or 3D frame rendering applicationEasily insert animated branding elements such as logos and station IDs into live graphics and templates
Motion Timelines **Create 2D animations on text, images and video clips. Scrub to preview animations in real-time; motions can be played on any model Deko; also available as an offline production tool

Render-free animations are easy to build and edit, and can be shared across SD and HD Deko models, Avid systems and other editors

** Features require 2D Motion Pack option.

Motion Behaviors **

Easily apply unique behavior properties to graphics elements for greater visual impact; behaviors can be LOCAL, and applied as a solitary and variable characteristic of graphic layers such as character glows and glints, scale, rotate, bounce, dim, flash, etc; or behaviors can be TARGETED and react when other graphic elements cross their path, such as repel, attract, grow, shrink, skew, dim, and brighten - all without requiring complex key-framing

Produce unique, attention-drawing effects with little production effort

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

Pan and Scan Motions **

Import high-resolution images for zoom or pan into user-defined screen locations with text and cell animation overlay; created using familiar Motion Timeline window

Incorporate maps or weather displays in real-time without having to render new clips or tie up an external video server

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

Differential Motions **

Create logical graphic transitions by addressing only the layers where screen pixels have changed and animates only those layers - automatically

Focuses primary attention to changed data which is helpful in elections, financial data display, and sports results

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

Integrated FBX and Collada Open Format 3D Models and Animations (for specific Deko 3000 models only; check the model matrix for details) **

Import complete 3D models and animations in FBX or Collada formats and composite with editable Deko data and images for real-time playback

Operators use familiar Deko toolset; no learning curve for complex 3D environment; simplified 3D workflow

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

Motion in Motion **Allows parent motions to control groups of already animating layers.

This will give your output an organic and dynamic look, without a time consuming creation process.

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

Auto-Motion **Allows you to set up a motion matrix based on groups of graphics.

Ensures that your graphics always transition on and off the screen with the effect you want,  even when transitioning between graphics that never were designed to be shown right after each other.

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

PowerClips **Allows you to use multiple clips on a single graphic.

Headshot graphics will no longer have to be static, which will give your graphics a much more live and organic look.

** Features require Effects Option Pack.

FastAction Keyboard optionDedicated keyboard for critical on-air operation; enforced single keystroke recall for all production and playout tasks

Simplifies playout and enables maximum speed and accuracy in critical on-air environments

Real-time native HD/SD graphics processing and outputCreate, manipulate, and output in real time at full frame rate.

All graphics, motions, and effects, including 2D DVE-style transitions, can be on air instantly in full high-definition or standard-definition resolution

ClipDeko optionInternal clip player that plays multiple clips per channel with Motion Timeline control, transitions, and scaling - each supporting fill, key and static matte with infinite and 3-point loop capability

Greater visual impact; no need for an external clip player - saves money and space

Synchronized audio clip playback (included with ClipDeko option)

Add embedded audio or linked .wav file sound effects to your graphic motions that auto-adjust to the character count

Reinforce your channel brand and capture audience attention with sound

DekoObjex optionDisplay of persistent on-screen elements including news crawls, clocks, tickers, station IDs, etc.Specifications


Turnkey System Specifications Physical Dimensions
  • Platform: Dual 3.2 GHz Intel®; XeonT (or faster)
  • Operating System: Windows®; XP Professional
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Internal Storage: 300GB or Larger
  • Storage: DVD+R/+RW Writer
  • Keyboard: Standard Keyboard
  • Mouse: Microsoft® Compatible Mouse
  • Ethernet: 1000 BASE-T (RJ-45)
  • Ports: One Serial RS-232 (DB9), Four USB 2.0 (Two Front, Two Rear), SD: Two Com Ports, HD: 6 COM Ports
  • 4RU Rack Mount Chassis
  • Height: 7" (17.78 cm)
  • Width: 19" (48.26 cm)
  • Depth: 22" (55.88 cm)

Power Specifications Supported Video Standards (Software Configurable)
  • Dual Redundant Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
  • 110/220 Volt 60/50 Hz (Auto-sensing)
  • AC Line Current = 6A
  • 400 Watt Maximum Output
  • 1080i/60, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/60, 720p/59.94, 720p/50 
  • Standard definition NTSC, PAL (both 4:3 and 16:9 supported)

Video I/O Video Reference
  • High Definition
    • SDI Video and Key Input - SMPTE 292M Compliant
    • SDI Video and Key Output - SMPTE 292M Compliant
  • Standard Definition
    • SDI Video and Key Input per channel - SMPTE 259M Compliant
    • SDI Video and Key Output - SMPTE 259M Compliant
  • Automatic Retiming of Synchronous Inputs
  • Standard 10-bit, 4:2:2:4 Sampling
  • Single or Dual Channel configurations


  • Analog Color Black or Tri-Level Sync
  • NTSC Color Black Reference Supported with 1080i/59.94 and 720p/59.94 Formats
  • PAL Color Black Reference Supported with 1080i/50 Format



Downstream Keyer Clip Playback Support
  • 10-bit Video and Key Resolution
  • 1 Frame Processing Delay through Box


  • High Definition
    • MPEG-2 I-Frame, up to 100 Mbps, .MXF file format, QuickTime format through import
  • Standard Definition
    • MPEG-2 I-Frame up to 25 Mbps, Variable Bit Rate (20-50 Mb), .MXF file format, QuickTime format through import
  • Up to two clips with key simultaneous per system
Clip Processing (optional) Audio
  • Independent Control of Clips on Each Program Channel
  • Real-Time 2D and 3D Size and Position of Clip Layer
  • Up to two clips per channel with key
  • Looping Clip Playback Capability
  • Clip Capture


  • High Definition
    • Standard 24-bit, 48 KHz Sampling
  • Standard Definition
    • Standard 20-bit, 48 KHz Sampling
  • Eight Channels of Audio Output Embedded per SDI Video Output
Automation Protocols 
  • Intelligent Interface
  • PEGS
  • EMEM
  • Single GPI Input - Configurable through RS-232 port

Additional Information


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