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Hard drives & Storage Systems


AVID / ISIS 7000
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Model Description:
Enterprise Class Real Time Media Network

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Hard drives & Storage Systems
AVID / ISIS 7000


SKU# EQ515969U

Enterprise Class Real Time Media Network Single System Director on 32TB, Cisco Catalyst 4948 switch, licensed for 30 clients


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Hard drives & Storage Systems
AVID / ISIS 7000


SKU# EQ519147U

Enterprise Class Real Time Media Network Unity with 96TB. Available now.

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Hard drives & Storage Systems
AVID / ISIS 7000


SKU# EQ701836U

Enterprise Class Real Time Media Network

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Model Details

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Reliable media storage is fundamental to successful broadcast and media production. The higher the stakes, the more essential flexible, scalable and real-time networked storage with rock solid reliability becomes. That is why the world’s most demanding broadcast and professional production organizations rely on ISIS 7000. Avid ISIS 7000 uniquely combines highest performance, availability, scalability, and an open architecture with powerful yet simple to use management tools.


Unparalleled performance

Effortless performance and efficient bandwidth delivery in editing-intensive environments set Avid ISIS 7000 apart. Each Avid ISIS 7000 Engine delivers up to 400 MB/s of aggregate useable bandwidth, sustaining linear performance even as editor client counts increase, up to 9.6 GB/s (24 Engines) easily meeting the challenge of large scale, high resolution production.


Smarter storage

Avid ISIS 7000 is based on a highly scalable, self-balancing distributed architecture. Each storage blade includes its own processor, so when you add capacity, you also add intelligent processing power. ISIS Mirroring is utilized for highest real time performance.


Exceptional expandability

With tested and proven ability to scale up to 330 real-time multi stream 50Mb/sec clients. ISIS 7000 easily scales as your workflow or facility grows, and media assets now become easily accessible to all users across the enterprise. Capacity ranges from 32TB to 1.53PB raw capacity (24 × 64TB Engines) enough to store up to 1354 fully protected hours of uncompressed 10bit HD, or 25,493 hours of 50 Mb/s compressed HD

Noactive single point of failure

No active single point of failure

ISIS media file mirroring mirrored metadata disks; redundant network switching and cooling.

      Unmatched bandwidth scalability

      Up to 1.53 PB storage

      Scale from 32 TB to 1.53 PB raw capacity, 768 TB with high performance ISIS Mirroring protection.

          Unmatched bandwidth scalability

          Unmatched bandwidth scalability

          Efficient, linear scaling of bandwidth and usable performance as ISIS storage Engines are added.

              Data redistribution

              Data redistribution

              Intelligent storage blades autonomously reconstruct the data in the background while maintaining real-time performance.



                  Instantly respond to change by dynamically adding workspaces – and or increasing or decreasing workspace capacity without interrupting operations.

                      Other features

                      Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure

                      Employs standard Ethernet technology, eliminating the need for mixed Fiber Channel and Ethernet networks

                      i4000 Blade

                      Higher density and lower cost per TB with 4 TB intelligent storage blade

                      Integrated switching

                      Integrated switch blades enable redundant Engine interconnection and client connection to storage. External switch support augments larger client connection requirements

                      Ultra-fast drive rebuild

                      Replaced drives are rebuilt up to 20 times faster than conventional RAID techniques

                      Unified Licensing

                      Software licensing tracked by Avid

                      Avid ISIS 7000 Engine 
                      • Rigid rack-mount ready chassis (4U rack height) houses 16 ISIS Storage Blades, two Integrated Ethernet Switch Blades, and three Power/Cooling Blades
                      • Laminar airflow provides efficient cooling of all components
                      • No internal cabling; passive mid-plane distributes signals and power directly to all internal components



                      ISIS 7000

                      Dimensions Avid ISIS 7000 Storage Blade
                      • Width: 19 in (482 mm)
                      • Depth: 28.75 in (730 mm)
                      • Max Weight: 127 lb (57.6 kg)
                      • Power Consumption: 1150 watts (max.)
                      • Intelligent dual-drive storage elements; 2 TB, or 4 TB per blade
                      • Design minimizes drive vibration
                      • Integrated Linux-based server with dual redundant 1 Gb or 10 GB/s Ethernet ports
                      • Each blade is a hot swappable field replaceable unit (FRU)
                      ISIS 7000 Power/Cooling Blade ISIS File System
                      • 600 watt power supply
                      • Redundant, 2+1 configuration
                      • Hot swappable field replaceable unit (FRU)
                      • 64-bit self balancing, distributed file system  
                      • Enables guaranteed real-time access to the storage blades
                      • Distributes file system management among clients, storage blades, and System Director
                      Integrated Ethernet switching Avid ISIS 7000 System Director
                      • Dual, independent Layer 2 networks connect clients and storage blades
                      • Avid ISIS 7000 Integrated Switch Blade (2 per Avid ISIS 7000 Engine)
                        • Eight 1 Gb Ethernet client ports
                        • One 10 Gb Ethernet port for external switch connectivity
                        • One 12 Gb Avid ISIS Engine expansion port
                        • One chassis management port
                        • Hot swappable, field replaceable unit (FRU)
                      • Avid ISIS 7000 Expansion Switch Blade (two required for 3+ Avid ISIS Engine configurations)
                        • Creates star-topology for interconnecting three or more Avid ISIS Engines
                        • Eleven 12 Gb Engine expansion ports per switch blade
                        • Hot swappable field replaceable unit (FRU)
                      Avid ISIS Monitoring, Management, and Administration Tools
                      • Pictorial system component status notification
                      • Set up, view, and edit: users, workspaces, disk sets
                      • View error warnings and informational message logs
                      • Monitor the health and physical location of major components
                      • Remote notification of system events


                      • Dual Quad Core 64bit Intel Xeon L5518 processors, 2.13 GHz, 8MB cache, hyper-threaded
                      • 12 GB memory
                      • Integrated RAID Controller
                      • Redundant fans
                      • Two (2) hot swappable 650W power supplies
                      • Two (2)  hot swappable 1 TB SATA drives (two mirrored system drives)
                      • Two (2) PCIe Gen 2 x 8 slots
                      • Three (3) USB 2.0 ports (two on the rear panel and one on the front panel)
                      • Four (4) Gig-E ports with 2 designated Intel Pro 1000 for ISIS connection
                      • Dual private System Director network connections (for communications between System Directors)
                      • One (1) video monitor port
                      • One (1) serial connector
                      • Rackmount-ready (1U rack height)
                      • Rack mount slide rail kit
                      • Supports Windows Storage Server 2008 on AS3000
                      • Removable, lockable front bezel
                      • Dimensions:
                        • Width: 19.00 in (483 mm)
                        • Depth: 27. in (686 mm)
                        • Max Weight: 40 lb (18.1 kg)
                      • Electrical:  100 to 240 volt; 50 to 60 Hz; 650W maximum; 3000 BTU
                      Network Switching Collaboration
                      Cisco Catalyst
                      • 4948E: Rack mount 1RU stackable 48-port 1GigE; 48 line-rate 10/100/1000Base-T ports; 2 10GigE uplink interfaces
                      • 4900M: Rack mount 1GigE & 10GigE; 8 10GigE ports plus 2 modules; 20 line-rate 10/100/1000Base-T ports
                      • 4500-X: Rack mount 16x or 32x 1GigE/10GigE. Optional 8 port 10GigE uplink module

                      Dell Force10 Networks Rack mount 1RU stackable 24 or 48 port
                      • S25N: 24 10/100/1000Base-T; 4 alternate SFP optical; 2 slots for 10GigE and/or switch stacking
                      • S25P: 24 SFP optical 1GigE ports; 4 alternate 10/100/1000Base-T ports; 2 slots for 10GigE and/or switch stacking
                      • S60: 44 10/100/1000Base-T ports; 4 SFP optical 1GigE ports; 2 slots for 10GigE and/or switch stacking
                      • S4810: 48 1GigE/10GigE SFP+ optical interfaces, unpopulated

                      Arista networks
                      • 7048T - 48 x 1Gb ports, four 10GigE SFP+ ports
                      • Files/folders: 10 million
                      • User accounts: 5,000
                      • User groups: 5,000

                      Supported Avid Products
                      • AirSpeed
                      • iNEWS
                      • Interplay Production
                      • Interplay Sphere
                      • Media Composer
                      • NewsCutter
                      • Pro Tools

                      Other Supported Editing Clients
                      • Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6
                      • Final Cut Pro 7

                      File Gateway access
                      • Access ISIS workspaces using CIFS and FTP connections

                      Client Platform Support
                      Operating systems
                      • Windows 8 (64-bit)
                      • Windows 7 (64-bit)
                      • Windows Vista Business (64-bit)
                      • Windows XP Professional (32-bit)
                      • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (64-bit)
                      • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (64-bit)
                      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2

                      Additional Information


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