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Sony HDC-2580/L

SONY / HDC-2580/L
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Model Description:
3G double-speed multi format HD system camera, 2.2M pixels, 16 bit A/D, 3 2/3" CCD, 3G 1080/50P

Model Details

Sony HDC-2500 (HDC2500) 3G double-speed multi format HD system camera

A single format HD digital video camera, 2200000 pixels, 16Bit A/D, 3 2/3, CCD, F11 sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio above 600% 60dB,dynamic range, single color filter

Offers 3G 1080/50P transmission as standard
The HDC-2500 system camera, part of the HDC-2500 Series, is the successor to the HDC-1500R Series. The top-of-the-range HDC-2500 incorporates Sony’s advanced technologies for studio cameras. A newly developed 2/3-inch CCD and the new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with 16 bit A/D converter provides amazing picture quality with very few noise and high dynamic range.

Extra functions and enhanced body design
The HDC-2500 provides extra functions, as well as a body design for more robustness and operational efficiency. The HDC-2500 is also providing more flexibility on transmission by its side panel that can be easily replaced to fit HD Wireless (3rd Party) or Triax transmission (availability TBC) systems.

3G capable and double speed
The HDC-2500 is 3G and has multi-format capability, from 1080/100i (double speed) to 1080/50P, as well as a wide range of other formats including 1080/50i, 1080/25P and 1080/24P.

This product comes with the full PrimeSupport package. That’s fast, hassle-free repairs, a helpline offering expert technical advice, and a free loan unit while yours is repaired. Plus the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment – and your business.

Sony HDC-2580 camera system, the birth of HD studio / OB vans live production line provides a powerful solution.HDC-2580 system consists of: Sony's flagship model camera head HDC-2580, full-rack size camera control unit (CCU) HDCU-2080 as well as for a variety of shooting applications specially developed accessories.

HDC-2580 camera loaded with a newly developed high-performance 2/3 inch CCD imager, as well as a 16-bit analog to digital converter with a digital signal processor (DSP), can provide excellent picture quality.In addition, HDC-2580 through the appropriate optional accessories can be upgraded to become a 3G high-bandwidth fiber optic transmission systems, making powerful 3G fiber optic transmission capacity to become one of its new properties.

With its innovative, high-performance and advanced maneuverability, HDC-2580 series cameras called a variety of HD production applications ideal screen capture tool.The main technical features are as follows:

Whole new generation of CCD

HDC-2580 with outstanding picture performance core in the sense that it is equipped with a newly developed 2/3 inch-type 2.2-megapixel * 1 Full HD CCD.This is the Sony HAD CCD sensor technology and cutting-edge chip lens structure on the basis of build, with a high sensitivity of F11, and no case of digital noise suppression excellent signal to noise ratio of-60dB.

In addition to this performance, the quality of this CCD can also be a two-speed slow-motion picture photography, that 1080/100i format capture screen and output via the slow motion and back-end servers match, can produce excellent slow-motion pictures.
* An actual picture area.

High quality 16bit analog-digital converter

HDC-2580 camera system is equipped with a high-performance 16bit ADC, capable of high-quality CCD images taken with maximum precision handling.High-resolution analog to digital converter can reproduce very realistic picture from bright to dark areas of the level.Greatly enriched the picture information.

Excellent DSP LSI processing

The newly developed DSP (digital signal processing) LSI (Video Image Processor) HDC-2580 is the core of the image processing apparatus.This processor provides sophisticated processing capabilities and 16bit analog to digital conversion, maximizing the clarity of the CCD captured images.In addition, white balance, flare correction and white are used digitally to obtain the most stable image correction.Moreover, the new automatic lens error compensation (ALAC) function optimizes the performance of the lens, advanced horizontal and vertical compensation capability can provide excellent picture quality.

Noise suppression function

HDC-2580 has a noise suppression function, you can use Sony's advanced digital signal processing technology to reduce video signal high-frequency noise.

Two-speed image capture, bringing excellent slow-motion pictures * 2

In 1080/100i scan mode, you can use the two-speed shooting functions, just between the camera and CCU using a standard SMPTE fiber connection, you can transfer speed screen video glasses, thus bringing stunning high dynamic picture quality.
* 2 Requires optional special components, please contact your local dealer or Sony Corporation.

Network TRUNK function * 3

TRUNK function network (LAN port) in between the CCU and the camera, with the highest speed of 1 Gbps data transfer.With this feature, the new system can be in a variety of configurations using a variety of IP-based products.
* 3 Requires optional special components, please contact your local dealer or Sony Corporation.

3-Gbps optical transmission systems

HDC-2580 camera via the optional components, you can quickly have a 3-Gbps optical transmission capability.This powerful performance to meet the user in a variety of complex shooting conditions demand.For example, this feature allows the SMPTE standard in a two-way optical fiber transmission of high-definition video camera signal, which in terms of non-fiber system of the camera (eg goal cameras) require long-distance transmission, or in the full swing of the current 3D dual-camera productions medium, are of great significance.

In addition to having excellent transmission quality than using HDCU-2080 ultra-long haul transmission Shihai capable of two-way all-digital video and audio signals, control signals and cues, which limits the transmission distance up to 4000 m * 4.
* 4 If the camcorder is powered using fiber-optic cable, the maximum cable length depends on the camera system configuration, lens type, fiber optic cable size, and the number of cable interfaces

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