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Film scanner

MWA Flashtransfer Vario 2K

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Item #:MO815280
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Model Description:
2K+™ Scanning laser splice detection and image stabilization system so there are no sprockets

Model Details

The sensor systems now available include MWA's new 2.5K+™ HDR High Dynamic Range, the2336 x 1752 2K+™ or 4K single-chip Bayer sensors, 3-chip cameras for PAL or NTSC, 720P HD, and the standard 1920 x 1080 HD.

“As new sensors and cameras become available, MWA will be able to a upgrade user's Vario so they can transfer at even higher resolutions with more pixels and color fidelity,” MWA Nova North American distributor Ted Langdell advises.

“It’s like variations on a theme,” observed Langdell after hearing how the Berlin-based manufacturer had extended the range of sensors for the system orignially called simply flashtransfer HD 16/35.

That comment lead to the shorter name just in time for the first unit to be shipped to the US and installed at the Library of Congress in 2010.

The flashtransfer Vario is a flexible platform. “It can be ordered as a single-gauge machine, and easily upgraded to multi-gauge­ with just additional gates, software licence code and sound options.

MWA can build custom gauges for odd film–even rare 28mm,” he says.

flashtransfer Vario uses a laser splice detection and image stabilization system so there are no sprockets or claws involved. Just safe, smooth, continuous capstan drive movement of the film.

Shrunken film is now less of a problem to easily transfer.

The Vario's flexible transport system works with optical and magnetic film, silent film or camera original negative or positive, and can output a variety of 2K+™, HD and SD formats.

- Variable resolution
- Continuous motion capstan drive system
- 16/35mm continuous transport film-drive
- 1200m / 4000 ft reel capacity!
- Mapping of damaged perforations (Metadata output)
- Laser optimized picture stabilization and shrinkage
- Compensation for picture and sound (Metadata output)
- Switchable 3-perf / 4-perf mode
- Various film transfer speeds up to 25p*
- Variable shuttle speed with steady image (5-800fps)
- RGB LED Light source also suitable for Nitrate material
- Optical sound readers 35mm and 16mm
- Magnetic sound readers for 35mm and 16mm
- 9-pin RS422- slave device machine control
- Tri-level sync
- Film cleaning roller unit with four PTR's available optional
- Optical zoom, focus & pan position

- Controls the signal processing on dedicated hardware
- Primary colour correction (Black, Gamma, Gain)*
- Six vector secondary colour correction*
- Support for MWA; commander; remote control
- Programmable event notification (Tally, Message box, Beep,
Text Overlay, GPIO)
- Settings memories
- Settings automation by Cue points
- Histogram
- Automatic white balance*
- Automatic colour balance*
- Picture enhancement functions (Knee, Detail, Limiter *
- Transport control: Wind, Shuttle, Play and Cue
- Colour bars*
- Frame counter
- B&W scanning*
- Blanking and Aspect Ratio Conversion*
- Shrinkage < 4%
- Adjustable film tension (1N &#8211; 6N)

*depending on picture sensor

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