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Item #:MO814678
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
DUAL 16mm digital film transfer capturing solution to interface with a ViTaDi system

Model Details

This turnkey solution when interfaced wih an Alteran ViTaDi system, allows rapid semi-automatic digitizing of 16mm film to digital file. It is ideal for large Film news archives and it keeps the files compression and organization standardized. TWO telecine comes with this model, expendable to four telecine, and then expendable in group of fours.

Each ViTaDi-AutoFilmSDPack include:
( you will need a ViTaDi Capture solution ( See Alteran ViTaDi-Autopack, Digipack or ACS software)
- Each SD Telecine 16mm MWA flashtransfer digital film transfer system include: Flashremote transport, Color Correction, menu controller, PAL or NTSC video, OK 16 White light Optical Sound head, TO 50 Amplifier and EQ 50 Equalizer (MOno), MK16WR Magnetic Sound Head, TW 50 Amplifier and EW50/2 Equalizer (Mono), 3-track Magnetic Sound Film Reader System: (edge, center & Cue) any 2 tracks fts 16 output MK 16 W3 16 mm replay head, TW 50 Amplifier and EW50/2 Equalizer (Mono),Optical/Magnetic Sound Switching System: Mono to Stereo split and format switch, Magnetic Head Roller Defeat: Front Panel Latching Switch, Particle Transfer Roller Cleaning Unit with FXSYS MicroMat Diamond Etched PRTs, C2 Cine RS-422 Interface with /CB Electronics control for Biphase to DF or NDF Time Code, extralong flashremote cable, operation manual
- Cleaning supplies
- Optional Spare Parts
- Optional Replacement LED light source.
- Optional extended warranty

Additional Detailed Information:

Click on this link to see a video demonstration of the ViTaDi system:;

For Film contact your Account Executive.

General introduction of Alteran Technologies ViTaDi software:

The Alteran Technologies product offering is an affordable, scalable video migration solution that enables the automated digitization of video content. This solution is designed to organize and control rapid video migration of large video tape archives. Using a complex and proprietary database backbone, the solution can ingest over 64 channels of content at a single time, which makes it one of the most efficient in the industry today.
   This customizable turnkey solution targets high-volume encoding of videotapes to digital file formats, which allows for accessibility to searchable digital archives and asset management systems.

Alteran Technologies’ automated robotic hardware/software video migration solution, ViTaDi, combines with the Telestream’s Pipeline™ network encoder to automate the process of simultaneously capturing and digitizing multiple videotapes and encoding them in real time to digital video files. Telestream’s Episode® Engine works in tandem with ViTaDi and Pipeline to begin transcoding the video files to additional formats while they are being encoded. The result is an extremely rapid and efficient means to capture, transcode, and deliver video in multiple video/audio file formats to media servers, digital archives and asset management systems.

For more information on Alteran Technologies, contact us or view

More Information on the Alteran Processing Lab can be found here.

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