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Audio Mixer

Fairlight Dream Constellation XT

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Model Description:
large-scale, multi-format up to 240 channels routed to up to 72 mix bus elements...

Model Details

Bringing large-scale, multi-format work within your reach
Constellation-XT smashes through the price/performance
boundaries for a fully integrated large scale digital recording, editing
and mixing system. This latest generation mixing surface offers a
combination of speed, functionality and work flow unattainable
from any other console. An investment in Constellation-XT is
an investment in sonic superiority and the most productive post
production paradigm that money can buy.

Full Featured System
The DREAM Constellation-XT delivers up to 240 channels routed
to up to 72 mix bus elements. This pool of 72 bus elements are
divided up as required between a main bus, up to 8 sub busses and
12 auxiliary sends, all of which can be up to 7.1 in format, plus 24
mono multi-track busses. A 6-band EQ, including filtering and a
two-stage dynamics processor is available on up to 144 channels
The comprehensive bussing system allows simultaneous generation
of multiple surround formats, plus bus to bus mixing for multi-stem
work. The unique grouping and panning system allows smooth and
simple manipulation of the mix matrix to stunning effect, ensuring
that the most complex surround sound mixes can be accomplished
with ease.
Physical I/Os are available in analog, AES, AES SRC, and MADI
formats and a sophisticated internal patching system allows totally
free routing of inputs, outputs, and Busses between external and
internal destinations.
The monitoring bus system is completely configurable
with programmable fold-down and fold-up modes allowing
instantaneous switching to up to 9 speaker sets each of which can
be configuredfor any desired bus format.
Extensive Facilities
The DREAM Constellation-XT comprises a suite of control
surface elements driving the QDC engine which may be fitted with
a variable complement of channel cards. The Constellation-XT is
available in several different chassis sizes, each of which may be
configured with a choice of fader panels, channel assign Panels,
In-Line panels (ILP) and meter bridges. The architecture of the
system allows configuration options for most functions, including
fader assignment, panel orientation, bus configurations, dynamics
operation, panning, auxiliaries and most other major features.
Central to the unique design of the DREAM Constellation-XT is
the ability to access channel control and configuration facilities
either locally, from a channel perspective, or globally from the
central controller and ILP.DREAM Constellation-XT’s extended
control surface features moving touch sensitive rotary controls
and faders throughout, allowing maximum accessibility and
visibility of all facilities including the automation system. Multi-trim
mode provides intuitive control of multiple channels from a single
control, substantially speeding up most setup and mix processes.
The DREAM Constellation-XT’s comprehensive automation
system encompasses every parameter of every onboard function,
including processing, routing and third-party plug-ins. DREAM
Constellation-XT’s powerful integrated audio editing tools can be
applied to editing automation data as well.
A fully featured macro programming system with GPIO capability
allows extensive customisation of key facilities, ensuring that
DREAM Constellation-XT can be swiftly and easily integrated
into any special workflow or configuration requirements. This
capability is particularly powerful when you consider that the
DREAM Constellation-XT is not only a powerful mixing system
but also a complete recording and editing environment.
In addition to powerful core features, Constellation-XT can
be extended with several exciting software options, including
MediaLink, MediaLinkAV, Virtual Studio Runner and AudioBase3
The DREAM Constellation-XT provides comprehensive dynamic
automation of all mix parameters. DREAM automation is simple to
navigate and operate. Motorised touch sensitive faders and knobs
clearly show the current values of all parameters and allow instant
direct access to control and modify on the fly.
Parameter Enable Matrix
Selecting which parameters to automate is made easy through a
simple interactive selection process. A single parameter on a single
feed may be selected to write or update by pressing the dedicated
automation enable buttons on the Constellation-XT surface.
Similarly, a selection of feeds or busses may be made with the
selection keys and the required parameters enabled for that set.
This approach makes complex control selections simple, guarding
your valuable mix data and making automated mix modifications a
DREAM Constellation-XT systems are available
in both standard and fully customisable frames.
Standard sized frames are available in fully trimmed
one, two, three, four and five bay versions. Custom
consoles can easily be configured from any of the
available component parts. These include chassis
components (1 bay, 2 bay, 3 bay, 4 bay and 5 bay),
a fully trimmed 45 degree angle section and a kit to
provide the outer surface legs and end trim. A meter
bridge rack mounting kit is also available for the
accommodation of 19” rack mount equipment within
the meter bridge.
The basic system requires either a CAP or ILP panel,
one Fader Panel, an Editor Panel and a Channel Select
Panel. Any other available chassis spaces can be fitted
with additional fader panels (to a maximum of 60
faders), CAP panels, In-Line Panels or an optional
left or right side mounted TFT screen. The surface
can also be supplied with a meter bridge comprising
of Main meters and Channel meters. Each Channel
meter unit is fitted with 12 assignable high resolution
53 segment bar graph meters. The Main meter is
fitted with 8 assignable high resolution 79 segment
meters. The main meter unit is also fitted with VU
meters and a phase meter.Robust, Repeatable, Integrated
Automation data is written into the disk recorder project file,
simplifying project management tasks and ensuring the robustness,
repeatability and perfect synchronisation of all mix automation.
Easily Edited with Trim and Touch Enable Modes
DREAM automation includes several methods of writing or
updating automation data. The operator can punch in and out
of automation and record manually using the IN and OUT keys,
which can also be used to set IN and OUT points for automated
drop-ins. Touch mode allows automation to be enabled on faders,
knobs and buttons only as they are touched. All modes support
adjustable Glide Out to smooth transitions between old and new
automation data. New automation data may be written in absolute
values or trimmed from the current levels by applying a relative
trim offset.
Automation follows Audio Editing
DREAM Constellation-XT’s sophisticated audio editing tools can
be applied to editing automation data as well. Data can be cut,
copied and pasted between tracks and clips either with the audio
or independently of the audio.
The DREAM Constellation-XT is a fully featured digital audio
mixing console with high-end automation and processing that
provides the same level of operation and functionality found in
other available large-format digital audio mixing consoles. The
DREAM Constellation-XT is ready for any cinema playback format
currently in widespread use, up to 7.1 channels. In addition DREAM
Constellation-XT may also include a fully integrated 96 track disk
recorder and editor. If that’s not enough the system is delivered
at significantly lower cost than any other available component
systems and with an even higher degree of user-adaptability.
Impact Studio, Tokyo
Constellation Hardware Features
The Constellation-XT Hardware layout provides an ergonomic working environment. No one control is ever very far away from the
operator. The surface provides excellent visual feedback of channel status through its comprehensive use of embedded LEDS and
backlit knobs and buttons. Visualizing channel assignments to busses and I/O patching couldn’t be easier. Fader set buttons enable
the user to map signals to faders in convenient groups. The Constellation-XT surface features unique touch sensitive motorized
rotary encoders. Each rotary pot has a tri colour LED display at its base. The LED is used to indicate if the control is Recording
(Red), has been automated (Green) or is in Trim mode (Amber).
Constellation Fader Panel
Each Constellation-XT fader panel provides support for twelve motorized touch
sensitive rotary faders and controls for panning. Solo and mute buttons are
positioned above the fader. The backlit LCD display above the fader displays the
name of the signal. Level and Pan position are also displayed. The Call button will
send the channel to the central assign panel. The Soft button provides insertion
of automation. The Auto button is used to punch in automation for the channel.
LED indicators above the fader show channel bus assignment to Main, Subs and
Multitrack busses. If the fader is used for a track feed an LED is also provided to
indicate ARM status of the track.
To the left of the fader, LEDs are provided to indicate automation modes such as
Touch, Latch, Safe, Read, Write and Trim. Other LEDsindicate if the channel is
a Track, Feed or Bus as well as Signal present. Insert, EQ and Dynamics, if in use,
are also indicated. Channel Switch Panel
The channel switch panel provides easy access to all available signals: Live feeds,
Tracks, Returns, Busses and speaker sets. In addition it provides access to the central
automation system including the automation enables, matrix, and the speaker mute
Each switch features static or flashing Tri Colour LED lamps to provide a clear
indication of current status and selected mode. The speaker set switches provide easy
access to any of the 9available speaker sets. Set-up switches for Bus assignment, Buss
format, Link groups, I/O patching, Stem assignment and External channels are also
provided. The fader set switches allow the user to map up to 10 signal combinations
to the available faders on the surface. Dedicated automation mode switches allow the
user to easily create mixes and enable the Constellation-XT’s powerful automation
system. A dedicated switch enables the automation to be edited along with the audio
using the Fairlight Binnacle.
Constellation-XT CAP Panel
The Constellation-XT Channel Assign Panel is divided into five sections. These are the
Input controls, Dynamics, EQ, auxiliary sends and surround pan control modules.
The input controls provide access to signal flow parameters such as level, phase,
insert, I/O patch, Plug-ins and bus assignment. The Dynamics section controls the
channel’s two stage Dynamics processor, which includes a Gate and either an Expander
or Limiter. The six Band equalizer controls are central to the panel. Each band of
the EQ is provided with switchable filters types and dedicated level and frequency
adjustment. The Auxiliary Send panel provides level send adjustment controls to all
12 Auxiliaries. Auxes 1-4 have dedicated controls and 5-12 are switchable across two
sections. Auxiliaries may be configured to feed any bus type from mono to 7.1. If in
use, the pan button will enable the rotary to vary the levels sent to each bus element
by variation of the Left Right or Front Back. Automated In Out and Pre/Post fader
switches are also provided. The Surround Panner module provides Joystick control as
well as Rotary control functions for Spread, Diverge, Rotate and the Boom channel.
Constellation-XT Editor Panel
In addition to housing the Fairlight Binnacle controller, the Editor panel provides
dedicated controls for Transport functions, Macros, Auto-locate, numerical input
functions, Project menus, Talk back, Monitor Speaker selection, and the Master fader.
In the centre of the panel an LCD screen provides access to detailed menu functions
including edit modes, Virtual Studio Runner, Track Bank switching, Project navigation
and system setup and settings. The panel provides all the functionality of a DREAM
Satellite system and in addition, centralizes the essential mix functions. The Talk back
section provides single button pres access to two talk back destinations which can be
easily switched across any Bus type, including subs and auxes. A dedicated macro pad
provides access to three banks of nine user programmable Macros.
Constellation-XT In line Panel ( ILP )
An In Line Panel (ILP) provides both dedicated and assignable controls of the channel’s
input settings, EQ and dynamics ?lters, auxiliary sends, surround panner and all of
the currently inserted Plugins. The In Line Panel enables those operators who prefer
a dedicated knob-per-function control surface to set up direct access to frequently
required signal path parameters on a channel by channel basis. In addition, In Line Panels
can be freely speci?ed in any available surface panel space to create the mixing surface
of choice. The ILP is ?tted with 72 Organic Light Emitting Diode displays (OLEDs)
allowing Fairlight to display at super high-resolution, detailed information on any
selected parameter value. Unlike traditional LCDs, OLED displays are crystal clear in all
light environments and from practically any viewing angle.Plug-ins
The Plug-Ins Manager brings an integrated plug-ins system to the DREAM family. PlugIns Manager delivers
sonically superior plug-in signal processing running on dedicated 40-bit floating point multi-processor DSP
cards.Plug-Ins can be driven either from their on-screen graphical interfaces, or from faders, knobs and
switches on the console control surface. In either case, the plug-ins integrate fully with the DREAM project
structure and storage. Plug-Ins Manager is available in either a 6 DSP version or a 15 DSP version providing
more than twice the horsepower. Plug-Ins Manager is supplied with a family of 80 high quality Creamware,
real-time effects including sophisticated reverbs, multi-tap delays, phasers, choruses, flangers, deessers,
autopans and many others. Additional third-party Plugins are available for purchase. Plug-Ins Manager
provides support for VST PlugIns. This optional feature requires the system to be enabled with the PlugIn
manager and Creamware Hardware. If enabled the user can activate VST PlugIns as part of the Plug-In
Plugin Manager Midi Support
This feature allows the user to access synthesizers and or musical instruments via midi from the Creamware
hardware and the plug-in manager. Synthesizer voices will be mapped to the QDC I/O in the same way that
the plug-in hardware is engaged.

Key Features
 • Up to 240 Channel mix engine
 • Up to 72 User definable busses Mono-7.1
 •  “Constellation-XT” Channel configurations from Mono to 7.1
 • 8 Multi format Sub Busses
 • 24 Multitrack Busses
 • Bus to Bus mixing
 •  Bus reduction system for simultaneous mixing of multiple
surround formats
 • 12 Auxiliary sends User definable Mono-7.1
 • Comprehensive Solo system AFL, PFL and SIP
 • High end Automation featuring comprehensive matrix enables
 • Intuitive touch aware automation modes
 • Automation of all Console parameters including filters
 • 2 Stage Dynamics Processing
 • 6 Bands EQ Full range
 • 4 Bands Clip based EQ full range
 • Integrated 96 Track Disk recorder
 • Binnacle Editing powered
 • Automation follows editing of audio for Clip, Track and range based edits
 • Powerful Undo Redo structure including Automation
 • Touch sensitive motorized faders and rotary controls
 • Comprehensive multi format surround panning
 • Illuminated Status of Automation parameters
 • Comprehensive monitoring options
 •  User programmable Macro Language for custom configurations
 • Optional Integrated plug-ins with 80 plug-in library, VST support
 • Networkable either peer to peer or server based
 • Comprehensive server based SFX library management - AudioBase3
 • Optional integrated Non Linear video system with Video editing
 • Optional OMF1+2,  AAF,  AIFF,  WAV, MP3, BCast WAV file conversion utility

DREAM Family Options
 • Pyxis integrated Non Linear video system with Video editing
 • Integrated plug-ins with 80 plug-in library, VST support
 • DREAM Auto EDL conform
 • Virtual Studio Runner for automatic electronic file import and delivery
 • AudioBase3 Xtreme
 • MediaLink network license
 • AV Transfer software
 • 96Khz software

DREAM Family Specifications
 • Analog Inputs & Outputs
 • Input impedance =10k Ohms
 • Output impedance <55 Ohms
 • Maximum input level +24dBu
 • Maximum output level +24dBu
 • Standard operating level adjustable from +14dBu to +24dBu
 • Input signal to noise >113dB A-weighted (A/D conversion)
 • Output signal to noise >113dB A-weighted (D/A conversion)
 • Through system signal to noise >110dB A-weighted
 • Through system THD <0.0008% typical
 • Bandwidth (.25dB) 20Hz to 20kHz
AES/EBU Inputs
 • Minimum differential 200mV
 • Input impedance 110 Ohms transformer isolated
 •  Channel status QDC Technology systems are insensitive to channel status
AES/EBU Outputs
 • Output level 4V
 • Output impedance 110 Ohms transformer isolated
 • Channel status,  professional,  normal audio,  source locked
 • sample frequency set to project sample rate,  stereophonic,  24-bit word
 System Sample Rates
 • 32, 44.056, 44.1, 48 and 96kHz (user selectable)
Run-up/Run-down Sample Rates
 • 44.056, 44.144, 47.952, 48.048, 95.904, 96.096kHz
SRC Range (with optional SRC I/O module)
 •  Input: 0.33 to 3.0x system sample rate with range limits of 15kHz to
Clock References
 •  Internal, AES reference, WCLK, any Digital Input, Video Reference or LTC
 •  The system may be run at 96kHz locked to a 48kHz reference, or at 48kHz
locked to a 96kHz reference.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Additional Information

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