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Monitors LCD


BON / BDM-240L3G
BCS Price: $6,225.25
Item #:MO813941
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Real Time Color Gamut, (3D Lut), 3G, Dual Link, LED Backlight

Model Details

• Input : 2 x HD/SD-SDI(BNC) 1 x DVI, 1 x VGA,
3 x Analog(BNC), 1 x Y/C(S-Video),
1 x HDMI
• Output : 2 x HD/SD-SDI (BNC,)
3 x Analog Loop Out(BNC)

• LED Backlight, 10 bit Panel
• Real Time Color Gamut Mapping(3D LUT)
• Selectable Color Space
(EBU, SMPTE-C, ITU-R BT.709, D-Cinema, Native ,User)
• 3G (Level A / MS 1 Only)
• Dual Link HD-SDI
(YCbCr/RGB 444, YCbCR 422)
• 10 bit color processing
• Waveform, Vector Scope
• Closed Caption(CEA608/CEA708)
• Dual Display and Spilt Screen(Pap&Pip) with Freezing
-> 2 x HD/SD-SDI
• Fast Mode
• Timecode Display, UMD
• Embedded Audio Level Meter(16CH)
• Remote(RJ-45), Update(RJ-11)


Selectable Color Spaces(EBU, NTSC, SMPTE-C,

BT709, D-Cinema, Native, User)

Selectable color spaces of EBU, NTSC,

SMPTE-C, BT709, D-Cinema, Native, User

with BON auto Calibration Software.

BDM-241L3G and BXM-230N3G Model has

enabled the widest color space of 3D-LUT

capability ever offered in a BON monitor to

fully cover broadcast-standard color spaces.

Selecatable Gamma mode G1.0 up to 3.0 by users.

BDM-241L3G and BXM-230N3G model is built with 10bit processing and supports

fast response time with accurate color reproduction and quality picture

consistency that meets HD & SD monitoring application.

10 Bit LCD Panel and 12bit Processing

BXM-230N3G model is built with 10bit PANEL and 12 bit processing and supports

fast response time with accurate color reproduction and quality picture consistency

that meets HD & SD monitoring application.

3G Signal Input, Uniformity Correction

BDM-241L3G and BXM-230N3G Model is Support 3 Gbps with 1080 50/60p

signal input capability.

ICAC (Intelligent Connection

for Alignment & Calibration)

BON ICAC tools allow a perfect color alignment

to our new and advanced monitors.

Our ICAC is compatible with two different color


1 Konica Minolta CA-210

1 Kevin K-10 Probe

Target Gamma : 1.2 Target Gamma : 2.2 Target Gamma :2.5

Nomal Field Monitor

Auto color Calibration Software


standard color temperature,

Gamma, Luminace Level

precision adjustment)

Good Readability under Sunlight

For making BON Monitors suitable for

professional broadcasting applications,

compensation is conducted for BON

Monitor series in 256(8bit) or 1024(10bit) discrete RGB step, rated gamma properties

are reproduced, and gradation suitable for broadcasting is achieved.

Minimized surface reflection

Quick Daylight Button to fit outdoor

EBU Color Space

For outstanding picture performance, BON

products provide accurate colors in accordance

with SMPTE and EBU global standard.

BON LCD display are factory calibrated

closely to REC 709 specifications and remain in

color alignment considerable longer than CRT

display that end to "drift" and change

colourimetry noticeably over time.

The digital technology of BLM give more constant

and reliable colourimetry.


Friendly Audio Level Meter

New Audio Level Bar will be displayed with natural color gradation along with detailed

scale. Also this new audio level bar added audio DB Value, Peak Hold function, each

channel digit into its configuration so that user can easily read the audio level value.











0 -10 -20 -30 -40 -50 -60 -70

Dual Display and Split Screen

(PAP & PIP) with Freezing mode

Dual Display (PIP and PaP) function enable two

input signals to be displayed with Freezing mode

side by side which is very useful for camera and

monitoring operation.

You can adjust brightness and transparency both in waveform and Vector.

Waveform and Vector Scope Display

Waveform/Vector same time


Input video is displayed with waveform

and vector scope at the same time.

Closed Caption Function covering

various encoders

(CEA 608, CEA 708/Compatible

with HDE-3000, Evertz HD9084,

Evertz 8084AD)

This function is available in composite, YPbPr and Digital

Display V-Chip Data

This function is intended to manage all children's television


The V-chip systematically works much like closed captioning

as it uses the vertical blanking interval in the television signal

to send and receive a special code in the programming that

indicated the Show's score according to a simple numerical

rating system for violence, sex, and language.


This flip function is perfect for use in the studio

field and allows negative image, test cueing,

script looping and so on. When reporters have

webcas, video podcast, news report and

corporate video, the flip mode can help a correct

word content to reporters.

(HD/SD-SDI) signal. There are three selectable mode:Off, CC708, CC608 (Transcoded, VANC,

Line21). This function displays character information included in CC signal on the screen.

The rated program's signals are encoded according to the rating, on line 21 of the broadcast

signal's vertical blanking interval of using the XDS protocol, and this is detected on the television

screen with V-chip. If the program's rating is outside the level configured as acceptable on any

television, the program is blocked or shown with the data.

Video Range Check Fuction

Operator can select and limit the desirable Luminance or chrominance area from

video signal using Y/C Video Level check function. If the luminance or chrominance

is over or under than selected level, then, operator can easily notice and control

the Camera Input signal into the desirable range.

Focus Assist Fuction

This is the function which displays input signal’s Focus Edge.

This function is very useful for operators to control desirable camera video

input, watching its focus.


Dual Channel Display

75% Scale 100% Scale Selectable between Y,Cb,Cr

Additional Information


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