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3 CCD & Studio

Ikegami HK-355PA

USED BCS Price: $8,990.00
Item #:MO813428U
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Model Description:
Studio & Field 2/3 inch FIT CCD 450k pix, 62db, Color Camera on wide band triax system

Model Details

What standard of performance should be expected from a broadcast television camera with the latest CCD technology? Ikegami, in its continuing search for the highest quality and reliability provides the answer in the HK-355A camera system. The HK-355A is Ikegami's latest high performance studio and field production camera with FIT CCD sensors. Superb image producing technology is to be found within this compact camera system, particularly with regard to the latest high sensitivity FIT CCDs free from vertical smear, six axis optical low pass filter to reduce aliasing (moire patterning), optical axis adjustment for the optical block, 3 channel detail correction and wide band triax system. These new features specifically for CCD sensors go hand in hand with Ikegami's well established television camera technology, with CPU controlled automatic setup and diagnostic maintenance systems, superb quality pictures, high reliability and user friendly operation. With its vast experience and know-how in the industry and dedication to providing high standards of performance for television broadcasting at reasonable cost, Ikegami now offers this exciting new broadcast camera.


  • Compact camera head
    The HK-355A camera head has been designed specifically for CCD sensors and incorporates full facilities for the full range of applications. The aluminum alloy head is light and compact, yet easy to operate and maintain. A lower viewfinder positioning provides better viewing for camera operators.

  • High resolution and high S/N ratio
    Using 2/3-inch FIT CCD's each with 450,000 pixels, the HK-355A features a horizontal resolution of 800 TV lines (Y ch), a vertical resolution of 400 TV lines, and a high S/N ratio of 62dB.

with Prompter Adapter
  • High sensitivity
    By incorporating CCDs with microlens technology, the sensitivity is improved by one f stop -f8 at 2000 lux.

  • Easy maintenance
    The HK-355A saves camera adjustment and maintenance time by eliminating the need for registration, geometry, and other time-consuming adjustments. The camera head employs mother board construction with plug in modules.

  • Newly developed LPF
    A newly developed multi directional optical LPF is incorporated to suppress aliasing inherent in the CCD sampling process. It provides an excellent balance with high resolution and very low aliasing.

  • 3-DTL
    Vertical detail correction is incorporated in each of the three color channels to produce uniform resolution in all colors including those lacking a green component. A complete horizontal MIX DTL is also provided to suppress the DTL-induced moire.

    The HK-355A has a Skin DTL system which permits the amount of detail, in skin color, to be controlled independent of other scene content. This function makes it possible to soften the facial complexion of the talent while keeping all other parts of the picture sharp and detailed.

  • Optical axis adjustment
    The HK-355A has a newly-developed feature that allows adjustment of the optical axis of the prism block, so that the center of the lens and the CCD are correctly aligned. This function gives full correction of optical axis, especially when a lens with high magnification is used.

  • Electronic shutter
    In addition to five preset electronic shutter speeds, a continuously variable electronic shutter is also provided with an extended range from 1/62 to 1/5000 sec.

  • Highlight compression
    Highlight compression allows the camera to handle high scene contrasts.

  • Linear matrix
    Incorporating a linear matrix circuit, the HK-355A has ideal colorimetry and obtains images with superior color fidelity from dark to highlight areas of the picture.

  • Color corrector
    Since the hue and saturation can be controlled separately for each of the R, G, B, C, M, and y color vectors, tones can be finely tuned in greater detail.

  • Auto color corrector
    When multiple cameras are to be ",sed, the color reproduction data stored in one preadjusted camera can be used as a reference to provide automatic color matching for other camera heads used in the same production. This facilitates the previously time consuming process of color matching.

  • Auto level setup
    Four auto level set up programs have been incorporated. The automatics align the video processing functions, with registration and geometry functions eliminated by virtue of CCD technology. Programs include Daily level and Full level set up, in addition to Auto White Balance and Auto Black Balance. The Daily level program automatically sets up the camera in less than one minute.

  • 7 -inch viewfinder
    This camera comes equipped with a 7 -inch viewfinder as a standard accessory. A host of indications are displayed on the viewfinder to provide ease of use and operational flexibility to the cameraman.

    (VF Indications)
  • Box Cursor/Crossover Cursor
  • Auto Setup Items
  • Optical Filter Positions
  • R and G Tally/lens/lens ExtenQer/Gain Up
  • Video level
  • Safe Title Area
  • Center Marker
  • Working Time
  • Self-diagnosis system
    In the event of camera head or base station trouble the self-diagnosis system alerts the operator, prompting him to take corrective action.

    Check Point Display Contents
    Camera Head Head Power
    Head Video (R.G.B)
    Head Battery
    Head/Base Station Command
    Camera Cable Cable
    Base Station Base Station Video IN (R.G.B)
    Base Station ENC Video OUT
    Base Station/Control Panel Command
    Base Station Video OUT (R.G.B)
    Auto Phase Control
    Base Station to Head Power

  • Adaptation to various cables (BS-323A Base Station)
    Three types of cables, triax, multi, and fiber optic, can be selectively used by merely replacing a module, so that a suitable cable can be selected for particular applications. Especially, the triax cable permits wide- band signal transmission, thus ensuring high- resolution video at the base station side. Maximum extendable distance:

  • Triax cable; 14.5mm dia.............. 1800m
  • Triax cable; 13.2mm dia. (1/2 in.).. 1500m
  • Fiber optic cable; G2 80/125......... 3000m
  • Multiconductor cable: TV24........... 600m
  • HK-355PA Lightweight Companion
    A lightweight version of the camera head for the HK-355A system is the HK-355PA. This lightweight, portable camera offers highly flexible system operation, either by using the same Base stations, OCPs, MCP or CCPs as the HK-355A, or by working as a self-contained independent unit with stand alone camera adapter, or even as a cameral recorder with an on-board video recorder. In order to increase its versatility, various accessories such as promptor (QTV) adapter, large lens supporter and larger viewfinders are available. Like its studio counterpart, the HK-355PA includes dual motor driven filter wheels, extensive remote control, full auto setup, and self-d-iagnostics.

  • Wide Choice of Control Panels
    A variety of control panels can be connected to the base station to accommodate different styles of operation. The MCP (Maintenance Control Panel) is dedicated to in-depth setup and diagnostic purposes. When used in conjunction with the CSU (Camera Select Unit), up to 40 cameras are at the beck and call of a single MCP. By the use of the RS-232C interface, camera conditions can be printed out so that easy and exact control of data can be maintained. The CCP (Camera Control Panel) is designed to operate in conjunction with one camera and serves the dual purpose of maintenance and camera operation control. OCP (Operation Control Panel) serves the single OCP purpose of camera operation control.

HK-355A Camera Head
Input signals
Gen-lock VBS (BBS), 1Vp-p (0.45Vp-p), 75ohm, Non looping
Mic -70 - -50dB, 600ohm, 2 channels
(or +48V phantom powering)
Incom (Talkback) 0dB, 600ohm, 2 channels, 4W/RTS
Tally cont R.G. 2 channels, Contact/Power
Output signals
Line VBS or VB, 1Vp-p, 75ohm, Positive, 1 channel
QTV video VBS, 1Vp-p, 75ohm, 1 channel
Monitor video VF Select signal, 75ohm, 1 channel
Auxiliary power 220/240V-0.5A or 117V-0.1A
HK-355PA Camera head
Input signals
Gen-lock VBS (BBS), 1Vp-p (0.45Vp-p), 75ohm, Non looping
Mic -60dB, 600ohm (or +48V phantom powering)
Incom (Talkback) 0dB, 600ohm, 1 channel, 4W/RTS
Tally cont R.G. 2 channels, Contact/Power (with CA-95C)
Output signals
Line VBS 1Vp-p, 75ohm, 1 channel
Y, R-Y, B-Y, 1kohm, 1 channel
R.G.B. 0.7Vp-p, 10kohm, 1 channel
Monitor R+G+B, R.G.B, R-G, B-G, ENC 1 channel
Base station
Input signals
Gen-lock VBS 1Vp-p positive (BBS 0.45Vp-p negative) 75ohm Loop or
Sync 4Vp-p, SC 2Vp-p Positive 75ohm
Loop/PAL PULSE 4Vp-p 75ohm Loop
Return video VBS 2 channels, 75ohm Loop
QTV video VBS 1 channel, 75ohm Loop
Tally cont R.G. 2 channels,Contact/Power
PGM 0dB, 10kohm, 1 channel
Incom (Talkback) 0dBm, 600ohm and RTS standard, 2 channels
Output signals
Line VBS (Sync on/off positive)
1Vp-p, 75ohm, 3 channels
RGB 0.7Vp-p 75ohm, each 1 channel
PM R.G.B. -G.ENC, 75ohm, 2 channels
WFM R.G.B.SEQ.ENC, 75ohm, 2 channels
WFM cont SEQ on, expand on, stair case signal
HK-355A 0dBm 600ohm, 2 channels
HK-355PA 0dBm 600ohm, 1 channel
Tally cont R.G. 2 channels (for PM)
Incom (Talkback) 0dBm 600ohm, 2W/4W and RTS standard
Frame pulse 5Vp-p Negative Z.out 1000ohm
Input power
Camera head (at Head self contained)
HK-355A AC 100/117/220/230/240V ± 10% 130VA
(Auxiliary power not included)
HK-355PA DC + 11V-+ 16V, 26W at + 12V
Base station & camera head AC 100/117/220/230/240V ± 10%
(Auxiliary power, PM and WFM not included)
HK-355A 230VA
HK-355PA 200VA
External dimensions (W.H.D.) in mm (inches)
Camera head
HK-355A 241 X 379 X 380 (9.5 X 14.9 X 14.9)
HK-355PA 96 X 230 X 178 (3.8 X 9.0 X 7.0)
Base station 216 X 177 X 447 (8.5 X 7.0 X 17.6) (w/triax)
Power supply 216 X 177 X 410.5 (8.5 X 7.0 X 16.2)
Control panel
MCP/CCP 182 X 341 X 55 (7.2 X 13.4 X 2.2)
OCP 92 X 355.5 X 100 (3.6 X 14.0 X 3.9)
CSU 483 X 88 X 408.5 (19.0 X 3.5 X 16.1)
Camera head
HK-355A 55.1 lbs. (25kg) approx.
HK-355PA 13.2 lbs. (6kg) approx.
(1.5. VF, triax adapter included)
Base station 22.0 lbs. (10kg) approx.
Power supply 35.3 lbs. (16kg) approx.
Control panel
MCP 4.4 lbs. (2kg) approx.
CCP 4.4 lbs. (2kg) approx.
OCP 3.31 lbs. (1.5kg) approx.
CSU28.7 lbs. (13kg) approx.
Ambient temperature and humidity -20°C - +45°C, 10% - 90%
HK-355A Camera head
Image sensor 3-chips 2/3-inch FIT CCD
Viewfinder tube 7-inch standard
7-inch color VF available as option
Optical prism f/1.4
Optical filter
  1 2 3 4 5
ND: CAP 100% 25% 6.2% 1.6%
  A B C D E
CC. EFF 3200°K 4300°K 6300°K 8000°K
HK-355PA Camera head
Image sensor 3-chips 2/3-inch FIT CCD
Viewfinder tube 1.5-inch standard
4.5"inch and 6-inch VFs available as option
Optical prism f/1.4
Optical filter
  1 2 3 4
ND: CAP 100% 25% 6.2%
  A B C D
CC. EFF 3200°K 4300°K 6300°K
Overall performance
Frequency response (VBS out)
(at base station out)
Below 60Hz : Falling
60Hz-4.5MHz : Within ± 0.5dB
4.5MHz-6.0MHz : Within ± 1dB
Over 6.0MHz : Falling
With reference to 100kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio
(Typical Figures)
HK-355A 62dB
HK-355PA 62dB
(with Gamma, Aperture, OTL, Matrix all off, Band width: 4.2MHz)
HK-355A f/8.0
HK-355PA f/8.0
Under the following condition:
Color temperature 3200°K
Illumination 2000 lux
Reflectance 89.9%
Gain control 0dB
Gamma Step change over 1.0, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45
Fine adjustment ± 0.05 Continuously
Pedestal variable range
RGB more than ± 5%
Master (with Gamma off) more than ± 10%
Gain control
HK-355A (master) -3dB, 0dB, +3dB, +6dB, +12dB
HK-355PA 0dB, +6dB, + 12dB
(same as HK-355A when connected to the base station)
(At camera head in Y channel)
HK-355A H: 800TVL
V: 400TVL (with Super-V on 480 TVL)
HK-355PA H: 700TVL
V: 400TVL (with Super-V on 480TVL)
HK-355A 0.02% or less (lens less, all areas)
HK-355PA 0.03% or less (lens less, all areas)
Shutter speeds 1/60 -1/5000 sec. (Continuously variable)

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