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Film scanner


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Model Description:
Film Scanner 25 fps @ 2K, 15 fps @ 4K with touch-free pin registration, LED light, ( Waiting List)

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Film scanner


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Film Scanner 25 fps @ 2K, 15 fps @ 4K with touch-free pin registration, LED light, ( Waiting List) SOLD - Qualified customer can contact us for details.

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2017 SOLD. Contact us now to be put on our Waiting List.

SCANITY is a film scanner that offers unprecedented speed, versatility, stability, and safe film handling. It serves a variety of scanning applications including, dailies, feature film mastering, EDL/conform scanning, low resolution browsing, archive and restoration, short-form commercials, as well as digital intermediate scanning.

High Speed Imaging - Continuous transport using capstan
15 fps @ 4K
25 fps @ 2K
44 fps @ 1K
69 fps @ 0,5K
96 fps @ 0,25K
SCANITY uses unique Time Delay Integration (TDI) line sensor technology, and dedicated FPGA image processing to deliver record-setting high-speed film scanning – all while handling film gently and safely.

Versatile and Flexible Scanner
SCANITY is an incredibly versatile and flexible scanner that serves a multitude of scanning applications.

Gentle and Safe Film Handling
SCANITY uses a completely new and uniquely designed Roller Gate in the scanning area of the film path. This method is the most gentle way to transport and scan the film, and besides from the rollers, there are no mechanical parts.

Stability and Steadiness
SCANITY provides touch-free pin registration rather than mechanical pins to ensure excellent image steadiness.

Low Operational Expenses
SCANITY uses efficient LED light sources, dedicated hardware processors, as well as fewer and less expensive third party components. This lowers initial costs as well as operational expenses.

Key Features
High speed scanning 15 fps @ 4K; 25 fps @ 2K; 44 fps @ 1K; 69 fps @ 0,5K; 96 fps @ 0,25K (depending on hardware)
High quality multi-format film scanner that offers unprecedented speed, versatility, stability, and safe film handling
Versatile multi-application scanner - EDL/conform scanning, dailies, low resolution browsing, and highly suited for restoration and archiving, commercials and ‘videolike‘ applications
Customized high resolution optics – capable of resolving 8K equivalent image details
Time Delay Integration (TDI) sensor technology for extremely fast and sensitive film scans – over 4300 horizontal active pixels, 96 TDI lines, 6ì pixel size
Independent from frame height – film frame aspect ratio is matched by the numbers of lines
LED light sources with optimized spectral wavelengths, specifically designed for a variety of film stocks
Precision Roller Gate avoids mechanical stress and risk and provides unparalleled smooth and safe film handling
Continuous motion capstan film transport
Optical Perforation Scanning for touch-free Pin Registration
Highly integrated, dedicated, and fast spatial image processing manages content scaling and formatting
Dirt and scratch handling capabilities with diffuse illumination and IR channel, capable of dirt map generation for internal / external processing
Long LED life provides stable and cost-effective illumination solution
Integrates seamlessly with Bones post production software tools

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