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Item #:MO813189   
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Model Description:
Video Tape Digitizing Solution, custom designed, integrated and imbedded at a client’s location.

Model Details
The ViTaDi Solution product offering is an affordable, scalable video migration solution that enables the automated digitization of video content. This solution is designed to organize and control rapid video migration. Using a complex and proprietary database backbone, the solution can ingest over 64 channels of content at a single time, which makes it one of the most efficient in the industry today.This customizable turnkey solution targets high-volume encoding of videotapes to digital file formats, which allows for accessibility to searchable digital archives and asset management systems.
Alteran Technologies’ automated robotic hardware/software video migration solution, VTM Solution, combines with the Telestream’s Pipeline™ network encoder to automate the process of simultaneously capturing and digitizing multiple videotapes and encoding them in real time to digital video files. Telestream’s Episode® Engine works in tandem with VTM Solution and Pipeline to begin transcoding the video files to additional formats while they are being encoded.
The result is an extremely rapid and efficient means to capture, transcode, and deliver video in multiple video/audio file formats to media servers, digital archives and asset management systems.



Workflow advantage

Our features are designed to streamline your workflow process and increase your efficiency.  It allows for a simple interface to your existing workflow, which enables users, little difficulty in operating the system seamlessly. Our workflow solutions include a fully automated robotic or a semi-automatic capturing system, which can ingest a multitude of video formats.

Automatic robotic capture system

The VTM Solution robot is designed to facilitate the maximum production with the least amount of downtime. The VTM Solution robot is capable of holding up to 80 small or 40 large Betacam style cassettes of varying formats; Betacam, Betacam SP, Digibeta, IMX, SX and HDCAM.

Semi-Automatic capture system

VTM Solution is a fully automated capturing solution, which allows for any serial RS-422 VTR to be connected as a source for ingestion. It also uses an intelligent tape-handling tool which can be used by anyone. Formats include; 1 inch, ¾” U-Matic, D1, D2, D3, D5, D9, DTC, DVCPRO, DVCAM and many more.

Proprietary control software

VTM Solution’s control software (VCS) not only controls the hardware but also organizes the capture data allowing one touch ingests and metadata embedding without any operator interference. Using our “smart capture” system, we’re able to ingest with our without client provided data or timecode, thus allowing smooth captures from any original tape, every time.

Client database interface and file metatagging

VTM Solution’s database (VDS) works directly with pre-existing database infrastructures, allows seamless migration of all data pertaining to the capture process. The system accepts .csv and .xml files for maximum compatibility. Data is then put directly into the file as its ingesting to further streamline the process.

Confidence Monitoring

The VTM Solution video streaming monitoring system continuously streams the final output file at near real-time to insure the file is being recorded and quality is being met.

Automatic real-time multi-channel transcoding

VTM Solution’s powerful transcoding option, allows for simultaneous capture and transcoding without user interference. Transcoded files can be immediately used for asset management solutions or put directly on the web. Transcoded file types include; Flash, Windows Media, .H264 and many more.

Advanced real-time quality control

The VTM Solution quality control solution (AQC) is a tool that allows for the automatic checking of each file and original video content against a set of user adjustable parameters that once configured, allow for extremely accurate reporting on each file.

Live Digital Archiving and Asset Management

The VTM Solution archiving solution allows for automatic storing & searching and reviewing of captured material, including metadata, logging info and any other data or file.

Advanced digital noise reduction

With advanced hardware technology, we’re able to reduce noise in the audio and video signals. Available for all formats. 


Model                                     VTM Solution                                                    VTM Solution HD

Tape Formats Robotic          Betacam, Betacam SP, IMX, SX             HDCAM


Tape Formats Semi-Auto      D1, D2, D3, D5, D9 1”, ¾”, DTC            D5 HD, DVCPRO HD, HDCAM, HDCAM SR

                                                DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCAM,

                                                VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8  

Expandability up to                               64 channels (16 systems)                    32 channels (16 systems)

Input formats                          480i @ 60 Hz (NTSC)                            1080i @ 60 Hz

                                                480i @ 59.97 Hz (NTSC)                       720p @ 59.97 Hz

                                                576i @ 50 Hz (PAL)                                                1080p @ 23.98/29.97 Hz

Video Format                         Composite, Component, SDI                               SD-SDI, HD-SDI

Audio Format                         8 Channels AES/EBU 48k 16/24 bit      16 Channels AES/EBU 48k 16/24 bit

4 Channels Analog

Compression Formats          DV/DVCPRO (25mbps)                         DVCPRO HD 100mbps

                                                IMX MPEG 2 (30, 40, 50)                       Pro Res 422 HQ

                                                Pro Res 422                                           JPEG 2000

                                                MPEG-2 I-frame 50mbps                       DnxHD (VC-3 Compliant)

                                                DVCPRO 50                                           Uncompressed SD 8 bit

File Formats/Wrappers           .H264, 3GPP, ASF, AVI, Avid 0P1a, DV, Flash FLV, GFX, M1V, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MXF, RealMedia, Sony MXF, SWF, VLF, Windows Media WMV & more

Data Connectivity                  RS-422 9 Pin Sony Protocol, VITC, LTC

Speed                                     “Faster then real-time encoding” with file naming, metadata embedding and optional

                                                Transcoding and QC.


Efficiency                                  VTM Solutioncan ingest 30 hours of video in roughly an 8 hour shift

                                                VTM Solutionexpanded can ingest 480 hours in roughly an 8 hour shift

                                                (Examples using 60 minute Digibeta tapes)

Robotic Hardware                 Custom configurable, 1 – 4 channel device with up to 80 tape capacity.

Metadata Embedding            Standard Fields include: Timecode, Duration, name, director, producer, date and other data

Computer System                  Macintosh OS Leopard

                                                Xserve Intel 2.33ghz/4gb ram/320gb

                                                ACS Software Bundle


Power Requirements             Between 10 and 15 amp’s (Depending on clients requirement)

Physical Dimensions            Robot: H 6’ 5”, W 2’, D 3’ 5”, Flypack: H 32”,  W 24” , D 36” 

* Actual specifications may vary upon client requirements

More Information on the Alteran Processing Lab can be found here.

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