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ADGIL Director 9800

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Item #:MO809325
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Model Description:
multi-channel source selector and volume control for monitoring in surround

Model Details

The DIRECTOR has been designed to be a multi-channel source selector and volume control for monitoring in surround. It can handle from one up to eight speaker channels, making it suitable for
mono, stereo, 4 channels (LCRS), 6 channels (5.1) or 8 channels (7.1) monitoring. It has a number
of functions that make it very useful in the studio and easy to interface with other equipment.
While working on a specific project, the channel assignment for each piece of equipment must be
determined. From that time on, and for the duration of the project, this assignment will remain the
same. However, there are several standard channel assignment schemes and some non-standard
as well. The input section of theDIRECTOR can be conformed to suit any format. Being a
source selector and not a mixing desk, one input can only be assigned to one speaker at a time. The
inputs are derived from the outputs of the various machines containing your mix elements –
multitrack tapes, DAWs, etc. For example, if channel 7 of machine #2 is a LEFT channel, the
corresponding input of the DIRECTOR, say input #15, will be assigned to the LEFT speaker.
Inputs are selected using a SOURCE button on the remote control. A source can be any
combination of inputs that must be selected together, i.e. all 6 channels of a DVD playing in a 5.1
format. The DIRECTOR allows you to have 32 different SOURCE combinations.
Sometimes, it’s necessary to listen to more than one source at a time. For example, during a film
mixing session, working with stems, you may want to select any one of the stems (music, dialog,
effects, ambiance) alone, all together or in any combination. The DIRECTOR lets you group
sources together, so that a single button may select these sources.
Furthermore, any input may be part of several sources, but the channel definition (i.e. LEFT) will
remain the same for all the sources using this input.
All of the inputs that have been selected by the sources are mixed in eight dedicated busses: Left,
Right, Center, Surround Left, Surround Right, Low Frequency Effects, Mid Left and Mid Right. The
outputs of these busses are available at the Insert Send and can be used as a final mix combining
the stems, or as a send to an external processor (i.e. 4 - 2 - 4 matrix for Dolby Stereo®). There are
no level controls in the input section. Any selected input is routed to a buss at unity gain.
The output section of the DIRECTOR lets you control the listening environment with:
- Variable volume control, via a rotary shaft encoder.
- Two programmable preset levels for calibrated listening.
- Mute and Dim (programmable depth).
- Mono check with programmable input, output and level.
- Three speaker systems select: system A (multi-channel), B (stereo) or C (stereo).
- Individual speaker select that can be a mute or a solo.
- Selection of listening to the busses or the insert return.
- External commands for Mute, Dim, Solo (AFL / PFL) from a console.
There are 8 memory setups that can be programmed and stored, each one including every
parameter of the DIRECTOR. They can be used to store different channel assignment schemes,
listening level preferences, etc.
The signal path of the DIRECTOR remains entirely analog, but is controlled by a microprocessor.
Great care has been taken in its design and assembly to ensure the integrity and quality of the
The speaker outputs are protected by relays that are activated only after the unit has stabilized
following turn on, and are de-activated if any power related problem is detected. It is safe to turn the
unit on or off with live speakers.
The minimalist approach to signal flow, limiting the amount of electronic circuitry that a signal must
go through, has led to low power consumption, allowing operation at low temperature without a fan.
The power transformer is toroidal, creating extremely low acoustic and electro-magnetic radiation.
Thus, this unit can be installed anywhere.
The DIRECTOR has two main components: the Mainframe and the Remote Control. The chassis
is a 19” rack unit, 3U high, with a Front Panel for programming, and plug-in cards in the back for the
input and output connections. The remote control includes all the functions normally needed for the
operation of the unit. It comes standard with a 15 m (50 ft) long cable.

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