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Convergence Corporation S-182 Sound master

NEW BCS Price: $1,060.35
Item #:MO799677N
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Model Description:
RCA Interconnect Cable 1.82 meter

Model Details

Additional Detailed Information:

Special design

It is a truly balanced designed of 3 cores embedded in a double layered shielding. Each conductor (positive and negative) is made of 5mm 4N silver rhomboid flat core. The earthing conductor is made of 1.4mm 4N rectangular silver solid core.  In order to avoid oxidation and eliminate the RF and EMI, multiple insulation in addition to the double layered shielding are adopted for providing a safe and excellent working environments for the conductors. Silver Ribbon interconnects provide eerily quiet backgrounds and is highly analytical. Its bass is firmed up and rejoined the music, the midrange takes on a richer, more full-bodily texture, and the top remained extended, detailed and ultra-revealing.

When considering conducting materials, copper or silver-plated copper is cheaper than silver. General speaking, silver interconnects are usually considered to be expensive. Certain silver interconnects cost more than HK$10,000 because of more silver material and better designed concept. Silver Ribbon interconnects select pure 4N silver as conducting material, better product finish with Cardas RCA plugs. Judging from Silver Ribbon¡¦s interconnects, its overall performance should be at top class level but at a reasonable less expensive price when comparing with similar products.

Distinct sound quality

The sonic characteristic of silver has extended in high frequency. For worst designed silver interconnects, bright and harsh are usually found in high frequency and high level. Silver Ribbon eliminates all such drawbacks from silver but maintains its benefits. Silver Ribbon sounds with detail, depth, dynamic authority, and three-dimensionality. Full-body textures could be easily experienced in playing solo or instrumental records. It is recommended to put Silver Ribbon interconnects between pre-amp and power amp so that better total tonal balance, musical, better liveliness could be resulted.

The midrange of the most silver signal cables usually is cleaner, quicker and elegant. The special geometric construction of Silver Ribbon interconnects maintains the said benefits and also provides a warm tone quality of which is an advantage of copper or silver-plated copper. It is in low coloration, warmer tonal balance, open and apparent detail.

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