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Film scanner


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Item #:MO798556
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
6K/4K and 3K/2K scanning, LED, pin-registered, 1-8 fps, for 2- 3- and 4perf 35mm and 16mm

Model Details

ARRISCAN – Pushing Film into the Digital World
For feature film scanning as well as in a wide range of commercials, film restoration and in digital dailies applications, more than 100 ARRISCANs are in use worldwide. Constant evolution since it’s introduction in 2004 has made the ARRISCAN the future proof investment in film digitizing.

6K/4K and 3K/2K scanning with CMOS area sensor
LED illumination, incl. infrared dust removal
doubleflash technology for high dynamic range
electronic pin-registered film transport

1 - 8 frames per second scanning speed, depending on configuration
2 m/s winding speed with live image

Film transport for 2- 3- and 4perf 35mm and 16mm
Open software and film transport design for different applications

Various models, all easily upgradeable for features and speed.

All options are available are available as field-upgrades

High Speed Package 1
Speeds up the ARRISCAN from 1fps to 5fps (0.25fps to 1.5 fps 4K)
Digital Dailies Base Package
Speeds up the ARRISCAN from 5fps to 8fps (single flash)
Advanced software toolset for dailies setup
Live image while winding
16mm Film Gate
For scanning standard and Super16mm film
35mm Archive Gate
Film gate with wider aperture for scanning into perforation area
Kodak Digital ICE
Infrared based dust and scratch detection / removal software from Kodak

Activates high dynamic range (HDR) mode
4K camera upgrade
Allows 6K / 4K scanning with ARRISCAN 2K
Keycode reader
For Keycode detection, Keycode-based scanning and automatic film calibration
IR upgrade for Kodak Digital ICE
Illumination and optics upgrade as preparation for Kodak DICE
Networking / SAN upgrade
Quad Ethernet plus Fibrechannel or Infiniband cards, support for ADIC, CXFS, Quantel, Brightclip etc.
GeoCalibration set
For easy geometry calibration, MultiMachine consistency, with Aquamat quality monitoring software


Film formats35 mm 2, 3, 4-perforation
16 mm and Super 16 (option)
Imaging deviceCustom CMOS area sensor with piezo actuator for microscanning
Native resolution: 3K x 2K
Max. resolution with microscanning: 6K x 4K
IlluminationHigh power LEDs (R, G, B, IR) with feedback control for optimum long-term stability
Optical systemCustom Zeiss/ARRI lens with Adjustable pitch and Autofocus
Resolutions2K downsampled from 3K or 6K
4K downsampled from 6K
3K native
6K native
Bit depthSingle exposure: 14-bit
Double exposure: true 16-bit
Downsample filtersUser adjustable from crisp to soft
Film characteristics are preserved
Optimized for high contrast, intermediate, camera negative
Film transportMechanical pin registration
Fully computerized transport with adjustable parameters (speed, ramping, tension), 2 PTRs
Shuttle speed0.3 m/s, 1.0 m/s, 2.0 m/s (35 mm only)
Data formatsCineon 10-bit log
DPX 10-bit log, 16-bit log, 16-bit lin
TIFF 16-bit
TIFF 8-bit (proxies only)
Color calibrationStatus M density, printing density, custom matrix, custom LUT
Application softwareGUI on local touch screen and on remote PC via standard network connection
Interactive job editor; Fast, automatic grey balance and base calibration
Live preview during shuttling (Dailies Package only)
WorkflowCustomizable EDL importer
Keycode-based scanning
GUI and script-based job management
StorageDirect connection to SAN via FC (ADIC, CXFS)
Native support for Quantel Gene Pool
NAS connection via 1G Ethernet (single or multi channel) or InfiniBand
Direct support of ftp protocol BrightClip enabled
Host OSRHEL 4 (kernel 2.6.9)
Remote OSWindows XP

Additional Detailed Information:
Scanning Speed2KBasicStandardFull
Speed 2K (single flash)8 fps----8 fps
Speed 2K HDR (double flash)--1 fps5 fps5 fps
Speed 4K HDR(double flash)--0.25 fps1.5 fps1.5 fps

3K / 3K2Kssss
6K / 6K4K / 6K2K (micro scan)osss
HDR Mode (double flash)osss

Linux Host Computerssss
DI and Archive Packagessss
Internal Storagessss
Film Transport (35mm 2-3-4 perf)ssss
Digital Dailies Packagesoos
Infrared Illumination & Opticsosss
Keycode Readerosss
MultiMachine supportosss
SAN Supportosss
Hostrack with UPS--sss
External Control PC--sss
Touch Panel--sss
DICE activationoooo
35mm archive gateoooo
16mm packageoooo

s = standard feature
o = optional feature
-- = not available

Additional Information


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