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Magna-Tech MTE 2000

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Other Formats VTR & Accessories

NEWMagna-Tech MTE 2000

SKU# EQ428900N

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Model Details

* Crystal Speed Control
* Space Economy
* Two independent transports
* Combination 16/35mm
* 3000' Reel Capacity
* Local Operation at Sync Speed and 2X
* Local and remote advance and retard of individual films for interlock
* 24/25 or optional 30 FPS speed selection
* 4X sync speed through sprocket interlocked to MTE Projector
* Fast wind and rewind outside of sprocket
* Automatic loop setter
* Automatic torque motor cutoff
* Interchangeable long life plug in head assemblies all track configurations
* Interlock video with SMPTE/EBU edit time code & MTE "Multi-Lok II"
* All new Record Electronics Type 68D and Playback Type 69D


Local motion controls, Offset reset to return track to original sync position, one frame per second advance or retard of film in interlock, Advance/retard and offset reset, may be remoted to mixing console, Four interlock bus selector for studio or machine delegation, 16mm or 35mm film speed selector with automatic equalization change in playback and record amplifier, Sync or 2x speed selector forward-reverse in local mode, 24/25 frame selector, Local and interlock selector, main power for transport, Sprocket de-clutch from drive for start mark alignment, for running sound effects loops, operates only in forward run.

The 2000 Series Dual Dubber is designed to play back 16mm, 17.5 mm or 35mm (depending on the model) magnetic film for studio re-recording. The cabinet contains two complete electrically and mechanically independent dubbers. They are built on common panels with the film feeding from top to bottom. Adjacent cabinets can be joined for multiple installation. One of the transports can be equipped for recording. The sprocket is driven by a stepping motor and can be operated independently or in interlock. The reel spindles are directly driven by torque motors.

The film transport is mounted on an aluminum alloy plate 3/8" thick, stress relieved and precision ground. The mechanism employs a double flywheel flutter suppressor system and a single film sprocket. Sound drums, rollers and shafts are precision machined from non-magnetic stainless steel. Ball bearings used are of the selected stainless steel type. A quartz precision dashpot with a self-lubricated piston provides effective dampening of film motion against disturbances caused by film splices. The unit has an automatic film loop setter which locks the filter rollers when threading, assuring the correct length of the film loop. A de-tented tension switch adjusts for correct filter roller position. The tight loop film pulling mechanism permits complete interchange from one film size and speed to the other without altering or modifying the film transport.


Film Drive System
Crystal speed control, Stepping motor sprocket drive CMOS logic and control, 2x speed local, 4x with MTE Projector Sprocket de-clutch for start mark alignment, Machine can be cued on and off interlock Buss with no interruption to buss, 16mm, 35mm speeds push-button selected, Interlock buss selection from four sources, Dual gage sprocket pads, Drive signal may be looped to drive several machines.

0.06% RMS at 90 FPM
0.08% RMS at 36 FPM

0.5% THD at +16dbm Output level

Signal to Noise Ratio
70db below 100% output

Frequency Response
Standard SMPTE or CCIR curves for 16mm, 35mm & 17.5mm

Reel Spindle Drive & Controls
Single phase torque motors, Reel size take-up torque torque selector, Selector CW/CCW rotation upper spindle, Automatic film cutoff switch, wind and rewind buttons.

Magnetic Head
35mm - 1, 3, 4, 6, & 8 Track and 4 track Cinemascope format
16mm- 200 Mil edge or center track
160 Mil 2 track EBU or EBU + code track
90 Mil 3 track
60 Mil 4 track
100 Mil Stripe
17.5mm- 200 Mil

Rewind Time
400 feet.................................. 30 Seconds
1000 feet................................ 1 Minute
2000 feet................................ 2 Minutes

83" H x 18" D 27" W

300 lbs

Reproduce Output
600 ohms ungrounded + 4 VU

Record Input
15K ohm bridging + 4 VU buss

115V 10 Amps, 220V 5 amps, 50 or 60 cycles

Standard Models
Type 2036 16/35mm
Type 2036/7 26/35 & 17.5mm

Ordering Codes
Prefix MD Denotes dual reproducer
Prefix MRD Denotes one side reproduce, other side record/reproduce
Prefix MRDE Denotes right side reproduce, left side erase "pickup" record reproduce

MTE Accessories and Complimentary Equipment
used with the 2000 Series

The PR-616 16mm, PR-635 35mm or PR636 16/35mm High Projector Operating at Sync Speed, 3X Sync and 6X Sync speed.

Optical Shaft Encoder Kits for installation directly intothe projector or for interfacing with an existing other interlock system.

8LB Studio Selector and Sync Generator. Local sync generator for system operation without projector. 24/25 FPS, Crystal, line, or video sync. Includes 8 output distribution amplifier.

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