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Miranda Kaleido K2

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Model Description:
The Kaleido-K2 multi-image display system redefines signal monitoring by incorporating all conceivab

Model Details

32 Input Capacity: SDI, HD-SDI, VGA, Composite

Advanced Audio Display: AES, Embedded, Analog

High-Resolution/Superior Video Quality: 1600 x 1200 (UXGA)

Mission Critical Design: Front Loading, Redundant System Architecture

High Quality Processing
Kaleido-K2 advanced processing technology delivers pristine image quality. Designed with an internal high capacity bandwidth of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, the Kaleido-K2 can reproduce fine details even for small video windows. Each input is equipped with advanced de-interlacing and scaling engine to ensure high quality monitoring and lack of undesired artifacts. Each image can be scaled down to a fraction of the original size and up to full screen at 1600 x 1200. The graphic elements are keyed digitally at the precision of a pixel.

Flexible Input Configuration
Kaleido-K2 is capable of simultaneously displaying multiple SDI, analog and/or computer signals on a single display. Up to 8 video input modules can be inserted in a chassis, each SD-SDI or Composite video input module provides 4 inputs, HD-SDI input module provides 3 inputs and VGA input module, 2 inputs. Each input includes a frame synchroniser thus allowing monitoring of asynchronous sources as well as a mixture of 525/60 video, 625/50 video and various computer signal resolutions. In addition, Kaleido-K2 can decode multiple streaming videos for remote monitoring over standard TCP-IP networks.

Audio Monitoring
Kaleido-K2's flexible audio options allow monitoring of analog, AES or embedded audio signals. 3 audio modules can be inserted in the frame. Analog or AES audio input module allows 16 stereo channels of audio level meters. In addition, all 4 groups of audio in the SDI signal can be extracted for in-screen level metering. Phase correlation metering can be preformed between any audio pair. Ballistic, Meter Scale, peak hold, silence/overload threshold and zero level can be customized independently for each audio pair. The system also provides a stereo audio monitoring output thus allowing any audio pair to be selected and monitored using external speakers.

Daisy-Chain Capability
Two Kaleido-K2 systems can be daisy-chained for additional video and audio inputs or to provide system redundancy.

Variable Output Resolution
Kaleido-K2's analog RGBHV and DVI outputs can be scaled to support resolution all the way up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. This characteristic allows to exactly matches the "sweet spot" of a variety of computer, projection, and plasma displays.

Source IDs
Display windows can be configured to include source IDs (commonly called Under Monitor Displays or UMDs) to help identify the signal source and its origin. Each window can include multiple Source IDs, which may be positioned over, under, inside or to the side of the display window. Source IDs can be configured to track the status of a routing switcher or edited manually.

Clock Displays
Kaleido-K2 includes a time code input and can display multiple analog or digital clocks,each with individual time offsets.

Count Up/Down Timer
The count up/down timer can be controlled from the Kaleido-RCP.

Signal Status Reporting
Advanced status indicators are available for monitoring video and audio alarms. Furthermore, status indicators are available for monitoring hidden parameters in the vertical blanking interval (VBI) or in an MPEG-2 transport stream. Other signal and equipment status and alarms can be reported to the Kaleido-K2 via SNMP or GPI inputs and reported in the display. The Kaleido-K2 system also provides consolidated alarm reporting via SNMP or GPI outputs.

Internally Detected Video/Audio alarms

Video: signal presence, luminance too high, signal black and freeze

VBI: Close captioning presence and Vchip presence.

Audio: signal presence, silence, overload, out of phase or detected mono

Powerful Layout Editing
K-Edit software allows custom configuration of the display elements from an external PC. Each window can be configured for 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios and can be independently sized and positioned. Multiple tally displays, source Ids, status indicators, clocks and audio level meters can be added to create a customized monitor wall layout. A virtually unlimited number of layouts can be stored on the system and recalled afterwards.

Easy Control And Configuration
Kaleido-K2 allows multi-user access via TCP-IP network for system configuration, layout editing, layout selection and other operational control. Layout selection and other operational control can also be achieved using the Kaleido-RCP remote control panel. A single control panel can control multiple Kaleido systems.

Frame designed for mission critical applications
Live production requires bullet proof equipment upon which you can rely continuously. The Kaleido-K2 inherent redundant architecture and quick servicing combined with pristine quality images, provides a new solution for a monitor wall solution that no one could imagine possible.

A Kaleido-K2 is equipped with redundant power supplies, each with separate AC cords. Internal video dual bus allows insertion of redundant output modules. Each module with active components including input/output modules, GPI and PC assembly can be extract by the front panel. The cards are equipped with status LED's, allowing quick overview of system conditions. The power supplies are hot swappable and can be accessed by the rear. System quick video boot-up sequence allows displaying the video in the last layout configuration within 5 second of power up. The operating system including graphical elements and system configuration is totally independent of the video display which allows separation of video and system failure.

Layout Editing and Control
The K-Edit layout editor software allows the creation and editing of monitor wall layouts. Layouts can be saved and recalled afterwards using K-Edit or the Kaleido-RCP. Multiple users can access multiple Kaleido-K2 systems via a TCP-IP network (Ethernet). Layout creation and editing can also be performed off-line on a laptop or other PC and downloaded to the Kaleido-K2 systems once connected.

Remote Control Panel / Sample Layouts
The Kaleido-RCP control panel provides single key selection of up to 7 preset layouts. Additional layouts can be selected using a simple numeric keypad operation. The Kaleido-RCP also provides single key access to frequently used function such as full screen selection,input aspect ratio and underscan/overscan display mode of any displayed window. The remote panel can also control the audio volume and the output selection to the speakers. The Kaleido-RCP allows multiple users and seamless control of multiple Kaleido-K2 systems.

Kaleido-K2 includes 10 sample layouts of various aspect ratios and window disposition. Additional layouts can be easily created with the K-Edit Software. Borders, UMDs, clocks, status indicators and audio meters can be added to any display window.

Ordering Information

Kaleido-K2 Includes 4 RU Frame, MWO-HR Output Module, MWA-GPI GPI Inputs/Outputs Module, MWA-CPU CPU Assembly, Kaleido-RCP Remote Control Panel And Layout Editor Software

Input Modules

Mix And Match Any Input Modules, Eight Slots Available

MWI-SDI Four Channel SD-SDI Input Module

MWI-CVBS Four Channel Composite Input Module

MWI-VGA Dual Channel VGA-UXGA Input Module

MWI-HD Three Channel HD-SDI Input Module

Audio Input Modules

Insert Up To Three Audio Input Modules Each Module Provides 16 input Channels

MWI-SA 16 Channel Analog Stereo Audio Input Module

MWI-AES 16 Channel AES/EBU Audio Input Module


MWO-HR Analog/Digital VGA-UXGA Output Module

MWS-Streaming Kaleido Video Streaming Option

Enable Software Decoding of Streaming Video

MWS-Embedded SDI Input Embedded Audio Extraction

Enable Extraction of 8 AES For Audio Level Meetering

MWA-TBA-A Audio Module Terminal Bloc Adapter

MWA-TBA-G GPI Mudule Terminal Bloc Adaptor

KRCP-RK1 Kaleido-RCP Rack Mount Kit

Spare Parts

MWA-CPU CPU Assembly

MWA-GPI GPI Inputs/Outputs Module

Kaleido-RCP Remote Control Panel

MWA-PSU Replacement Power Supply Module

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