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Transmission Modulator & Processor

Sencore IRD 3384A

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Item #:MO795566
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Model Description:
ATSC Integrated Receiver Decoder

Model Details

When the IRD 3384A receives a command, it processes it, makes any changes necessary, and sends back a command or set of commands. The command it sends back can give the answer to any inquiries that were made and/or update any status settings that were changed.


  • The IRD 3384 is able to tune to any VHF/UHF or CATV channel
  • Decodes MPEG-2 video of Main Profile at High Level up to 60 Mbits/s and supports all ATSC formats including 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i
  • The selected Transport Stream input is simultaneously output to the SMPTE310M, ASI, and the DVB parallel ports
  • Allows the Transport Stream to be processed downstream by a remodulator, demultiplexer, MPEG storage devices, or other equipment
  • Allows 2 completely independent audio decoders
  • Provides high quality, high bandwidth decoded digital outputs for downstream processing of both the video and the audio
  • Provides multiple analog video outputs for real-time monitoring and downstream processing
  • Provides information about the decoded video and audio to verify that the decoded video is as expected
  • Can be controlled via RS232 with all front panel functions and information accessible through remote operation
  • Decodes and displays selected PSIP information as an overlay on the video
  • Decodes EIA-708B closed caption, including DTVCC and NTSC services, and embeds it into the video outputs, following the SMPTE334M standard
  • Can embed up to two decoded audio services ? if present

  • 8VSB Input : Tuning Range: VHF/UHF (Ch2 ? Ch69), CATV (Ch2 ? Ch134); Sensitivity: -15dBmV; Dynamic range: >35dB; Connector: F-81 Type, panel mount, 75 ohms; SNR MEASUREMENT: Accuracy: ? 1dB; Range: 0 ? 40dB
  • TRANSPORT STREAM : ASI Serial TS Input/Output: 1 ASI Input, 1 ASI Output? 2 BNC?s; Standard: EN50083-9 (V2:3/98) DVB ASI; Data Bit rate: 270 Mbits/s (Max TS 60 Mbits/s; 310M Serial TS Input/Output: 1 SMPTE310M Input, 1 SMPTE310M Output: 2 BNCs; Standard: SMPTE 310M; Data Bit Rate: 19.392658 Mb/s, synchronous; Parallel (SPI) TS Input/Output: 1 LVDS TS Input, 1 LVDS TS; Output: 2 parallel connectors; Standard: DVB EN50083-9 (V2:3/98) DVB SPI; Data Bit Rate (In/Out): 1.5 ? 60 Mb/s; Connector: 25 pin D-sub (2), female
  • Video Decoder : Compatibility Standard: MPEG-2 compatible MP@HL; Decoder Bit Rate: 1.5 ? 60 Mb/s; Format @ Frame rate: 18 ATSC formats; Scalability: Input/Output format fully selectable; Up/Down Convention: 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i
  • Analog Video Outputs : Output Type: simultaneous Component (YPbPr) and RGBHV; Video format: 1080i, 720p, 480p; Output Standard: EIA-770.3; Sync: HD, VD: TTL,Component Sync: Tri-level (Y only); Output Type: Composite Standard (480i); Output standard: ANSI/SMPTE 170M- 1994; Connector (480i) Composite = BNC, S-Video = 4-pin DIN
  • Digital Video : SDI Output: Standard: ITU-BT.601/SMPTE 259M; Data Bit Rate: 270Mbps; Embedded audio: SMPTE272M; Audio sample rate: 48KHz; Optional HD SDI Output: Standard: SMPTE 292M; Data Bit Rate: 1.485Gbps; Embedded audio: SMPTE 299M; Audio sample rate: 48KHz
  • Audio Decoders (2) and Outputs : Analog Audio Out : 2 Ch ? Stereo (L,R), downmix (Lt,Rt), off; Connectors: Unbalanced out 2 BNC at 50 Ohm, Balanced out Terminal block at 50 Ohm; Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz < +/-2dB; Digital Audio Out: AC-3 or PCM-Ch1/2; Standard: AES-3 (IEC 60958-3), AC-3, MPEG-1, layers 1 and 2, AES3id (IEC 60958-4)
  • Closed Caption : Overlay: DTVCC or NTSC services onto video; DTVCC Overlay Services: Follows FCC 00259 requirements; Standard: NTSC - EIA 608B, EIA708B; Embedded: NTSC into ancillary space and line 21 of the SDI NTSC, DTVCC into ancillary space of HD-SDI; Analog video: NTSC services available on line 21
  • Display Type : VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
  • Display Configuration : 4 lines x 20 characters
  • Keypad : Mechanical switches
  • Remote Interface : RS232 over 9 pin D-sub
  • Power : AC Input, 100V - 240VAC
  • Power Consumption : Normal operating - 50W, 200W max
  • Operating Temperature : 15 to 35 degrees C
  • Size : Height = 2U, Width = 19 inches, Depth = 14 inches
  • Weight : 15 pounds

Additional Information

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