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Video Disk Recorder


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Item #:MO787289
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Networked Servers for Live SlowMotion and Highlight s Editing

Model Details

LSM-XT, key features
Easy selection of many operational configurations
Intuitive control panel / unified operator interface
Multi-user and networkable
PGM / PVW channel swapping
Control via RS-422 VDCP (Louth), Odetics,
BVW or XtenDD-35
Compatible with all known Super Motion cameras
Super Motion and normal mode simultaneously

Additional Detailed Information:

Super Motion Mode
Capturing the action with 3 times the accuracy
LSM-XT is compatible with all super (slow) motion cameras on the market. These special cameras scan images at 3 times the normal rate (150 fields per second in a PAL environment or 180 for NTSC). The increased temporal resolution obtained this way enables slow motion replays of unequalled smoothness. The individual frames are also much sharper; they suffer less from motion blur, because of the shorter exposure time. Super motion technology reveals detail to the television spectator, invisible to the naked eye. All the athletes' emotions: pain, joy, doubt, happiness… It's all there, crisp and clear, even when in reality it occurred only during a split second. Also advertisements on billboards may become visible more clearly during a replay, resulting in smiling sponsors.
The camera interface
The operator simply selects one of the super motion modes from the configuration menu. PGM/PVW modes are available on 5- and 6-channel systems. Super motion video comes in from the camera's base station on 3 parallel SDI links. The LSM-XT interleaves these 3 signals into a single picture flow, in addition to which up to 2 normal feeds can be recorded at the same time.
To the operator
 The replay speed of super motion clips can be varied from 0 - 100 %, just as ordinary video. Normal clips and super motion material may co-reside in one system and can be mixed & wiped when in play-list mode. Using the PVW channel, the next replay can be cued while airing another one, seamlessly chaining different types of clips. All clips are preserved when switching to another configuration.
 Audio remains in perfect synchronization, all the way down to the extreme decelerations afforded by super motion mode. This is particularly useful when airing cricket, baseball or similar sports.

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