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DDR, VDR (Video Disk Recorders)

nNovia QC80AN

BCS Price: $2,047.91
Item #:MO787135
Condition:Reference Item
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Model Description:
Industry’s only DV-to-DDR with integrated media converter. 60 GB = 4.5Hour.IEEE-1394 Firewire in/out

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DDR, VDR (Video Disk Recorders)

NEWnNovia QC80AN

SKU# EQ432728N

Industry’s only DV-to-DDR with integrated media converter. 60 GB = 4.5Hour.IEEE-1394 Firewire in/out


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A2D special description: IEEE-1394 Firewire input and output Composite, S-video, Gen-lock, and L/R locked audio. All the great features of QuickCapture in the same physical package! Additional drop mark, search and slow motion capabilities. Break-out cable in rear of unit for analog I/O. Can be used as a media converter when in idle mode (not recording/playing) 3.0, 4.5 and 6.0 hours storage Battery powered or AC adapter Belt-worn or camera mounted Anton-Bauer Gold Mount allows easy mounting to cameras. Available models and Prices: QC40AN QC40AP QuickCaptureA2D 40GB/3 Hour $1399. QC60AN QC60AP QuickCaptureA2D 60GB/4.5 Hour $1599. QC80AN QC80AP QuickCaptureA2D 80GB/6 Hour $1799. QCA40AN QCA40AP Anton Bauer QC A2D 40GB/3Hour $1599. QCA60AN QCA60AP Anton Bauer QC A2D 60GB/4.5 Hour $1799. QCA80AN QCA80AP Anton Bauer QC A2D 80GB/6 Hour $1999. QuickCapture standard description: Designed for ENG and Professional Videographers, QuickCapture™ greatly reduces time and cost by recording “Edit-Ready” clips directly to a hard disk drive from any DV camera during field shooting. This eliminates the lengthy “capture” process. Clips are marked while shooting for quick access, then instantly accessed by a non-linear editor (NLE) such as Adobe Premeire or stand-alone NLE system, such as MacroSystem's Casablanca when post-production commences. QuickCapture™ is soon to be the “de facto” standard for DV field acquisition. Why Shoot with QuickCapture? • Save Time and Money: – Instant edit, no capture required – High-speed downloads – Ultra long recording times: No more 80 minute tape limitations. Record up to 6 hours on an 80GB HDD! – Eliminates the wear & tear on your camcorder while capturing digital video content to your stand-alone NLE. – Emulates VTR functionality for real-time batch captures • Rough-cut, Raw DV Editing: – “Mark” during shooting for quick clip location. – Instantly search to “mark” locations for efficient downloading. • Edit Ready File Format Conversion: – Raw DV to .AVI file format. (Type-1 Type-2) – Ensures compatibility with most all major NLE systems. • Secure: – No more than two seconds of video content will be lost in the event of power failure while recording. – Dual media recording: User always records to both tape and QuickCapture. • Convenience: – Rechargable, battery-operated design with belt-worn case. – Compact, lightweight and highly portable. – Simple, yet robust operation: No formatting required! • Reliable and Highly Compatible: – Stand-alone, non-linear editing – Accepts all IEEE 1394 AV commands from your NLE and camcorder. – Supports IEEE-1394 DV camcorders; NTSC or PAL. – Durable, anti-shock engineering. Applications: -Stand-alone NLE and linear editing -Wedding & Event videography -Capture assist; VTR emulation -Electronic News Gathering (ENG) -Electronic Field Production (EFP) -Field acquisition


QuickCapture A2D Key Features
nAnalog I/O
nBi-directional composite and S-video
nGen-lock timecode
nL/R audio (unbalanced; locked)
nDigital 1394
nConvert between digital input/output and analog input/output
nAnalog input with digital output
nAnalog input with analog output
nDigital input with analog output
nDigital input with digital output
nRemote control Universal Plug
nAccessory plug-in module for RS-422 control
nAccessory plug-in for GPI control
nEnhanced content organization and control
nSlow motion (1/2X-1/32X; pause; frame stepping; progressive “Slo-Mo” frame stepping.
nQuickSearch feature to drop mark in either forward or reverse directions.
nNTSC Brightness settings

QuickCapture A2D Enhanced Bin Features
nQuickCapture A2D offers the same Bin features of QuickCapture plus:
nQuickCapture A2D can QuickSearch up to 99 discrete bins.
nQuickSearch to any Clip within a Bin (forward or reverse).
nMarks can be inserted into a Clip and QuickSearched

QuickCapture A2D Key Usage
nInput any analog source; capture as DV; and export digitally.
nExpensive analog cameras now have a cost-effective solution for digital output.
nVTR output can now be, both converted and recorded for quick and easy import.
nLive-view digital capture onto a monitor or television screen.
nNo need for a separate media converter.
nUtilize as a media converter when not playing or recording.
nQuickCapture A2D is a media converter when not being used as a recorder or player.
nConverts A-to-D or D-to-A while turned on and idle.
nOrganize content through drop mark and fast search to desired location.
nQuite useful for video-assist applications
nUse with controllers via optional RS-422 control.
nPerfect for long format shooting and recording

Standard QuickCapture Features:
 Compact & lightweight
- Integrated IDE HDD
- Records raw DV or edit-ready clips
- Organize content as you record
- 99 numbered BINs, each with up to 128 video clips
- Backlit LCD displays video clip information
- Mark while shooting
- Instant access to mark locations.
- Up to 6 hours of continuous recording using an 80 GB HDD
- VTR emulation
- Simple VTR-like push button controls
- Compatible with all popular DV camcorders
- 100% compatible with most all PC and Apple NLE systems and IEEE-1394 capture cards
- Two selectable user operating modes
• VTR mode
• HDD mode
- One IEEE-1394 DV Input /Output 6-pin connector
- Anti-Shock Engineering
- Operates either with Battery or A/C Adapter

Standard QuiackCapture specifications:
Recording format
- DV25; NTSC and PAL
• Audio
- 16-bit, 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz
• Recording time:
- Up to 6 hours with an 80GB HDD
• Download at faster than real-time via IEEE-1394
• Push button control
• Backlit LCD support
• File Number
• VTR and HDD emulation
• User Prompt Messages
- Battery Life
- Speed
- Time Code
- Recording Time Remaining on HDD
• Size: 5.75” x 4.25” x 2.5” (w/ AB Mounts)
• Weight: Approximately 13 ounces
• Power: 4.2 Watts Average Draw
• Voltage: 6-30 VDC via Battery or with Optional AC Adapter
• Connectivity: IEEE-1394 6-pin connector
• Temperature
- 41°F - 104°F Operating
- 40°F - 149°F Non-Op.
• Anti-Shock Resistant Buffer
• Anton-Bauer (AB) Gold Mounts

• System Compatibility
- Stand-alone NLEs
- Apple: OS9; OSX; iMac
- PC: Windows XP; Windows 2000, Windows 98; Windows ME
- Compatible with all PC and Apple NLE Suites and all camcorders

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