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Misc. Test Equipment

Sencore AAVS S310

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Item #:MO722698
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Model Description:
All in One Digital Video Analyser from SMPTE to CCIR.

Model Details

Digital Video Analyser from SMPTE to CCIR, for digital video analysing ( serial and parallel), with internal video patern generator

Read the Specifications and amazing features:


S310 Digital Video Analyser Features:


Tests composite and component serial or parallel digital video signals in both 525 and 625 line standards


All tests are performed to international standards with easy to read pass or fail indicators located on the front panel


Direct readout LCD display and analog outputs provide detailed analysis of all key signal parameters, including: clock jitter, DC bias, TRS errors, reserve code errors, presence of non-recommended luminance or chroma levels, and much more


A comprehensive CCIR 601 pattern generator, Genlockable, with 34 different test patterns, two serial outputs, one parallel output, and our exclusive signal error introduction system


Contains user selectable alarm thresholds that can provide instant warning of out-of-limit signal parameters


Optional software interface provides for remote control of the unit, automated testing, and exclusive data error logging capabilities



Serial Signals
Amplitude - INPUT SIGNAL MAXIMUM LIMITS: ±10 V. MEASUREMENT RANGE: ±1.5 V. RIPPLE MEASUREMENT RANGE (Vrp): <1.5 V. Vrp FREQUENCY RANGE: 0 to 10 kHz. MEASUREMENT RESOLUTION: 12 mV. TEST OUTPUT FOR MEASUREMENTS: Vpp and Vrp identical value to voltage measured at 75 Ohms.

Jitter - PARALLEL SIGNAL JITTER RANGE: ±7.5 ns. SERIAL SIGNAL JITTER RANGE: ±1.5 ns. SERIAL SIGNAL JITTER RESOLUTION: 40 pS +10 pS with 10 m of cable. PARALLEL SIGNAL JITTER BANDWIDTH: 1.4 kHz. PARALLEL TEST OUTPUT JITTER: 100 mV/ns at 75 Ohms. SERIAL TEST OUTPUT JITTER: 300 mV/ns at 75 Ohms. MISCELLANEOUS - MON OUTPUT: 720 mV at 75 Ohms, DC component not transmitted. CLOCK OUTPUT: Parallel signal clock 400 mVpp at 75 Ohms, DC component not transmitted.

Measurements Common To Serial And Parallel Signals - PREAMBLE ERROR DETECTION: The analyser has a "hard" preamble detector, which allows detection of a preamble error on the 4 least significant bits. TEST OUTPUT LEVELS FOR DISPLAY OF RESERVED CODES AND TRS ERRORS: 700 mV at 75 Ohms.

Major Alarm Threshold
SERIAL SIGNAL: Signal absence or TRS word error frequency of more than 10 errors in 500 ms. PARALLEL SIGNAL: When clock/data phase measurement shows clock phase to be outside the range of ±11 nS. SECONDARY ALARM THRESHOLD: When one parameter falls outside specifications. SERIAL LINK: Adjustable from 2,400 to 19,200 Baud; delivered set at 9,600 Baud. OTHER PARAMETERS: 8 bits, 1 start bit, no parity.

Parallel Signals
Amplitude - INPUT SIGNAL MAXIMUM LIMITS: 0 V to -5.2 V. CLOCK SIGNAL MEASUREMENT RANGE: -1.29 V ± 1.29 V. VAV DATA MEASUREMENT RANGE: -1.29 V ±1.29 V. MEASUREMENT RESOLUTION: 11mV. MEASUREMENT PRECISION: ±25 mV. TEST OUTPUT FOR VPP AND VRP MEASUREMENTS: Vpp value identical to the measured signal. VAV: Displayed value is measured value +1.79V.

Clock/Data Phase - PRECISION: ±1.5 ns. TEST OUTPUT LEVEL: 700 mV at 75 Ohms.



Outputs - 1 parallel digital output to CCIR Rec. 656, 2 270 Mb/s serial digital outputs at 75 Ohms.

Calibrated errors on parallel signal - Level errors can be introduced in the clock signal and on the two most significant bits. PEAK-TO-PEAK LEVEL ERROR: Vpp minimum = 0.25 V, ±0.1 V, Vpp nominal = 1.1 V, ±0.1 V. AVERAGE LEVEL ERROR: Vav min = 1.60 ±0.05 V, Vav nom = 1.29 ±0.05 V, Vav max = -0.95 ±0.05 V. RIPPLE VOLTAGE ERROR: 1V ±10% at 122 Hz or 7812 Hz. CLOCK/DATA PHASE ERROR: -12 ns to +16 ns in steps of 4 ns, ±2 ns precision for each step.

Errors common to parallel and serial signals - Ability to introduce reserved codes as well as errors in TRS word and preambles. JITTER ERROR: 4 ±1 ns at 122 Hz or 976 Hz.

Patterns - PATTERNS AVAILABLE: 34. OF WHICH: CCIR - 14 patterns, user configurable - 2 patterns, others - 18 patterns. ACCESSIBLE VIA FRONT-PANEL CONTROLS: 16 patterns. ACCESSIBLE VIA SOFTWARE/SERVICE MODULE: 34 patterns. PATTERN 1: 75% colour bars. PATTERN 2: 100% colour bars. PATTERN 3: multi-burst. PATTERN 4: green (270 Mb/s serial test). PATTERN 5: magenta (270 Mb/s serial test). PATTERN 6: grey. PATTERN 7: black and white alternating at 0.1 Hz. PATTERN 8: end-of-lines pulses. PATTERN 9: black/white ramp. PATTERN 10: yellow/grey ramp. PATTERN 11: grey/ blue ramp. PATTERN 12: cyan/grey ramp. PATTERN 13: grey/red amp. PATTERN 14: Cb, Y, Cr, Y ramps. PATTERN 15: programmable pattern. PATTERN 16: programmable pattern. PATTERN 17: white end-of-line porches. PATTERN 18: blue end-of-line porches. PATTERN 19: red end-of-line porches. PATTERN 20: yellow end-of-line porches. PATTERN 21: cyan line end-of-line porches. PATTERN 22-34: grey.


CONSTRUCTION:2U 19" rack mounting unit. DEPTH: 328 mm (13"). WEIGHT: Basic unit - 5 kg (11 lbs), with all options - 6.2 kg (13.64 lbs). AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE: +5°C to +45°C.


POWER SUPPLY: 105-130 V AC, 50-60 Hz (220 V Opt). MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION: 50 watts (all optional modules included). FUSE: 1.6 A (time-delay fuse).

Additional Detailed Information:

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