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Video Disk Recorder

Sony MAV777/08

SONY / MAV777/08
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Model Description:
Multi Access HD Video Disk Recorder with 8 hours of recording

Model Details

High Definition multi-access Video Disk Recorder w/ 8 hours storage utilizing HDCAM® compression. Standard 1in/1out capability upgradeable to 4 channel I/O capability (1in/3out, 2in/2out, or 3in/1out) with option boards (BKMA720 & BKMA730). HD-SDI output ports also drive down-converted SDI outputs in Standard Definition. Rugged construction and shock mounted HDD’s, RAID3 for Video and RAID 1 (mirrored) technology for Audio. Time shift recording, Loop playback and loop record available standard. \


  • HDCAM® Compression The MAV-777 is based on the HDCAM codec for superlative picture quality.
  • VTR Style Control Panel The MAV-777 can be operated by anyone familiar with front-panel VTR editing. This means that the learning curve is short and shallow.
  • Supports 422 VTR Protocol The MAV-777 is compatible with the Sony BVE editor line, making it easy to add to existing linear editing systems.
  • Flexible I/O 4 simultaneous I/Os are available with input and/or output cards allowing the following configurations: 1in/3out, 3in/1out, 2in/2 out.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Operation Records incoming feed while the operator begins the editing process after only 2 seconds of video has been recorded.  Also able to air content while editing and play files back to air while still recording.
  • Asynchronous File Transfer The MAV-777 will be able to provide file transfer capability over Gigabit Ethernet with optional GbE package.
  • Ethernet File Directory Browsing The MAV-777 has the ability to connect to a PC network via 10 BaseT. A user can browse the file list, select files to monitor and control it.
  • Real Time Audio/Video Editing The MAV-777 provides A/V split editing independently by channels. Audio cross fades, Slide, Swap, Mix down, Voice over and A/V level controls are all available to the user. (Video Effects: Pattern: Dissolve Wipe: Single, Rotary, Matrix; 2D: Still Mirror,
  • Super Motion The MAV-777 does not support super motion. Super motion is supported in Model MAV-555SS.
  • High Reliability RAID 3, mirrored file list data, on-line rebuild.  Shock-resistant design to meet the demands of all broadcast users, including remotes.
  • G-Shuttleâ„¢ The MAV-555A is able to playback material with VTR-like response: Jog +/-1.0 times with DJS, Var +/-1.0 times shuttle +/-500 times. In addition, it supports G-Shuttle, providing whole frames of pictures up to four times normal speed.

  • Power Requirements - AC 90V to 265V, 48 Hz to 64 Hz
  • Power Consumption - 600W
  • Operating Temperature - +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Humidity - 25% to 80% (relative humidity)
  • Weight - 110 lbs. (50kg)
  • Dimensions - Main frame 19 inches rack mount 6U W x H x D:  16.8 x 24.7 inches (427 x 280 x 628mm)
  • Recording/Playback Time - 8 hours
  • Search Speed - SHUTTLE Mode: Max. +/-500 times normal speed JOB/VAR Mode: +/-1 times normal speed selectable, field by field, DJS Program Play:      +/-10% normal speed*1 Cue Up Time:     Min. 0.5 seconds Time Shift:           Min. 60 frames Clip:                    Mi
  • Video Reference - BNC (x2 loop-through connection), HD tri-level or composite, 0.3Vp-p, 75f, sync negative
  • Timecode In - BNC (x1) x 3 ports, 0.5Vp-p 18Vp-p, 10kf, unbalanced
  • Timecode Out - BNC (x1) x 3ports 2.2Vp-p at 600f load, low impedance, unbalanced
  • Headphones - JM-60 stereo phone jack -to-12dBu at 8f load, unbalanced
  • Inputs: HDSDI - BNC (w/ loop-through) x up to 3 ports, SMPTE 292M
  • Inputs: Digital Audio - BNC (stereo pair x2) x 2 ports, AES/EBU
  • Outputs: HDSDI - BNC (x2) x up to 3 ports, SMPTE 292M
  • Outputs: Digital Audio - BNC (stereo pair x2) x 3 ports, AES/EBU
  • Outputs: Video Monitor - HDSDI: BNC x1, SMPTE 292M, with character super SDI: BNC x1, SMPTE 259M, with character super Composite: BNC x1, with character super
  • Outputs: Audio Monitor - XLR x2 +4dBu at 600f load, low impedance, balanced
  • Remote: RS-4224A Remote In 1/2/3/4 - D-Sub9 (F) x4, Sony 9pin VTR protocol, Sony 9pin Disk protocol
  • Remote RS-4224A Remote Out 1/2 - D-Sub9 (F) x2, for external VTR control Sony 9pin VTR protocol
  • Ethernet - GPI - RJ45 x1, 10 Base T

Additional Detailed Information:
Product Highlights
  • Adopts HDCAM format
  • In standard configuration, the system has 1 Input channel and 1 output channel. It can be upgraded to 2In/2Out, 1In/3Out, or 3In/1Out
  • Dedicated control panels with a jog/shuttle dial, hard keys, and a fader offers a linear-like environment

  • Optional: 2034CLMAV - DNF Shotbox for MAV555 or MAV777 Video Disk Recorder
  • Optional: 4000CLMAVPBIO - DNF Production Switcher Interface
  • Optional: BKMA506 - MAV-555 Control PanelExpansion Kit
  • Optional: BKMA720 - MAV777 HDCAM® Input Board
  • Optional: BKMA730 - MAV777 HDCAM® Output Board
  • Optional: DMATMAVT - DNF DMAT Sports Controller w/T-Bar
  • Optional: MAVED555 - Editing Panel
  • Optional: MAVEF555 - Editing Panel
  • Optional: RMM555 - Rack Mount Kit

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