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CCD Camera

Sony XC777A

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Item #:MO665922
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Model Description:
1/3 inch CCD Color Camera, NTSC

Model Details

The XC-777/777P is the 1/3-inch IT CCD miniaturized version of the XC-999/999P, developed for applications where the size of the 1/2-inch camera is a restriction. The unit provides the same high quality images as the XC-999/999P, but in a substantially reduced package.
Low weight and power consumption make this unit ideal when these factors are critical - such as in battery-powered vehicles. Camera XC-777 (XC-777P) works in accordance with EIA (CCIR) video norm, using NTSC (PAL) color coding system.
High resolution
Electronic shutter
Single-piece camera, no separate CCU
Composite, Y/C (S-video) outputs
Internal sync
Auto Tracing White (ATW) and manual white balance
Compact design: 22×22×89 mm, 75 g

2. Main features
Most features are compatible with the XC-999/999P
Electronic shutter
Several electronic shutter modes, featured by the XC-777/777P cameras, allow user to control the exposure time according to the current working conditions.

Normal mode
Shutter off mode, intended for capturing still objects.
Normal shutter
A standard electronic shutter with shutter speeds 1/1 000 sec and 1/4 000 sec.
Flickerless mode
For suppressing the flicker of light (illuminating the captured scene) produced depending upon the frequency of the power source. The shutter speed is 1/100 sec for thee 50 Hz area and 1/120 sec for the 60 Hz area.
Color handling
The color separation is in the 1-chip XC-777/777P camera achieved by complementary color mosaic filter.

According to the lighting conditions the XC-777/777P may operate in three different white balance modes: fixed (3200 or 5600 K), ATW (auto tracing white balance) and manual (by adjusting red and blue colors).

Internal synchronization
The camera's read-out process is controlled by internally generated synchronization. No external sync is available.

Scanning system (interlaced)
The camera operates in standard 2:1 interlace mode.

Interlace mode
Full frame image is split into two fields: odd (lines 1-3-5...) and even (2-4-6...). It enables higher image resolution, but two steps (2 · 1/60 = 1/30 sec or 2 · 1/50 = 1/25 sec for CCIR) are necessary to read out full frame data. Period of VD signal is V = (A + 1/2)H in this mode, Ais an integer.
The XC-777/777P camera provides a 12-pin multiconnector to output the generated video signal, VBS or Y/C, 1 Vp-p, 75 ohm (the connector serves also as power input).

The other, 3-pin connector connects the auto iris lens.

3. Comprehensive specifications
Note: The following table tries to describe all known features and parameters of the camera. When a times mark (×) is filled in a cell, it means that the camera doesn't employ accordant feature or specifying such parameter doesn't make any sense for this camera type.

Signal system
Video normEIA (60 field)CCIR (50 field)
Color codingNTSCPAL
Scanning frequency (field)59.94 Hz50 Hz
Scanning frequency (vertical)15.734 kHz15.625 kHz
Scanning frequency (horizontal)
Pickup device1/3-inch Hyper HAD IT CCD1/3-inch Hyper HAD IT CCD
Total picture elements
Effective picture elements768×494752×582
Elements in video out
Cell size
Sensing area4.8×3.6 mm4.8×3.6 mm
Chip dimensions
Optical black (H)
Optical black (V)
Dummy bits (H)
Dummy bits (V)
Operating modes
Output modes2:1 interlaced2:1 interlaced
Scan. system 2:1 interlaced525 lines, 2 fields625 lines, 2 fields
Scan. system noninterlaced
Charge accumulation
Serial control interface××
Shutter typesnormalnormal
Normal shutteroff, flickerless (1/100), 1/1000, 1/4000 secoff, flickerless (1/120), 1/1000, 1/4000 sec
Special shutter
Low speed shutter
High speed shutter
Trigger shutter
External sync system
Optical parameters
Sensitivity2000 lux F5.6 (AGC OFF)2000 lux F5.6 (AGC OFF)
Minimum illumination4.5 lux F1.2 (AGC ON)4.5 lux F1.2 (AGC ON)
Signal/noisebetter than 48 dB (AGC OFF)better than 46 dB (AGC OFF)
Technical specifications
Video outputcomposite VBS (1.0 Vp-p, sync negative, 75 ohm),
Y/C (Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm, C: the level depends on composite out signal)composite VBS (1.0 Vp-p, sync negative, 75 ohm),
Y/C (Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm, C: the level depends on composite out signal)
Dimensions22×22×89 mm22×22×89 mm
Weight75 g75 g
Power consumption2.3 W2.3 W
Lens mountspecial (C-mount with adaptor)special (C-mount with adaptor)
Flange back length
Connectors12-pin for video out, power in
3-pin lens connector12-pin for video out, power in
3-pin lens connector
In/Out requirements
PowerDC 12 V ±10 %DC 12 V ±10 %
Power voltage tolerance10.5 to 15.0 V10.5 to 15.0 V
External sync allowable frequency
External sync in
Internal sync out
Trigger in
Trigger in duration
Vibrations resistance
Shock resistance70g70g
Temperature of guaranteed performance
Operating temperature0 to 40 °C0 to 40 °C
Operating humidity20 to 80 % (no condensation permissible)20 to 80 % (no condensation permissible)
Storage temperature-20 to 60 °C-20 to 60 °C
Storage humidity20 to 90 % (no condensation permissible)20 to 90 % (no condensation permissible)
Controls and functions
Gamma correction
Gain modeauto - fix (0 dB)auto - fix (0 dB)
Manual gain
Field invert

4. Complementary and related products
Best suited framegrabbers for use with XC-777/777P
Leutron Vision offers complete, well-known line of framegrabbers, PicPort®. The best suited for work with XC-777/777P are:

Low-cost framegrabber for image acquisition from color video cameras (PAL/CCIR, NTSC/EIA).
Correspondent cables
Please choose all the necessary cables for connecting the camera to a framegrabber.

Camera accessories
Leutron Vision also provides a range of lenses and illumination products, as well as other camera accessories.

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