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PAL Sync Generator

Tektronix TSG-131A

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Item #:MO642670
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Model Description:
Multiformat Test Signal Generator, PAL

Model Details

14L x 8W x 2H dimentions of unit.

•Component Analog Video Equipment Maintenance

The TSG131A is a low cost, multiformat test signal generator tailored for testing and servicing of Betacam, GBR, S-VHS, Hi-8, PAL and monochrome 625/50 video equipment. The 10-Bit digital signal generation and internal architecture allow generation of signals with the accuracy and stability until now available only in higher cost generators.

With the TSG131A, you get all the signals you need to test video levels, linearity, frequency response, phase response, clamp performance, chrominance noise, picture monitor alignment, inter-channel timing and more.

For convenience in servicing S-VHS VCRs, the TSG131A provides the PAL and Y/C outputs simultaneously, with the Y/C outputs available both from BNC connectors and the standard 4-Pin S-connector. Two channels of 1 kHz audio tone are provided on balanced XLR outputs. These phase locked tones are easily identified with the selectable ID pulse in channel one.

Features & Benefits
•Low Cost Test Signal Generator
•Tailored for Service Applications
•EBU N10 Component Levels
•Supports Betacam, S-VHS
•Hi-8, GBR, and PAL Formats
•Y, BY, RY, GBR, or YC, PAL and S-connector Outputs
•High Accuracy Test Signal Generation
•Two Channels of Audio Tone With Channel One Identification
•Compact and Lightweight

Features & Benefits•Low Cost Test Signal Generator•Tailored for Service Applications•EBU N10 Component Levels•Supports Betacam, S-VHS•Hi-8, GBR, and PAL Formats•Y, BY, RY, GBR, or YC, PAL and S-connector Outputs•High Accuracy Test Signal Generation•Two Channels of Audio Tone With Channel One Identification•Compact and Lightweight

Characteristics(Standard and all options)PAL, YC Test Signal GeneratorLuminance Amplitude Accuracy - ±1%.Chrominance Amplitude Accuracy (C Channel) - ±1%.Chrominance-to-luminance Gain - ±1%.Chrominance-to-luminance Delay - ?15 ns.Frequency Response - ±2% to 5.8 MHz.SCH Phase Accuracy - 0° ±5°.Line Blanking Interval - 10.9 µs ±0.2 µs.Output Impedance - 75 ?.Component Test Signal GeneratorAmplitude -Accuracy: ±1%.Channel to Channel match: ±0.5%; B-Y and R-Y relative to Y.Frequency Response -Y Channel: ±2% to 5.8 MHz, ±2% to 5.5 MHz.B-Y, R-Y Channels: ±2% to 3 MHz.Channel to Channel Timing Match - Within 5 ns; B-Y and R-Y relative to Y.Sync Amplitude - 300 mV.Blanking Width - 12.0 µs ±0.15 µs.Output Impedance - 75 ?.TSG131A rear panel.Internal ReferenceFrequency - 4.43361875 MHz.Stability Over Temperature - Within 10 Hz from 5 °C to 35 °C.Opt. 10 - Within 5Hz from 5 °C to 35 °C.Audio Tone GeneratorFrequency - 1 kHz.Amplitude - 0 to +8 dBu into 600 ? or a high impedance load.Distortion - ?0.5% THD + noise.Click ID - Rate adjustable from 0.2 Hz to 4 Hz.Power SourceMains -Voltage Range: 90-130 VAC; 180-250 VAC.Frequency Range: 48-62 Hz.Power Consumption - 15 W typical.EnvironmentalTemperature -Operating: 0 °C to +35 °C.Nonoperating: -40 °C to +65 °C.CertificationsEMC - Certified to the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.Safety - Approved to: UL1244, CSA231.Complies with: EN61010-1, IEC61010-1.Physical CharacteristicsDimensionsmmin.Width205.78.1Height43.41.71Depth38115Weightkglb.Net1.473.25Shipping3.27.06

Additional Detailed Information:
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