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Sync Generator


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Computer-Video & Composite Video Test Generator

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Sync Generator


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Computer-Video & Composite Video Test Generator

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Model Details

The VTG 200 is a fully field programmable, hand-held Video Test Generator featuring high-resolution, wide bandwidth scan format reproduction of any computer, NTSC or PAL video signal. Because the VTG 200 is portable, easy-to-use and features an auto-switchable internal 100-240 volt power supply, it is perfect for world-wide applications where accurate computer and video signal reproduction is required for test, set-up, alignment or system troubleshooting. The VTG 200 includes a user-friendly, backlit LCD read-out, a metal enclosure and more (80) preprogrammed scan formats. The VTG 200 also includes an additional test pattern (SMPTE color bars and pluge pattern), a composite video output (NTSC, PAL and PAL PLUS) and is user programmable through its RS-232 port. These additional features make the VTG 200 the ultimate Video Test Generator for projector set-up, alignment and convergence as well as being affordable for accurate video signal quality reproduction in professional video applications. Now every large-screen video/data/graphics projector set-up function can be completed with one box, the VTG 200. The VTG 200 have the same rise and fall time specification of less than 1.2 nanoseconds with an effective dot clock of 230 MHz. The horizontal pixel count generated by the VTG 200 are within 2% of the pixel count for the computer and video standard specification listed that have a dot clock within the 230 MHz dot clock range of the VTG products. The BNC output provides red, green and blue video at .7 volts peak to peak and horizontal and vertical sync at TTL levels. The separate H&V output may be combined for negative composite sync. The VGA (15-pin HD) and Mac (15-pin D) outputs are also at .7 volts peak to peak for the video and TTL level sync. The composite video (BNC) output is 1 volt peak to peak and meets SMPTE standards.


  • The VTG 200 provides up to 80 different scan formats, and the VTG 150 provides up to 67
  • Composite video, NTSC or PAL, output with SMPTE color bar and plug pattern
  • Field programmable with built-in RS-232 port allowing for any computer signal to be added to the VTG 200 at any time
  • Durable metal enclosure with an auto-switchable 100-240 volt internal power supply
  • Simple Instruction Set (SIS™)

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