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3 Tube Camera

Ikegami HL-79E

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Model Description:
3 2/3 inches tube Broadcast camera, 650/500 lines, 57dB S/N ratio,

Model Details

The Ikegami HL-79E establishes a new standard of comparison for high quality ENG/EFP color television cameras. Although it is smaller and lighter than its HL-79 Series predecessors, it uses the same proven and available 2/3-inch pick-up tubes, while achieving important performance improvements in the areas of sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, registration accuracy, resolution and R.F.I. immunity. Picture quality is further enhanced by employing new circuit technology, such as chroma aperture correction, dynamic detail correction, automatic highlight compression, which improves picture quality in highlight areas (particularly effective in exterior operations involving high dynamic light areas), and knee aperture correction. The improved performance and picture quality enhancement result in a camera with overall performance rivaling that of the competitor's studio cameras; hand-held or tripod supported versions are available.
The HL-79E is designed for ease of maintenance with a micro computer to carry out self diagnostic functions. The micro computer assesses the camera's operating condition and makes any necessary corrections in a short time.
The ADC-79E incorporated in the system prints out a statement of the camera's condition via an RS232C port, thus control of the camera can easily be made for the long term.

Various fundamental performance'parameters have been emphasized to achieve the superior performance desired by today's program originators.
Standard sensitivity is 2000 lux @ f/5.0. Maximum sensitivity at + 18dB video gain is 20 lux @ f/1.4 (using 89.9% reflectance chart).
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
-59dB is achieved with low input capacitance tubes using conventional measuring techniques (0dB video gain).
Deviation of RED and BLUE with respect to GREEN is within 0.05% in Zone 1,0.1 % in Zone 2, and 0.3% outside of Zone 2 as a result of the Quadrant Geometry Correction circuit used.
By operating the pick-up tube in a high voltage mode, center resolution of 650TVL limiting and comer resolution of 500TVL limiting is achieved (using Diode Gun pick-up tubes, measured at 2000 lux illumination on a standard RETMA resolution chart.).
Viewfinder Resolutlon
Crisp, high contrast pictures are assured by the use of an improved cathode-ray tube.
Output Signal Characterlistics
In accordance with EIA Standard RS-170A, blanking pulse widths and SC-H phase relationship adjustable.

RFI Immunlty
Up to 10 volts per meter (140dB) from 100KHz to 600MHz for the entire camera surface (not including lens port) . Chroma Aperture Correction
Generates aperture correction signal when GREEN information is absent from the signal, results in improved sharpness of picture in RED and BLUE content areas.
Dynamic Focus
Parabolic modulation of electrostatic focus voltage improves comer resolution.
Dynamic DetaU Correction
Parabolic modulation of detail correction signal improves corner picture sharpness.
Knee Apertnre Correction
Expands horizontal video frequency response in highlight areas of picture to compensate for aperture correction fall-off due to gamma compression of correction signal.

The HL- 79E is provided with all the elements necessary to support the sophisticated user operationally: Selectable White Balance Corrections
Two automatically set and one manually preset positions are available. Inadvertent operation of the auto-set push button is prevented by a protective cover. Automatically set corrections are retained indefinitely by digital memory.
Auto Black Balance
Rapidly corrects individual channel black level to assure correct colorimetry. Auto Highlight Compression
Permits accommodation of scenes with wide dynamic range by automatically adjusting artificial knee slope as a function of scene content.
Dual Concentric Rlter Wheel
Separate concentric filter wheels, each with 3 positions, are provided for color temperature compensation and scene illumination level correction. The entire filter wheel assembly is easily removable to facilitate the cleaning and replacement of individual filters.
Selectable Video Gain
Normally 0/ +9dB/ +18dB, the gain modes can be internally adjusted to 0/ +6dB/ +12dB, 0/ +6dB/ +15dB or 0/ +9dB/ +15dB to suit user requirements.
SC / H Phase Adjustment
Permits precise adjustment of the time relationship between color subcarrier and horizontal sync to assure proper tape editing.
Adjustable Blanking Widths
To compensate for errors introduced into the recorded video signal by the recording/time base correction/editing process, both horizontal blanking width and vertical blanking width have been made adjustable over a wide range.
Viewfinder Indicators
Numerous readouts available to assist the camera operator:
White Balance Mode (A, B, Preset)
Battery Warning
Auto White Balance
Auto Black BalanceVideo Level (Zebra)
Gain Mode
Standby Mode
Lens Extender ON
R.G.B. Outputs
Individual R, G, B Outputs at standard level and impedance are available from the camera.
Color Bar Signal
Color Bars include split white with 75% and 100% white as well as six (6) hues; black, I and Q for VTR and color monitor adjustment.
Gen-lock Input
Synchronization to external signal sources (composite color or Black Burst Signal) is possible. Individual horizontal pulse timing and subcarrier phase adjustments are available to facilitate proper timing of the camera's Video Output Signal.

The HL-79E is a fully automatic camera configured to permit the camera operator to concentrate on artistic aspects with minimum attention required by the camera operators. The automatic features provided are:
Auto Iris Control
Auto White Balance (2 Modes)
Auto Black Balance
Auto Iris ClosureAuto Iris Waiting
Auto Highlight Compression
Auto beam control

To simplify maintenance of the HL-79E numerous features have been incorporated in the design: -Electromagnetic Beam Alignment Controls
-Synchronized Focus Wobble Circuitry for Precision Tube Alignment
-Deflection Overscan Facility for accurate Raster Positioning -Calibrated Video Test Sawtooth Voltages for Video Amplifier Adjustment
-Sealed and dust free Color Splitting Optics
-Monitor Video Output separate from Line Video Output
-Monitor Video Output with negative green facility for Precision Registration
-Externally accessible monitoring controls

ADC-79E Auto Setup Digital Control
Following functions may be controlled from the ADC-79E Auto Setup Digital Control.
1. Just pushing a button automatically diagnoses and sets up the camera simultaneously. This function is useful to check if the camera is ready or not. a. Registration
R/B H cent, R/B V cent, R/B rotation, R/B skew, R/B H lin,
R/B V lin, R/B width, R/B Height
b. Level
R/G/B gamma, R/G/B flare, Master ped, R/B ped, R/B gain.

2. Other controls (manual)
Total knee, Total slope, DTL cont, Iris, CAL on, Bar on, Auto iris off, Auto black off, Auto knee off, White clip off, DTL off, Gamma off, Knee off, Tally, Mon sel (R, G, B, R-G, B-G, R+G+B, ENC), WFM sel (R, G, B, RG, BG, super, seq, ENC), Chroma aperture off, Auto white cont, Auto white sel, Auto black cont, Diascope on. Iris close, Extender ans.
3. With RS-232C connector (Data output)
RDC-79E Remote Digital Control
The various functions may be digitally controlled from the RDC-79E Remote Digital Control to match the users' preferences.
Detail cont, Iris, M. ped, R/B paint, R/B ped, R/B H cent, R/B V cent, BAR on Auto iris on, Auto white cont, Mon sel (R, G, B, R-G, B-G, R+G+B, ENC), CAll, R/G/B flare, Auto knee on/off, Knee cont, DTL off, Chroma aperture on/off, Cable length: up to 100m

Lenses Canon J13x9BIRS-II F1.6
Canon J20x8.5BISS F1.6
Canon J25x11.5BISS F1.6
Canon J13x9BIRS-II W/PP F1.6 with Diascope
Fujinon A12x9ERM F1.7
Fujinon A14x9ERM F1.7
Fujinon A17x9ERM F1.7
Fujinon A14x9ERM-1P F1.7 with Diascope
Fujinon A17x9FERM-11 F1.7 •MA-79 Multicore remote control system

•TA-79E Triax remote control system

•HL-790A Studio camera system w/6" VF

•VF45-3 4-1/2" Studio viewfinder

•Remote Paint box (only for HL-79E)

•ML-83/79 portable Micro-Link system

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