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Film Equipment


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Item #:MO21889
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Model Description:
Film keyframe reader

Model Details

three unique features :
1 - Simultaneous HD & SD
Keylink correlates film and video codes by inserting VANC, reticules and virtual-slates in the HD signal, as well as VITC+characters in the SDI and Analog channels out of the built-in SD downconverter of D5 and HD-Cam VTRs. All in one pass!
This ability to simultaneously handle HD & SD channels is a great time saver when it comes to deliver both HD tapes for rushes projection, and SD tapes to the editor.

2- Keylink is the most accurate code reader because all the physical transfer parameters, such as the film and video phasings and in-points validity, are permanently brought to the colorist eyes.
Making all the difference between a 98% and a 100% accurate code reader, Keylink virtually eliminates the time wasted in verifying and correcting unsure transfer databases.

3 - Contact-free head
Made of six miniature video cameras, the Keylink film-code-reader features the only contact-free head in existence: no dust generation ever, shuttling a freshly processed negative even!
All film codes are decyphered, Keycode (regular and upside-down), Arricode and Aatoncode, with no mechanical adjustments when switching from 16 to 35mm.


Keylink version 9.x makes sync-sound transfers easier than ever for film codes, digislates and standard slates.

Keylink is currently the only contact-free, 100% frame accurate Keycode reader: no dust generation while shuttling freshly processed negatives! Often used for trouble-shooting in the telecine room, it is the only film code reader to give the colorist permanent monitoring of physical transfer parameters. Only Keylink can read the standard AatonCode-I and the new AatonCode-II matrixes (patent pending) recorded in Aaton, Panavision, Moviecam and some Arri cameras.

Keylink offered the first operational 3line Vitc system - now becoming common practice - which on top of the standard VideoTC, carries Keycode and Audio TC right into NLEs.

Keylink is to date the only system that can accurately identify 24fps film images in the PAL world under the 24+1 pull-down system. It also handles real-time 23.98 fps shooting for NTSC and 24 fps film timecode on telecines running at 30 fps for a 25% reduction in telecine transfer time.

Keylink simultaneously handles Keycode and Acmade; it makes 3perf 35mm Keycode reading a process compatible with the 4perf standard. It generates FleX, Ftl, ATN and ALE transfer lists. ATN stores Keycode and Acmade, RGB transfer points, camera TC and auxiliary TC for music-video play-backs.

Keylink FileLogger and LogAlone, its standalone companion, offer the most powerful database logging system which automatically eliminates overlaps, quickly modifies event in/out points by moving their three codes together, allows event creation and audio TC modifications after the transfer session.

Several Aaton innovations offer telecine operators a unique working tool: Autocatch delivers accurate Keycode and Audio TC windows as of the very first image of the take; Dynamic VirtualSlates insert the codes and comments attached to a take while showing the 'A1 to D3' pulldown sequence; Ready-to-Roll tells the colorist where to find the tapes or disks containing the audio of the film; Scriptlink automatically inserts script supervisor's comments; PassOne/PassTwo saves hundred of supervised transfer hours; and above all, Instasync speeds up sync-sound transfers like no other system around.


Keycode reader: 16mm, 35mm, ascending, descending, inverted, positive, negative, 4 perf, 3 perf.

Aatoncode-II Reader: The only system to read all Aatoncode matrixes. The most accurate system for sound synchronisation, better than 1/10th of a frame. With up to 5 stops of latitude for exposure compensation, AatonCode-II is the most reliable sync system available.

Arricode Reader: KeyLink now reads ArriCode without the requirement of the Arri reading head option. Entirely controlled by software.

Contact free reading head: Reads all film codes simultaneously. Does not modify or interfere in any way with the telecine film transport.

Automated head adjustments: No more tweaking. The colorist controls all parameters (focusing, 0/U exposure), directly from the KeyLink interface. Head parameters are stored on a job by job basis.

Multi-format window inserter: Allows up to 13 different window burn-in into analog or digital NTSC, PAL and HDTV, plus VirtualSlates[trademark].

Database management: KeyLink manages all transfer situations. 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 or 30fps NTSC, 24 or 25fps PAL (@ 24+1 or 25), and 24-24p/HD, even in simultaneous transfer.

VITC/data/vanc inserter: Allows VITC insertion in analog and digital formats, inserts information into the C-Reality and Spirit data stream. VANC insertion available as optional upgrade.

Job based configurations: KeyLink memorises, for each title transfered, all relevant information including VITC and window configuration, head positioning, database parameters, format and audio options. Allows toggling from one client set-up to another instantly.

InstaSync audio synchroniser: Direct, on the fly synchronisation of picture and sound during the telecine transfer from a KeyLink hard drive. With AatonCode or ArriFis, synchronisation within one frame. Also fully compatible with Digi-Slates and simple clapstick. Eliminates all audio and telecine pre-rolls.

Permanent monitoring: Constant monitoring of Keycode, AatonCode and ArriFis reading levels, Video and Audio Timecodes, Pull-down identifiers, TeleCine biphase, Video phase, perf position, database and burn-in accuracy, event in/out/sync points, relative reading position, scene/take entries, audio wave form, foot & frame / Acmade number count, film/tape id. etc... Increases work accuracy and eliminates operator errors.

Flexible transfer modes: The different transfer modes allow you to adapt the KeyLink to your prefered work mode, not the other way around. From direct transfers with on-the-fly scene/take entries to dual pass transfer modes and retransfers for color corrected transfers from original databases, Keylink adapts perfectly to all situations. AutoCatch guarantees accuracy even in "rock n roll" transfers.

Multiple file formats: Keylink can output multiple file formats: Flex, ATN, ALE, Ftl and Root formats. It can also accept files from different formats such as Scriptlink and others.

Single platform hardware: All features and options installed in a single industrial rack mount PC. KeyLink features scalable hardware solutions, ensuring true upgradability.

Greyfinder: Converts gamma-lift-gain into accurate RGB laboratory printer timing values. A unique tool for clients who no longer print dailies.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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