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1/2 inch VTR EIAJ & Open Reel to Reel

Sony AV-3600

SONY / AV-3600
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Model Description:
EIAJ B/W Videocorder 1/2" helical scan VTR

Model Details

full color rec/play reel to reel.

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Sony AV-3600, AV-3650, AV-8600 and AV-8650 Videocorders (in relative scale).
The basic line up of Sony EIAJ VTR's. The first unit, AV-3600, is a basic B/W record & playback deck. The second unit, AV-3650, is a B/W editing deck. The third is the AV-8600 basic color record & play deck. The fourth unit, AV-8650, is the deluxe color editing deck.
The first three decks each have two video heads. The AV-8650 has four video heads, one record/play pair and one pair of flying erase heads used only during editing. With a 7" reel of tape, these machines have a recording time of 60 minutes with a tape speed is 7.5 IPS. All of the models had mono audio tracks.
Notice that the AV-3600 resembles the CV-2600 shown on the previous page. These two models represented the "cross over" point when Sony discontinued the skip field recording systems in favor ofthe fully standardized, as well as full full field recording, EIAJ system. The AV-3600 was also available in a version similar to the TCV-2110, where the tape deck was combined with a built in 9" receiver / monitor. That model was known as the TAV-3610.
I have had the AV-3650 since 1991 and acquired the AV-3600 & AV-8650 early in 1999. The AV-8600 was provided to the museum at a great price by Jeff Rice in December of 1999. The AV-8650 is on loan to my museum for the purpose of dubbing several hundred hours of tapes for its owners. The tapes are supposed to contain sign language studies. This sounds very interesting . . .
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AV-3600 Ready Reference Card
Above is both sides of the ready reference card that came with the AV-3600. It shows how to perform some common operations with this VTR. The first photo tells you how to record video and audio. The second photo details audi only recording. This information can be applied, in general, to almost any of the basic reel to reel VTRs of this era. The files are kind of large. I hope the additional image quality makes up for the extra download time. The following text is a general description of the AV-3600.
The Sony AV-3600 is a lightweight (33 lbs.) videocorder that provides a whole hour of monochrome recording and playback on ½ inch tape. Two numbered buttons and a single lever make the AV-3600 extremely easy to
operate, as does the fully automatic gain control for picture sound. Audio manual gain control with meter is also provided. The AV-3600 has stop action, audio that can be added after recording of video, and an optional RF modulator that enables tapes to be played back on regular TV set. The AV-3600 conforms to standard EIA TV signal requirements. It can record an EIA composite TV signal from a camera or receiver/monitor. Horizontal resolution is more that 300 lines. Tapes are interchangeable with those of any AV series VTR. Tape pattern conforms to EIAJ-1 standard. Dimensions: 15-3/4" (w) x 9-3/16" (H) x 13-3/16" (D)

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